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Mercury Goes Direct

by Madison Buratt Gravelle 15 days ago in astronomy

A New Perspective

Mercury Goes Direct
Photo by Kristina Delp on Unsplash

*The following messages, channeling, and advice are for entertainment purposes only— although we pray that they help*

Thank you Angels, Spirit Guides, and Source Energy. Thank you, Creator. Thank you, Divine.

The following are channeled messages, aimed at providing advice/comfort to the collective conscious as Mercury goes direct from its retrograde motion. Let us begin.

I immediately feel a sense of warmth, like the heat from a convection oven— rising into my hands as I type this message. Are communications warming up for you!m? Are they becoming more loving?

Anticipate warm texts, small visits, and getting closer to loved ones and family for the rest of February (22nd-28th). This is a time of being warm, close, and near to those who are dear to your heart.

Now, it is Pisces season—It is time to dream.

Although we primarily associate our dreams with the night, we dream most vividly in our waking hours: through daydreams. Whether our thoughts drift to the past, or the future: we find ourselves thinking about anything but the present, wherever it is positive or negative (or rather, pleasant vs. unpleasant). During these past few weeks, the collective have been dealing with discomfort, animosity, and fear-based programming on a universal level. Now that these darker feelings have been processed, they are slowly beginning to pass—allowing the beginnings of beautiful daydreams to wash away our trauma. The tides of healing energy wash over us like a salt water ocean— and although it may sting, the warmth and recovery refreshing (along with our focus). If you feel as if you’ve had a particular rough retrograde period— we would highly recommend/encourage an Epsom salt bath. Take these moments of self care to be present, to feel the water, and to let yourself dream.

David Lynch uses the term “catching fish” to describe divine intelligence’s arrival while in a meditative state. These ideas, coming from a pure place of mindfulness and presence, are unpolluted by expectation, societal norms, and what you “should do.” During this Pisces season (which IS the sign symbolized by two fish), I encourage you to “catch fish”, allowing yourself the time to feel peaceful, still, and to let a new idea float into your consciousness. Have you imagined yourself with bangs, although never having them before? Feel into how this version of you would feel, and if it feels warm/expansive in your body, take inspired action! Does an image of you finger-painting appear in your mind, even if you work in accounting? It may just be time to get your fingers wet— even if it’s new, entirely! (Plus, acrylic paint is water soluble, you are in luck!!!)

In the sector of romance, I am picking up on two separate groups of energies. For those who are committed, the visual being presented is one of juicy strawberries. What is sweet is becoming sweeter (no extra sugar needed—but it may just be sprinkled on!!)

I am sensing financial abundance, small presents, and possibly, a healthier diet with your beloved. You may begin working out with your partner, finally making smoothies in that nice (but primarily under-utilized blender), or even getting hands-on with your home/DIY projects. As you continue to increase your physical health: your financial health, mental health, and relationships well being exponentially multiply. I feel the emphasis on the contrast of Virgo- the opposite sign of Pisces, which deals with physical health, opposed to Pisces which deals with spiritual well-being.

For the group who has recently experienced heartbreak– ( being entirely honest, I feel as if this group makes up 50% of this audience) the word I’m seeing is “pit”, as in the seed of a fruit. There isn’t any fruit remaining, and you may being feeling more than (empty). Although family may be close/warm, the echo of a broken relationship loudly remains.

I’m seeing bite marks on this seed (looks like a peach pit), as if the heartbreak you are left with/lack of this significant (specific) love relationship is eating at your soul’s core. The message: a seed, or a pit, is pure potential. The bites have not penetrated your shell. You are about to experience growth.

You might move back home, or change the soil/state you reside in (I also feel like the temperature may physically warm up). North to South, along with East to West, are being strongly emphasized. If able, go outside and tan. Protect your skin with the layers of sunscreen that you need, have a tall glass of water, and just let out a laugh. Allow yourself to be. Entering the first week of March, expect a surprising, and sparkling (even shocking) opportunity! I strongly feel the element of surprise— and although spirit is not revealing precisely what, I do feel as if it is an entirely new venture (I am hearing juicy, again!)


Thank you for trusting and allowing me to channel universal energy for the collective. I love you all very much, and I send my love and light. Blessings.

Madison Buratt Gravelle
Madison Buratt Gravelle
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