My Thoughts on 'Star Wars'...9 Hours Before the Premiere

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My Thoughts on 'Star Wars'...9 Hours Before the Premiere
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On the morning of The Last Jedi premiere, I am beyond excited. My thoughts are scrambling to decide what wonders will happen in this hyped up movie. Will Luke die? Will Kylo turn to the light side of the force? Who are Rey's parents? Why is Snoke here? A whole lot of questions are running through my mind, all of which will be answered. Though I want to delve into these questions and theorize about the possibilities of these questions. These are spoiler-free theories to try to solve the upcoming questions about the movie.

Will Luke die?

Luke is finally back! But will he live through this movie? I think the movie is going to break expectation, but if the expectation is Luke living through the movie, then we should be prepared. Now, I am not a fan of Luke dying in this movie, because in TFA (The Force Awakens), he had such a little part, and Luke coming back for one movie is kind of a letdown in the Skywalker saga. It will be the first time we will see Luke speak in a Star Wars movie in decades. This gives me reason to think that Luke won't die in this movie. Like I cannot foresee that they will kill off a character that we have not even really connected with. Though, if he does die, what will the implications mean in the Star Wars universe? Rey will go untrained and be easily tempted to go to either side of the force, and with Snoke leading the first order. It might be safe to say that Rey would turn to the dark side of the force without any external help with someone from the light side. Even with Leia there (R.I.P Carrie Fisher), we know she will eventually die in the movie. So no one will help guide her on the good side.

Will Kylo turn good?

Kylo is back in The Last Jedi and I am hoping we will see better character development for the young Solo. I want to see the good versus bad tension in his mind. He has a whole bunch of potential and it would be nice to see what he feels on the inside. Now, that being said, I could see him joining the resistance to be with his mom, even though he killed Han. Though I feel like he would betray them at times, still being torn apart by the pull of the dark side. I predict he will be undecided in this movie but slowly pulled to the light side, but not fully.

Who are Rey's parents?

Your guess is as good as mine! It is just speculation here. So many theories out there that I could not go every single one of them. Here are a few:

Rey is a Kenobi: Rey could be ole Ben Kenobi's kid. People say, since she heard his voice in the force vision in TFA, that it is a foreshadowing for her origins. This I think is highly unlikely in that she is a Kenobi, but hey, you never know.

Rey is a Solo: Now this theory has more backing to it. As we have seen, Han and Leia's interactions that seemed to say something about their relationship. People point out the hug Rey and Leia shared in the movie, or how she was able to drive the Millennium Falcon with ease. Also you can see the way Kylo Ren speaks and acts towards Rey is sort of a sibling type of reaction. Rey could be Luke's child, too, but the only backing we have for that is the old light saber and the Luke reaction to Rey at the end of the movie.

Rey's parents are someone not known or not important: This theory is one that I have recently begun to back. After long debate in my mind, it makes the most sense. Daisy Ridley, Rey's actor, has said in an interview that she thought who Rey's parents were was pretty obvious. What obvious answer is presented in TFA, you may ask? Well, that she was dropped off at Jakku. It could be that Rey's parents were just junkyard people, lowlifes that didn't want her. Now that seems pretty harsh, but Disney loves, and I mean loves, family problems in movies.

Why is Snoke here?

Now, your guess on who Supreme Leader Snoke is is as good as mine. But I have a few guesses on why he was here. We all know powerful Force users have an affect on the Force in the galaxy, and when one dies, all can feel it within them. I feel like Snoke is an old Sith or just dark side user that was buried or imprisoned to die. Though, when the last two Siths died, it caused a disturbance in the force and caused Snoke to reawaken. Or it could be that the Sith were the only thing in the way of Snoke's want to rule the galaxy. Either way, his story is going to interesting, to say the least.

Now I hope you all will watch the movie and enjoy it as much as I will. Remember not to spoil anything for anyone!

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