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by Giovanni Profeta 4 days ago in fact or fiction

Such a wonderful time to be alive

“Is this really happening? Am I part of a sick joke? Is true what Shakespeare said, “All that glitters is not gold.” I’ve heard a myriad of times that whatever you do, make it bigger. Never settle for less than the best, “bigger is always better.” This might seem like the only way to go in this materialistic, egocentrically reality of ours. This capitalist sense of worth that consume us, sooner or later is going to eat us all from the inside out.

The “Rise and grind” mentality drives me nuts, I’m sick of seeing this kind of content all over the net. Is this what’s all about? Grind and hustle until you seize to exist? Are we really here only to buy cheap/gain more? What for? To have more means to keep pushing and striving to a faster, colder, fake happiness?

I see you walking your dog every morning, but you’re so out of synch with your devise at hand that you don’t even notice my presence or the cabbage-like stench that linger around us. As I wait for the light to change, perfectly still as usual, I try to contain my frustration, but every day it gets harder and harder. If it’s not for the shadow I make on the sidewalk, I can say I no longer exist. That’s the only different my presence makes, a thin shadow on the stripped crosswalk.

My invisible steps move me forward, but they left no trace. My invisible heart pumps my invisible blood that blushes me but no one seems to care. I wonder if they can hear it race inside my chest, I’m alive but un-existing to the people around me. My invisible brain creates ideas and thoughts that haunt me every single moment of waking time. How is it possible that I feel better asleep than fully awake? Are they fully awake while posting in their land of make believe? This questions keep bugging me, no matter what I do, this emptiness keep coming back in waves.

I’m leaving my invisible footprints in this social media fueled frenzy. It doesn’t matter if I fly low, their radar is always spotting me, giving me this sense of meaningless that consume me. I feel invisible in this bright glass house we’re building, a house so frail that we’re even scare of cleaning.

I got tired of those mindless posts with happy people all around. All we need to do is look around and see all those fake smiles painting a life of wonders and magic. They’re the new masters of deception. Bringing to you a reality that’s not even theirs. Outside the super retina XDR 6.06 inches’ screen there’s a world of wonders waiting to be discovered.

No one says “Hi” anymore, but they all look so friendly on their screens. They all post their bravest face while scared to death on the inside. So many people live under the “Fake it until you make it” mentality, the harsh reality is that faking is all they do. This is such a wonderful time to be alive, you can be poor but overweight and undernourished, maybe you don’t have the means to change your situation but your top-of-the-line handheld device can give you solace.”

He scratches his elbow still sitting perfectly straight on his chair, he tries to figure out what his interlocutor is typing but from his point of view, he has little to no clear sight of the keyboard. Short sentences typed on rapid succession whipped his vulnerable soul. Was it ok for him to open up again? Does it really make a difference?

“Alright, I can see some improvement from last week session, you’re finally voicing out what bothers you. We’re getting closer to our goal. Congratulations.” Said the expressionless counselor looking straight into his eyes and without pausing he continues.

“Pitifully our time’s up, our next session is scheduled for Sept 21. If you would like to make changes, feel free to visit www.yourvirtualtherapist.org for further information on how to reschedule your next virtual appointment. Until next week, Stay safe.”

“This meeting has been ended by host,” message was all he could read in his 6.06 inches’ screen.

fact or fiction

Giovanni Profeta

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Giovanni Profeta
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