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Dialogue with my higher self



- Let me be!

- What?

- I don’t know, whatever it is that I am

- And who are you?

- I think I am a human being

- Yes, you are “I am”, that’s what you are

- I don’t understand what you are saying, but I am a human being

- What is a human being?

- A human who is

- Are you something that is? Really? Are you not something that was or will be too?

- Yes, I’m a human-being, a human-was, and a human-will-be too.

- You only are when you are present. You can’t be if you are absent. Your human-was is only a memory. Your human-will-be is only a dream. You are only the I AM that now only exists.

- What is existence?

- The perception of being aware.

- What about tomorrow, will I exist?

- When tomorrow comes to today only there you will exist. Time is an illusion and only present exists.

- If I only “Am” in the present moment, in the right now, what happens to the Me from 5 minutes ago?

- How I told you before… it is just a memory, it is like a movie scene that is there, but it is only present in the moment that you watch it, before it was only a recorded version or memory of what one time was. This explanation shows the way that you perceive it, but in reality all past, present and future is all already there, happening, as a big tridimensional map open on a table surface where a small ant detects the space that it is standing on, as it’s present, the path it already walked through as the past, and where its heading as the future. You only can perceive the present as happening but everything that will happen is already happening, everything that already past is still happening. But your senses are limited, and they only can perceive one at a time.

- Why is it like that?

- Because all is mental, the material universe is mental, you are mental, and the mind only is and can be in the present, at the moment where we are in awareness, when all the energies focus on one point.

- What do you mean by energies?

- All is energy, what your eyes see are light waves of electromagnetic energy that stimulate photo-receptors in your eyes. What your ears hear are vibrations in acoustic waves of energy. Your taste and smell detect chemical energy. Your touch responds to a mechanical or thermal energy. What we see as matter is just energy in low vibrations that our senses detected as solid. Our world is energetic, always evolving in a constant present.

- Then, it does not make sense to worry about the past or the present, right? Everything is already there.

- Only the ones who do not grasp this truth of the mental nature of the universe worry. These ones will know that their future is created by the thoughts and feelings of today that are saved in the unconscious mind. And that when you bring the past to the present you bring that energy to you again, bringing the possibility of creating a loop of sceneries. They know that our thoughts create feelings, and feelings are the energy of creation. Feelings are the language of the universe and have the power to create your future and shape the world around you.

- But you said before that the future and the present are already there and now you said that we create it with our feelings. I don’t understand.

- Both theories are true. I told you that it is a constant present, right?, feelings create and automatically shape what is already there… the tridimensional map is not still, it’s always moving, always changing, always arranging based on the vibrations that it encounters. When the ant on the map expects to find a big obstacle in its way, the ant creates the obstacle in its energetic vortex and will encounter it, when the ants vibrations are in harmony with the feeling that created the obstacle. But if it’s the opposite and the ant expects to see beautiful sceneries, with food all the way, that would be what it will encounter, if it vibrates in the same energetic label as the energy that created the thought that brought the feeling.

- I know the truth now, but how can I really grasp it?

- By self-discovery

- Great… but this doesn’t answer my question. How can I discover myself?

- All the answers, all the secrets of the universe are inside yourself, you need to get in touch with your higher self, not by just knowing yourself but by understanding, realizing and making sense of your own nature and the nature of the universe as a part of your own nature. It is an inner exploration without guidance. Not everyone is ready to find it. This mystery is only revealed to the minds that are ready to understand it.

- How would I know if I am ready?

- When you feel that you understand it all.

- What do you mean by all?

- The All is yourself, the universe, other people, nature, your planet, from the smaller organism to the complex super-clusters. Their laws and flaws, their cause and effects, their rhythm, their polarities and their correspondences. The All is all you know and don’t know. The tangible and intangible.

- Am I ready?

- You will be, when you understand yourself and your relationship with the world around you, when you understand the All. When you get to see yourself in everything and everything in you, and your body, mind and soul gets in a complete harmony and in alignment with the vibrational label of the universe, then you’ll be able to obtain its wisdom. You will never achieve it with the mental knowledge, it is helpful, but the answer is in the experience of the self, not in the knowledge of the self.

- What is the self?

- It is you in your entirety. Do you know who you are?

- A bunch of flesh, bones and other stuff that work together to make what can be seen.

- That is not all you are!

- No? Who am I then? That is what I see.

- You are light that emanates from the universal consciousness to have a human experience. You are a spiritual being, an eternal soul with pure awareness that chooses to occupy this energetic temple named physical body and because it is physical, it carries a low vibration, it’s what forces you to forget and create an ego to handle the polarities of the physical world, perceiving the experiences of pain and suffering, happiness and joy as real, which is the whole purpose of incarnating in this dimension… to experience life. You can higher your vibration by getting in touch with your higher self, by connecting with the higher consciousness where you emanate from.

- But I don’t shine

- Your light is the pure energy that commits from the source, where everything comes from and gives you life. Your senses keep you from seeing it. They keep you apart and divided from the understanding of the All, like a drop from the ocean that is still in the ocean and continues seeing itself like an individual drop, instead of feeling like the ocean itself, all big, deep and majestic, full of life and power.

- It sounds amazing, but how can I see myself as part of everything?

- It is your spiritual goal to go inward and get in touch with the immortal self and to connect with it, because the answer is there. You will find me there and we will get to be one. Then and only then, you will find inside, the way to become a conscious being, a complete man ready to evolve into…, to grow towards… and reach the level of the light.

- What is the level of the light?

- A degree that allows you to understand everything and see the whole map. It is what you really are without disguise nor limitations. A level where lower vibrations of pain cannot reach you.

- What is that map that you talking about?

- Life as you know it.

- What is life?

- It’s you…

- And… who am I again?

- You are that, you are.

- I am that, I am?

By: Maria Aduke Alabi

Part of her coming soon book "Existential Reality"

Copyright by Quisqueyana Press. All right reserved.

Maria Aduke
Maria Aduke
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