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Most Compatible Zodiac Sign Pairings

by Zodiac Buzz 3 years ago in astronomy

Here each of the zodiac signs are partnered with who I believe is their most compatible.

While compatibility in astrology is a complex subject with various opinions from astrologers, there are some sun signs that are naturally more suited than others. To get the most accurate measure of compatibility you will need to generate the birth charts from each time of birth and compare the signs in the planets (particularly the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Ascendant), giving you a more complex reading.

With the millions of combinations possible with the planets in relationships, it would be difficult to narrow the compatibility down, so in this article I will use only the sun sign as they have the most dominance in our personalities.

Aries & Sagittarius

Both Aries and Sagittarius belong to the element of fire, so you can expect this is a couple to compete with. The natural passion they both have complements each other very well, and there is never a dull moment. Sagittarius loves to travel, and so does Aries, and the trips they go on are likely to be spontaneous. One of them will decide they want to go somewhere on the spur of the moment, and they will pursue it either independently or with their partner. Their shared energy means they can be found climbing mountains, and even jumping out of a plane! Their courage can be unstoppable.

As two of the most honest signs, you can rely on them to tell you the truth, but watch out as they might say something too offensive. This means their trust is strong as they feel they can open up to each other, although Sagittarius can be reluctant at times to express how they truly feel.

If one of these signs feels down or moody, the other can motivate them with optimism. They can make each other laugh, but should be careful not to make entertainment in serious situations. With each other’s company they feel like anything is possible, and there is nothing they can’t do.

It is possible there could be a collision with their beliefs as each are a sign of extremes, so they can be on opposite sides in a situation. If this happens, arguments are likely, and there can be some uncontrollable anger. Sagittarius is usually open-minded, so although they can have an extreme belief, they are also open to other ideas.

Another strength of this pairing is that they are both signs of independence, so they will value each other’s freedom when needed. The space they give each other is beneficial for a healthy relationship by recharging their energy, and not losing the fun when they reunite.

Overall, this is one of the most fun couples who will rarely get bored. Their spontaneity means there’s always something to do and places to go.

Taurus & Pisces

As Taurus belongs to the element of earth and Pisces belongs to water, the combination of the patient and supportive Taurus with the emotional and sensitive Pisces is great. They can rely on each other in their darkest times as both can give each other great advice with their wisdom, and have acute listening skills. Pisces’ imagination means they are usually artistic and will have creative hobbies and interests. On the other hand, Taurus loves items of beauty, and likes to find items of luxury to fill their home with, so they might either create art or steal Pisces’ art to hang on the wall!

These signs love pleasure, and both have heightened sensuality, something they can share to live a content life. It is rare for one of them not to feel satisfied as they suit each other’s needs, and can use their intuition to know what is best for their partner. It is possible for them both to get lost in their deep love, where they can happily give each other what they want.

Emotionally, Pisces needs a stable partner who can support them, and this is something they need to be able to see before entering a relationship. With Taurus showing security, Pisces will easily fall for them, and open up comfortably without feeling vulnerable. Although Taurus appears strong, they will also need reassuring at times, and that is something Pisces is good at.

They both might find that instead of talking all the time, they can understand each other through non-verbal communication. By forming a strong emotional bond, they can make sure they can get their message across with few words. There is more action, especially from Taurus, in the relationship than communication.

With the changeable moods and personality of Pisces, Taurus needs to make sure they can adapt to them, and keep them satisfied while keeping a grip on reality. They can give each other patience and time to think through things, and tell each other when something is wrong.

Overall, this is one of the most romantic relationships, which can last a very long time as long as Pisces feels emotionally satisfied.

Gemini & Leo

Gemini belongs to the element of air and Leo belongs to fire. The energy they give each other is inspirational, especially when Leo feels lazy, Gemini’s restlessness can get them on the move again. They can learn a lot from each other as Gemini has a lot of knowledge about various subjects while Leo tends to have a specialist subject. When there is something Leo wants Gemini to see, they will explore it and give a critique, although it is likely they will not get straight to the point. Any idea Gemini thinks of, Leo can add the energy and passion and creativity to make it possible.

Leo can give Gemini stability when they are lead astray by new interests, and help them to look at things more deeply than skim the surface. They will also encourage Gemini’s feelings and give them the courage to open up and communicate their true feelings. They will often challenge each other’s egos and should avoid heated arguments.

These two signs can be poor listeners for different reasons. Gemini can be easily distracted as their mind shifts to another stimulation, while Leo focuses to much on their personal needs. To improve this relationship they will need to listen to each other and share more for full satisfaction. They need to make sure they communicate their emotions with each other so they both know where they stand.

There will rarely ever be a quiet money with this couple as they both tend to speak their mind and add to each other’s ideas. They usually share similar opinions and the people outside their bond will struggle with their logic, but this will only make their connection more special.

The charm Gemini encourages Leo’s best emotions and will boost their confidence. When Gemini feels safe with Leo, they will explore more depths instead of keeping everything on the surface. They will both support and respect what each other has to say in the most evolved relationship.

Overall, this couple can seem like they are always having fun and a life full of laughter which is contagious for the people surrounding them.

Cancer & Scorpio

As both water signs, they can support each other emotionally so that one of them never feels left out. When they become comfortable with each other they can communicate their deepest emotions, and discover all the things they have in common. Scorpio has a natural instinct to bury their emotions, but Cancer can easily expose them with their understanding. Sometimes Scorpio has too many needs, and if Cancer can’t keep up, they can feel tired and too controlled. With the right communication, Scorpio will usually be happy to work on themselves for the relationship.

They both value trust above many aspects of a relationship, and so they can reassure each other of their loyalty. If one of them feels betrayed, jealousy can occur, and their possessive side comes out, they should be careful not to manipulate their partner as it will only make it worse.

They usually understand each other without words, and will acknowledge each other’s signals. When they communicate, it is common for them to finish each other’s sentences. The depth they both feel means they feel they can talk to each other about anything, even subjects that are too dark for others.

When they recognise each other’s fears, they can help each other to pull through and see things in a different light. They manage to encourage different sides of their personality, so with time they can identify the way to deal with how their partner is feeling.

They usually share an interest in hobbies, commonly ones done indoors rather than outdoors. It is likely at least one of them enjoys creative activities, which they can inspire each other to pursue. Swimming is a great hobby they can share due to their associations with water, and a great date idea is to go to the beach.

Overall, this is a relationship to explore the very depths of emotions and build on each other’s personalities.

Virgo & Capricorn

As two earth signs, they both share a love of material gain through their hard work. Their patience and understanding of each other makes them a great couple. There always seems to be a little struggle with both of them completely opening up with their emotions, but with trust and familiarity, they should grow more comfortable with it. There is no reason for a lack of trust in the relationship as they both tend to be faithful and reliable, and this is evident straight away.

As they explore the depths of each other’s minds, they will instantly enjoy their company. Their communication is interesting, and they will rarely get bored, even if it seems boring to others. Virgo finds something to discuss while Capricorn can decide when the conversation comes to an end. The logic they share will fascinate each other, especially with their good listening skills.

When one of them finds a problem, they will work together to fix it, with this they can improve their relationship, and learn from their mistakes. Time is important, and if one of them doesn’t feel ready for something, they will support each other with their patience.

One of the most beautiful things about this relationship is how they are able to learn about each other over time until they can see the core of their partner. The fascination of their discoveries will mean there is always a new aspect added to the relationship to prevent boredom. It is like revealing hidden treasures.

They both value making rational decisions for an outcome they have the most control over. Their combined intellect means they can make the best possible choices, although sometimes their logic overpowers their heart, even when instinct should be used. However, they will learn from any mistakes in the process.

Overall, these signs roll on the same wavelength, and share the same pace, giving them time to figure each other out, and put in effort for a successful relationship.

Libra & Aquarius

As two air signs, they value intellect and communication, so there is rarely a quiet moment in their conversations. If Libra needs a non-judgmental approach to fully expressing themselves, then Aquarius is able to give this to them. With the originality and unconventionality of Aquarius, they don’t have much care about the opinions of others, preferring to live a life with little restrictions. They will help each other with insecurities, and encourage each other to embrace them. Libra should be careful not to get too emotionally attached to Aquarius, as this could create distance in the relationship.

These signs have different images they want to maintain. While Libra wants to appear charming and friendly, Aquarius wants to be different and go in the opposite direction, even if there is no reason to do so. They might struggle to accept the presentations of the partner at times, but should grow more comfortable with time.

Libra is one of the most indecisive signs while Aquarius likes to make a decision rather quickly and spontaneously, this can make Libra more likely to depend on them for a decision. They both enjoy communication, so any issues they have should be solved fairly easily without missing out a detail.

If Aquarius feels pressured in any way in the relationship, they are likely to try to escape the situation in order to maintain their freedom. Even if it takes time, eventually they will respect each other’s space. If they harmonise their goals, it will help to strengthen their emotional bond.

Libra can seem clingy sometimes, while Aquarius values their independence, and doesn’t like to become too attached. When they communicate their differences, and work through them it will benefit them in the long run.

Overall, as long as Aquarius doesn’t feel like their freedom is restricted, they can support each other, and have some of the most intellectual conversations.


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