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Multidimensional Realities

by Erin Montgomery 3 years ago in extraterrestrial
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A Dirty Little Secret Continued

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”Hamlet, Shakespeare

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a physicist. I don’t understand the quantum fields or entanglement theory. I have never pet—or not pet—Schrodinger’s cat. But I have information that has been “downloaded” into my mind that does pertain to my understanding of these nearly incomprehensible scientific phenomena.

What do I mean by downloaded? This is a common experience for those people who are contactees or abductees (that is—those people who have direct contact with alien beings—with or without permission). Some contactees return from their experiences with incredible mathematical abilities. Some have star charts locked in their memories. In the famous case of Betty and Barney Hill, Betty had a star chart in her mind she was able to recollect through hypnosis that was later proven to be the Zeta Reticuli star system. Some people find their memories full of the history of ancient civilizations and times long past. And some, like me, learn about spiritual information that blurs the lines of science and explains how physics and spirituality are one and the same.

I have been trained since I was a young child in interdimensional travel and knowledge. Did I understand? Absolutely not. I am just now beginning to see what was happening when I was so small. While I was in elementary school, I would see, out of the corner of my eye, a spinning silver vortex. I saw this vortex so often that I named it George. It wasn’t until I met my husband in 2015 and showed him a drawing of George that I learned what it was. He immediately recognized George for what it was—an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

And here comes the physics:

Put simply, an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is a wormhole that bridges two points in spacetime. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound so simple! I can’t honestly explain how they form, but I know I have been a witness to one over and over as a small child.

About a year after my husband identified George, I spent one of the most exhausting nights I have ever “slept” through. It seemed like a dream. I was being trained by a very feisty and demanding man dressed in clothes reminiscent of the 1700s (the long jacket, breeches, white hose, buckle shoes with a slight heel, and that ever-so-carefully coiffed powdered wig). This fancy drill sergeant taught me how to create wormholes and how to jump through them. And we didn’t just create one or two. “Again,” he would bark, “again.”

I struggled to wake up, but I would drift back into the tyrant’s grasp. “Again.” I was completely exhausted in my dream/sleep state. He would have me concentrate on a destination, focus, and bring my current moment and place (spacetime location) into contact with that destination’s spacetime location and bridge the two by sheer will. And then we would leap through. Over and over again, location after location. I woke up the next morning so completely wiped out that I had to call in to work to get some rest! Think of the stargate in the movie and TV show Stargate, where they dialed into a particular destination. This helps to visualize what I was experiencing.

I did research on who my tyrant teacher was, and it appeared to be St. Germain. The Count of St. Germain lived from 1710-1784 and was a courtier, inventor, adventurer, and alchemist. He is now seen as an ascended master.

An ascended master is a spiritually enlightened being who lived as a regular human on Earth. They can help people who are working on higher planes as I was that night—whip and all. Ok, maybe not a whip, but he may as well have had one.

There are many movies and TV shows that depict this concept: Stargate, Star Trek (with their transporter), Quantum Leap, Sliders… I can go on and on. Many of these also illustrate how we can pierce dimensions and travel to these parallel worlds. After all the experience I have had, I can tell you these shows have it almost right.

Think about the wonderful, yet cheesy, Terran Universe in Star Trek. They will cross into this other universe from time to time and show to show and will run into their “iteration” in that world who is like an evil twin. The show Sliders has a similar concept with a small group of people who travel from dimension to dimension, trying to get home. They will run into themselves in each dimension. These other selves will have different jobs, different attitudes, and different agendas, but will look just like the main characters.

This is an easy, visual way to explain the phenomenon. But it isn’t accurate. How do I know? Because I have had contact with several of my other iterations or selves in these different spacetime locations, and we are all so incredibly different.

I first became aware of this concept in 2011. I journaled about it, but naturally, I have misplaced that particular journal. What I remember is understanding that I have access to other selves. At the time I thought of it as past lives and ancestral beings that I could connect to and work with. I called this the Multiple Erin concept, or the ME concept. Big ME versus the little me that is only in this particular spacetime.

I began to see this as why I was able to recall so much information about many past lives—I actually could communicate with these other “mes." I mentioned three of these lives in my last article, “Carrying the Wounds Forward.” I further realized in 2016 that some beings I thought were guides were not guides at all... but these other iterations that were reaching out to me.

A spirit guide is a being (human, angel, other) who helps a corporeal being (someone in a physical body) to navigate through their lives—especially as being in these physical bodies can restrict the ability to perceive outside the typical five human senses. These beings give thoughts, ideas, and nudges to their “wards” in order to help them achieve personal milestones or goals. Sometimes we are aware of these guides, but not always. Those of us who are more sensitive are more able to pick up on the hints and voices of our guides.

One particular guide I have developed a relationship with appeared to me for the first time after a very scary altercation I had with my second husband. I remember being inconsolable and taking a nap to avoid the pain. I was awakened by the smell of cookies baking in the oven, the sound of a woman humming gently, and the comforting touch of someone rubbing my arm. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful Black woman in a yellow gingham apron, a head wrap, and the most loving eyes. She was there to soothe my soul.

I didn’t encounter her again consciously until several years later. I had a very detailed dream in which I was given the entire plot line of a novel (that I have yet to begin to write). I remember waking up and immediately calling my mother to tell her all about it. I worked on different character descriptions, mapped out the plot, and became entrenched in the story. One character became louder and louder in my mind. Soon we were having full conversations. Was I going crazy? No more than I am now! And I am a therapist, I should know—right? Right?

This character named herself Ermine. She was a freed slave from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. She used many of her legends and folk tales to explain her life to me and how she interacts with the other characters in the story. Not to be any sort of spoiler to a story not yet written, but Ermine teaches one of the characters to travel from one dimension to another in order to escape a violent marriage. Sound familiar?

Ermine became more of a constant in my life, and I realized she wasn’t just a character that I had created in my imagination. She was the woman from my bedroom so many years ago. She told me things that I would later confirm upon looking up, such as the myth of the flying Africans. I gained more and more details of her life, and she would help me through struggles in mine. And then, one night in a meditative state, I realized I was Ermine, and she was me. In fact, she explained that she created her name that she gave me as a trigger to help me awaken to a higher spiritual awareness. I saw immediately that I could split her name into ER and MINE—ER being my initials at the time and MINE. “Look closer,” she told me. And then I saw it: ER M IN E, which if you switch things around a bit gives us ERIN, ME. Wow, what a message! We are one. She is a part of my multi-self, my ME.

This refutes that media driven idea that our different iterations look mostly the same. Ermine and I don’t resemble each other at all physically-her being from Nigeria and me being a basic American mutt with strong doses of Irish and French and just a hint of Cherokee. But we do resemble each other in life purposes—to spread spiritual knowledge, especially when it comes to creating a better world for ourselves through conscious internal space manipulation.

So many of my iterations have that same purpose. I am currently aware of ten different ME iterations: the three I wrote about in my last article—the non-human in Ireland who believed humans needed to rule their planet, the Egyptian scribe who was killed for his knowledge of aliens, and the Uyghur woman who was both shunned and used for her abilities. Then there is Ermine, Michael who was a doctor and monk during a black plague (I haven’t figured out which one; I'm suspecting England in the 1600s, but it could be Italy in the 1300s), and a tree, YES, a tree that I call “Metreeus” because he refuses to give me a name himself. I was a shapeshifting bird/woman in Greece at the time the gods were losing traction with the people. I was a hybrid human/alien woman in the 1950s that I have recently gained access to. And lastly—the newest discovered iteration of me—a woman who was tortured and killed in Europe for being a witch. However, I haven’t figured out the when or where as of yet.

Yeah, okay, so what? I have information of other selves. What are the implications of this? We are all the same being in different times, places, dimensions, and each of us is unique in our own way. And because of our ability to travel interdimensionally to each other through the Einstein-Rosen Bridges, we can combine forces, work together to solve problems each of us are faced with, comfort each other during times of trial, and unite to ascend.

Ascend? Ascend to what? To where? When we join forces, it brings us closer to our source, the whole that is us. The analogy that I like to use is that of an arm. The Soul or higher self is that arm, and it splits into multiple selves (that ME concept) which is represented by the fingers on the hand—they are one and the same Soul, but the fingers go out to explore or experience different things.

There is a channeling that I happened to capture in a journal back in early 2013. I had just watched the first Hobbit movie in the theater and identified strongly with the dwarves and the feeling of not having a home. A voice spoke to me and said, “You should let go the feelings of homesickness, as you are where you are supposed to be. You are home, and an amazing home it is.” The voice explained to me about facets that mimic a “prime action”—many universes living out the primal events of a first life in many different ways over and over again. It said, “Spirituality exists much the same as the laws of physics, and this particular phenomenon is likened to the Big Bang or light entering a prism and fracturing into many frequencies.”

For many years I tried to figure out what the prism was. Was it a trauma? What caused my higher self/Soul to split into smaller selves? But I am starting to think this may be a way for the Soul to experience itself. Think of this higher self as a guardian, or even guardian angel if that is your preference, that is actually you. Something that I didn’t realize at the time of the channeling is that in higher frequencies and dimensions, time is not a linear process as we experience on this plane. So all these iterations of myself all exist at the same moment. We are simultaneously alive—now. And the more we all work together, the easier it is for us to raise our vibrations to embody our higher self more easily.

One mistaken belief that many humans have is the feeling of being separated from Source, God, the Prime Creator, however you describe that being/entity/concept. But through concentrated effort, we can raise our vibration high enough to understand that even if we are in a physical body now, we are all one and all just a fraction of the whole that does not deplete the whole. Think of a fractal in which no matter how close you get the pattern remains the same. A drop of water from the ocean contains the whole ocean in itself, and when returned to the ocean, it becomes part of the whole. We can, with practice, live in a way so that we are aware of both our individuality and our collective, simultaneously. Then we can each live our lives to advance the purpose of our higher self, together on the same mission.

My Soul’s mission seems to be the same mission as that of the alien downloads I receive. Spread these spiritual concepts, help people come to terms with what is happening, and begin to use these spiritual concepts to raise their awareness and vibration so they can begin to merge and ascend.

One thing I can tell you for certain: we are never alone. We have more assistance in our lives than we have ever imagined. If you find yourself struggling to find direction, take a moment:

Breathe deep, allow yourself to connect to that stream of information that flows between your iterations, and see what advice they can give you.


About the author

Erin Montgomery

Erin Montgomery works as a counselor by day and works as a psychic, energy healer, and clears both places and people of spirits any time she can.

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