Memoire de Rayloria (Rayloria's Memory)

10th year anniversary

Celebrating 10 years of a series that started with a series of vlogs. These vlogs, in turn, spawned an animation series. Both promoted the novel series that has now been picked up by Jones Graphics with the help of E&E Entertainment and DJ ButterRock.

In the month of November 2019, we celebrate the 10th year anniversary of a series known as Rayloria’s Memory. This series focuses on the lives of several individuals that are the money influential to the Raylorian Society.

The series begins in 2037 with Kayla Dartan—talented flautist but unmatched in robotic engineering. In high school, she modified a school robot to become her family’s Guardian. After the death of her adopted mom and famous Lunarian Bounty Hunter, Mariana Gooding-Dartan, Kayla creates a suit of armor from high school robotic supplies comprised of wires and sensory material she nicknames “Tassie”, however, the suit’s forcefield power generation comes from a module that’s been her possession for over a decade. With this suit she protects herself and her loved ones from their enemies. Her story is told in the novel, “Raylorian Dawn”.

Continuing with the series is Kira Mancini, a troubled Middle-Aged woman and veteran of the first Zyran Civil War that took place on Rayloria during the early 2020s. Years later, Kira believes the enemies of the state still exist, posing a threat to the Zyran administration over the years. Kira’s vigilante endeavors puts her as odds with the the Raylorian Government but the only one who knows her true identity is her husband, and partner in crime, Aaron Zyrc. This falls apart as Kira’s deductions come true but at the expense of her mental stability through many hospitalizations and incarcerations. Both of which were perpetrated by those she sought hard to expose. Her story is told in the novel, “Collisions”.

Third is the story of Valencia Valentine, a new recruit of the temporal detective agency known as the Time Traveler’s Administration (TTA). Her and her fellow agents are in the past looking for a way to stopping an apocalyptic event that would end Raylorian Society. In this event, Rayloria would be destroyed along with the three Lunar Colonies. Yet Val’s personal quest is to stop her parents’ killers. This happened a few years before the event took place. Unfortunately, her methods are seen as “unethical” and prone to creating paradoxes—the latter a violation of the TTA code of conduct. Her story is told in the novel, “Shadows of Revival”.

Concluding the Raylorian book Tetrology is the novella, “My Nebula”. It focuses on the most influential family within the Raylorian Society known as the Goodman. Beginning with the family’s patriarch, Othniel, his story takes place in a different dimension. One in which the founder of the Raylorian Society, General William Raylor Mellis Sr., was assassinated during a coup instigated by his second in command, Naira Hill-Adega. With the help of his cousin Sigma, who during much longer civil war lasting over a decade, used time travel to undo the outcome of it. Othniel, future wife Zahra Melech, and best friend Francis Karr, we’re selected from the now defunct Zyran Detective Agency, to carry out that mission. Doing so created an alternate time where the variables were vastly different, including extra players on the field. Some helpful, some not so much.

Since it’s debut as a Vlog Series in November 2019, the Memoire de Rayloria (MDR) Vlog Series (on an old but not closed channel), as it was once called, is now rebranded as the Travelers’ Frontier Vlogs. This change covers a wider scope of stories, including those on related universes like the up and coming PowerLand Series. Some of its characters have already debuted in the Raylorian Tetrology like TTA’s very own speedster known as the Flare. Otherw include Geneva Rose, an advanced technological android capable of neutralizing all forms of radiation from a neighboring universe of Rayloria. here, a cataclysmic event left the Earth’s surface unsupportive of life and it’s survivors were forced underground. The villains sought to destroy Geneva because of her capabilities.

Rayloria has sub series within its own universe. One such series has already debuted on YouTube as the “Super Mecha Madness Show” (SMMS). This series aired on the same channel (now closed) the old MDR vlog series did.

The SMMS is a Sci-Fi Stop Motion Comedy web series that takes place within the realm of Cyberspace. A vigilante group of bots known as the Super Mech Team (SMT), battle a powerful hacker known as Akeem Reiser, accompanied by his general, Spike Cole, and hordes of mind controlled robotic “zombie” mechs. Each episode uses Pop Culture refs within a parody-type theme to tell a story of the SMT’s adventures (I.E: Ep. 17 is Knight of Cyberspace and is a Yu-Gi-Oh parody).

There are plans to tell this story in book form butvthe point of entry would be in an alternate reality coinciding with the timeline the original Othniel Goodman created. This is the same timeline the book series follows.

Currently, the SMMS is near the end of Season 1. Season 2 will tell the story of Cyberspace that follows the Raylorian Tetrology’s timeline as opposed to Season 1 where the story happens in the original Othniel Goodman’s timeline.

Going forward, this series is continuing in its popularity since its creation in 2010 with over 100k+ in viewership over the years. Soon the SMMS will have its own 10 year anniversary later in 2020.

Othello Gooden Jr.
Othello Gooden Jr.
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