My Original Story

by Illy Yee 2 years ago in fantasy

Prologue: The Nightmare Becomes Real

My Original Story

I am putting up my first chapter of my own story on here. If people enjoy it enough, then I might add more of it or try to get it published all together. Enjoy!

I was only ten years old when my family was taken away from me. To be honest, I don't understand how I survived. It was night and I was fast asleep, dreaming of the day that my true power would reveal itself. Suddenly, there was a crash at my door. The noise caused me to jump awake in my bed. Next, my mother came through my door, carrying one of the duffle bags we used when went camping in the woods; that is, until we moved away from the city. She went to the closet next to my bed and began to throw random clothes off the hangers and out of the dresser drawers into the duffle bag.

"Mama, what's wrong? What's going on?" I asked as I was looking at my mother's face, and saw an emotion she never had: Fear

"Anastasia, I need you to listen to me very carefully. There are people who want us gone. So, we need to leave, NOW!" She said, throwing my favorite pair of hunting tennis shoes at me.

"Put them on now, so we can leave quickly." She choked back the emotions and the tears that threatened to fall. That's how I knew something was terribly wrong in order to frighten my mother that way.

I now understand what the horrible truth was. My mother left to the living room as I placed my tennis shoes on. I walked to the entrance of my room to hear my mother, father, and brother talking.

"Is she ready? Did you tell her?" My father asked, sorrow in his voice as he spoke the last question.

"No, I couldn't. She is too young. And no matter what, she will always be our child, Eugene," replied my mother as she placed her left hand on his cheek.

"Where are we going to go? We don't have much time," spoke my brother, Charles.

"Why do we have to leave? Mama? Papa?" I asked, looking at everyone.

They never had the chance to answer my question; there was a crash outside the front door, and my family froze. I was confused as any ten year-old would be. Then something caught my attention just out the window. I walked over and saw fire. My mother would tell me to stay away from it until I was strong enough to withstand it. I screamed when I was pushed behind my mother and father. My mother then turned around and placed the duffel bag onto my back. She weakly smiled and placed a gentle kiss upon my forehead.

"Charles, you are to take your sister to safety. She must be protected at all costs. Do you understand?" My father stated without any room for argument.

"Yes, father. I understand," Charles replied.

My mother bent down to my level and looked at both Charles and I. "Be safe, my little prince and princess. Do not abandon each other, and keep each other safe and strong."

She whispered, before placing me onto Charles' back; that's when I realized he also had a duffle bag on. She kissed Charles' cheek.

Charles turned and ran out the back door that leads to the deeper parts of the woods we were surrounded by. I turned to see my mother and father holding hands, and smiling weakly at each other. I lost view when the door was shut after us. We ran for miles. But no matter the distance, we still could smell the smoke and see the flames. And the screams of my mother and father rang for as long as days after the terrible night.

End of Chapter

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