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Moon Mahadasha - What Is It? What Are Its Effects? What is its Importance?

by Astroyogi 10 months ago in astronomy
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Curious about what Moon Mahadasha is and how it affects our lives? Read on to learn more about this important astrological event.

If you are aware of the Mahadasha and Antardasha of planets in astrology, you probably know their effects on our lives. Those who are unaware of its importance and its effects, continue reading this post to learn more about the significance of the Moon Mahadasha in astrology.

Moreover, to know about Moon Mahadasha’s effect on your horoscope, you can talk to the best famous astrologers in Jaipur for a complete analysis.

According to the Vimshottari Mahadasha system based on Parashar astrology, there are nine planets, aka "Navagraha" and nine “Mahadasha”, that occur in a human being's life.

The Moon is one of the most important planets in the solar system. The Moon Mahadasha is a period that has special effects on people's lives. The Moon, in contrast to the other planets, represents more of the native's innate qualities and is regarded as the queen of the planets. This planet represents the emotional side of those who are influenced by it.

Moon Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

According to Hindu/Vedic astrology, the Moon Mahadasha lasts ten years in almost everybody’s life. Depending on the position of the Moon in the birth chart, these Moon Dasha periods can be both beneficial and malefic.

The Moon is a heavenly body. It represents wisdom and integrity. Moon, aka Chandra, governs emotions, charm, beauty, and simplicity.

The Moon Mahadasha encourages daydreaming, imagining, and fantasising. Meanwhile, they have artistic abilities, as Moon rules supremacy and creativity. Again, natives will gain extensive knowledge of the scriptures. Furthermore, the aggressive nature of natives will soften. They will enjoy a high social status as well as consistent financial growth.

To achieve success in life, the Moon must be very powerful in the natal chart. The Moon is powerful in its exaltation sign Taurus, its own sign in Cancer, and in friendly signs like Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The following are the general effects that can be felt during the Maha Dasha of the Moon:

Benefic Effects:

- Mantras and Vedas will be more popular, and there may be more faith in elders, teachers, and gods.

- Happiness and a good position may be obtained through the favour of those in authority.

- Happiness from children.

- Success in career, profession and business.

- One can enjoy the joy of acquiring wealth, land, flowers, incense, and ornaments.

- Natives can master many different arts.

- Material success can be attained in terms of house, money, etc.

- In society, one's status and fame may rise.

- Modesty, benevolence, and other good habits will become more prevalent.

- Water-related jobs, gardening, and agriculture will all be favourable.

- One might want to travel.

- Natives may be blessed with a daughter.

Malefic Effects:

- The mind can be agitated and restless.

- Coughs and gastric ailments may cause physical pain if the Moon is weak.

- Increased laziness, resulting in a loss of wealth.

- There may be disagreements and arguments with loved ones.

- The mind may be uninterested in doing good.

The Moon Mahadasha and Its Effects on the Signs

The Moon's Mahadasha produces different results for the native depending on the ascendant under which the native was born. For example, a person born with the Gemini Ascendant will not have the same outcome as someone born with the Aquarius Ascendant.

Many factors influence the outcome of the Chandra Mahadasha. The major planetary transit should be calculated alongside the major period of the Moon because it can increase or decrease the Moon's influence.

You should consider consulting the top astrologer in Udaipur or the city or place of your choosing on trusted astrology platforms such as Astroyogi. They will be able to give you a personalised horoscope reading with accurate predictions on the Moon Mahadasha in your life.

Some General Remedial Solutions During Moon Mahadasha:

However, keep in mind that these remedies should only be followed under the supervision of a qualified astrologer.

When the Moon is in a weak or ill-placed position during the Mahadasha period, one should follow remedies.

- Chandra Mantra:“Om Somay Namah” can be recited 108 times per day.

- Chant the Durga Kavach mantra.

- Reading Shiva Sahasranam can also help to mitigate the effects.

- You can also donate silver, white dresses, white silk, and pearls, amongst other things.

The Moon is usually a gentle planet. The Moon significantly impacts our minds, moods and life in general. If you want to learn more about Moon’s Mahadasha in your life deeply, consult the best famous astrologer in Jaipur or top astrologer in Udaipur or any other city from the comforts of your home 24x7.


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