Maxi’s World

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A far fantastic world.

Maxi’s World

Hello, my name is Maxi, I am in a Wade tribe on planet Toulon. Our planet is located in the IC1101 galaxy of the Abel 2029 Galaxy Cluster. It is a planet of diverse landforms, half land, half sea water, rocky mountains, dunes, green lands, and plains. There are two other races on this planet; the Quadruped armored race, and the Long tongue race.

The Quadruped armored race are also called the Flangquis, they live on the same continent with us—Land of Glory. We're in the east, they're in the west, and there's a great canyon in the middle. They live in higher places, and we live in lower plains. As for the Long tongue race, they are a terrible race on the other side of the sea.

Our Wade people have poor eyesight. We all wear a visual intensifier, which is like a dragonfly's compound eye. It uses countless image capture sensors mounted on the surface to form a complete environmental image in the intensifier. We also have a pair of antennae on our heads to receive messages from our peers, so that we can know where they are, even if we can't see each other clearly. We have four hands, and two feet. Two of them grow in the chest, and are shorter. Usually we only use the upper two hands and the lower two hands are used to assist, such as moving things, Oh, or embracing. Usually we all wear brown protective clothes, because our skin is fragile, and easily cut by something sharp.

That morning, my companion Ken and I went out on patrol with Wade's traditional weapons in our hands–crying arrow. The arrows of this arrow are made of rare minerals, and are very solid, it makes a whistle when the arrow goes out. Our main patrol areas are our feeding routes, because in a few moments the feeding engineers will come out. These places include green tea leaf, passion fruit, Toulon persimmon, and various planetary small animals that the Wade people like to eat. We must ensure that these feeding sites are not threatened, because every day we have to provide a lot of food for the queen mother, and her sisters. Our Wade gender ratio is unbalanced, oh, it should be said that there is no such balance, because most of the people are male, only the queen mother, and her sisters are female. Why is that? It's the sex determination mechanism formed in the evolution of race. I don't know why. In short, the queen mother has supreme power in the whole ethnic group. She is the cornerstone of ethnic reproduction.

The queen mother is the one her mother chooses. The first daughter of a queen mother's offspring will automatically become the next queen mother. If several other daughters are born after that, they can only be ordinary daughters. The queen mother will help her daughters choose a husband-in-law, whispering to you that these husbands-in-law are the sexual Wade people responsible for mating, and they, and their wives bear the task of reproduction. These sexually competent husbands were fed secretly from childhood, while others, such as Ken and I, ate ordinary food, and had no sexual capacity. These sexually incapable Wade people are divided into two occupations: the stronger are soldiers, and the thinner are responsible for feeding.

Suddenly Ken and I heard a moan coming from the nearby jungle. We raised our arrows, and walked carefully. Pulling aside the leaves and through the crack, we saw a Flangquis lying in front of us. This is the first time I have ever seen a Quadruped armored race with my own eyes. They don't look like us. For the man in front of us, he covered with squamae, has four feet, or two hands, and two feet? He has a long nose and squamae on his face also. It looks like he was injured, and couldn't move.

We went over and pointed our arrows at him. He looked frightened when he saw us, but helpless. I asked him, "What are you doing here?" He answered in Flangquis language. Damn it! We don’t understand their language. I saw him covering his ankle with his hand. Was he hurt? I touched his ankle with my hand. He didn't refuse. He looked pained. Just then Ken touched my antennae with the antennae on his head, and said to me, "Look at his forehead. Marked with the sign of the Royal Family of Flangquis." I saw that, yes, there was a yellow cross on his forehead. I once heard my elders say that this is the symbol of the Royal Family of Flangquis.

“Ha-ha, it really takes no effort, we caught their royalty!” Ken said excitedly to me.

“What do you want to do to him?” I asked.

“I'll notify the others, and take him back.”

“No, you can’t, Ken. It is immoral for us to do so. We can't kick a man when he's down. Besides, he didn't hurt us.” I said to Ken seriously.

“Do you want him to leave? The Flangquis are not friendly to us. We have had wars in history.” Ken looked puzzled.

Ken is right. There was once a fierce war between us.

Long ago, Wades and Flangquis lived in harmony and prosperity together. We built ten bridges on the canyon between, these bridges are called “Sal’s Ribbon.” At that time, both of our races believed in the same GodSal. Until one day, a flying man called himself “Master of Toulon” came from the other side of the sea. The King of the Flangquis listened to his rumors and start a war against the Wades. During the war, nine “Sal’s Ribbon” were destroyed, only a tattered one left. The war was not won or lost, but it ended when our queen mother sacrificed herself, and dragged King of Flangquis, falling into the great canyon. She is the queen mother of Anyala whom we venerated.

“If we catch their prince this time, it's likely to lead to another war.” I disagree with Ken. Ken nodded thoughtfully.

I touched his ankle. It might have dislocated. It looks like I'm going to use our ancestral skill of dislocation repair. I held his ankle in my hand, and suddenly I twisted it hard. He shouted. Then he moved his foot, and stood up in surprise. He was very happy.

Ken said to me,”I didn’t know you have such unique skill.”

The Flangquis made a few thank-you gestures to us, and then disappeared into the jungle.

“Don't mention to anyone what happened to us today when we got back.” I warned Ken.A few days later, we heard that the princess of the Flangquis had been lost during her outing the other day. Their king personally led the army to search the border, and then the princess appeared before them magically."Oh, it was their princess that we met that day!" Ken said to me in surprise."What's strange about that? You can't tell a man from a woman by theirappearance. Maybe one day we will meet their prince." I joked.

Day by day, it's calm. I also patrol and practice day after day. Our Wade’s life is very simple, basically every day nesting, breeding. We are used to living underground, so our excavation technology is very good. Because we often get various kinds of minerals when digging holes, this makes our Wade specialty–alchemy. The Flangquis are different from us. They call themselves noble races. Born with armour, and with a strong fighting ability. But they have one weakness–low reproductive capacity. A couple can only have one or two children a year, and live separately after the birth. So weird!

One day, we were assembled, and the leader mobilized us before the war. The long tongues started war against the Flangquis!

This war was historically called “The First Two Lands War.”

“Oh, my God, the Long tongues is the legendary man with a long tongue who eats people?” Ken told me nervously.

“Yes, at last it's true to see.” I said calmly.

“Don’t you fear? I heard that these monsters are flying in the sky, and can kill you directly with their tongues.” The more Ken talked, the more nervous he was, the more scared he was to pee.

“Fear is useless. Just pray.” I still said calmly.

In order to expand to the land, the Long tongues invaded the Flangquis, their most direct target. The Flangquis, unprepared, began to retreat, and later held their ground under the king's leadership. The Flangquis were good at using swords, and had no effective air-to-air weapons, so they had to give up the empty space, and huddle in castles, waiting for close street battles with the Long tongues.

The Flangquis have resisted for a month. If this goes on, defeat is only a matter of time. Our Presbyterian Church, after studying, believes that it is necessary to send troops to assist the Flangquis, because the fate of the Wade, and the Flangquis is closely related. If the Flangquis lose, then the next target is us. This is a truth that if the lips are gone, the teeth will feel cold.

The Flangquis guarded the bridge–the only remaining " Sal’s Ribbon." They didn't want us to pass, and although we asked them to explain the reason, they didn't move. Everyone of us was ready to fight, and sharpened our arrows, oiled them, so the arrow can be shot through the throat of the Long tongues.

A week later, we were still on this side of the bridge. A depressing atmosphere hung over us, this was a moment of life and death. Then we saw a man riding a Giant Acarid on the other side of the bridge. Giant Acarid is a mount of the Royal Family of Francois, with a huge body, thick skin, and short limbs. He ordered the soldiers who guarded the bridge to walk away, holding a sharp sword in his hand, and waving it to us, signaling us to go over.

"Forward!" The leader issued an order.

We–Wade soldiers, waving bows and arrows, shouted the slogan "Wade soldiers fearless!" vast and mighty, through the “Sal’s Ribbon.”

When I arrived at the bridgehead, I saw that the man riding the Giant Acarid seemed to have known each other before.

"It's her!" Ken said to me.

Yes! It’s her! That princess! Her posture on the Giant Acarid is totally a warrior!

The war was so tragic that we were all driven by a crazed blood-lust, and killed everything we saw with wings. Long tongues have green skin, protruding globular eyes, slender limbs, and a big mouth, which can spit out a long tongue. They have a pair of transparent wings growing on their huge bodies, flying, high-frequency beat, humming. Their weapon is the tongue, which can be quickly spit out in the air to attack the target. I often saw my companions around me being hit off their heads. we shot the wings of the Long tongues, they fell down, and then the Flangquis came forward to kill them. The Flangquis are really good at close combat. They can easily split the lingua into two pieces with their sharp swords. With our assistance, the Flangquis had effective air-control weapons, and gradually regained their lost positions. Eventually, the Long tongue race were driven out of the Land of Glory by our joint efforts, and retreated to the other side of the sea. Two-thirds of the Flangquis died in the war, five princes died, and half of our soldiers died. Fortunately, Ken and I both survived. The world has temporarily restored calm. The Wades and the Flangquis have reached an agreement not to invade each other, and help each other when necessary, to rebuild the “Sal’s Ribbon.”

But we all know in our hearts that the attack of the Long tongues is just beginning.

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