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Make your luck

by Eugenio Zorrilla about a year ago in fact or fiction

Part 4

Make your luck

Part 4

Orquidea realized her days were split by a huge gap of time between when she finished school, and the time mom came back from work. She had almost 5 hours of spare time which she would often spend in the kitchen, but once she was experienced and efficient enough at cooking there were almost 4 hours of time to kill. At the beginning she spent them watching cooking shows or reading recipes. Until one day on her way back from school she saw something that hadn’t caught her attention before.

Possibly because her thoughts were always in turmoil and her mind was stirring with hurt. Her walks back from school were a moment for recollection and soothing reflections. Now that she had grown into her new life at home and school, though not popular, she felt accepted and her walks home became more leisurely and paced. She wasn’t in a rush. Orquidea had been looking at the ground so long, now that she was looking up, she saw the world around her. She often found herself looking up at the sky and clouds, and one day she noticed a colorful field of flowers.

It was the beginning of spring and flowers were starting to bloom. Every time from there on out she would notice a different shade of colors appear. Then one day, as she walked home, she decided to step into the flower field. She was afraid because she was technically trespassing, but there was something alluring about the flowers that pulled her in further and wouldn’t let her go.

As she walked in, a strange “déjà vu” feeling came over her. Every sign, gravel road, and tree she walked past was strangely reminiscent of something in her past that she couldn’t put a finger on. It felt almost as if she had a 6th sense telling her what way to walk and where to step.

Aromas of different flowers started to invade her senses and along with the scents she noticed details on the geometry of flowers she had never noticed before. Colors, stems, tones, and petals all started talking to her. It felt like the design of each part of every flower had a meaning of its own, a purpose. Subconsciously she started picking flowers, almost instinctively as she journeyed further and deeper into the flower field. She then came to the edge of the parcel and the geography opened out into a flat, wide, lonely field with a tree sitting in the middle.

This is when she realized she was holding an entire bouquet of flowers in one hand. Her mind was suddenly stepping out of a daze and as she got closer to the tree, she knew where she was. This was the same field she used to visit as a child with her parents. She sat under the tree, stared up at the sky and tears rand down her cheeks.

—I have no idea how long I was there for, and even though I was crying, I felt happy—.

The fortune teller looked at her as if she didn’t need an explanation, but Orquidea kept going.

—I felt as if I had discovered myself again. I realized my dad was gone, but I was still here. I realized in that moment that I was the only thing left of him and I was proud because of it —.

The fortuneteller smiled at her sweetly and started laying down the second row of Tarot cards onto the mantelpiece, as if queuing the next chapter in the story.

The first card shuffled was labelled “The Tower”. However, Orquidea thought it was quite an unnecessary label as this was already very clear with the illustration on the surface of the card, which pictured a tall war-like tower surrounded by thunder. As a result of a lightning strike the tower exploded into bits, and from the top of the building came flying down a couple of panic filled figures, that looked to Orquidea like a king and his squire. Whatever this card meant, Orquidea thought could not be good at all.

The second card slabbed onto the table was a behemoth of a half man, half winged creature. Is that “the devil?” Was the first thought that crossed her mind. The creature had gargoyle-like feet and hairy legs that looked like those of a bull. He had what looked like bat’s wings spanning from his back and curled goat horns protruding from his forehead. His eyes were fixed on Orquidea with a menacing and malignant nature. To top it all off, he sat on a chair that had a couple of humanoid figures chained by the nape of their necks. Both figures were completely naked, one male and one female.

First Orquidea felt sorry for the humanoids, but then she noticed something odd about them, they both had tiny little horns sticking out of the hair on their heads and they both had what seemed to be tails. And they were grinning. She felt compelled to take a closer look and noticed that one tail was different from the other. The female had a tail that seemed like a long green stem with a strawberry on the end of it. The male’s tail was just a long strip of fire that seemed to be lighting the tip of a wooden club the devil held in his left arm. Safe to say this card didn’t seem like a positive one to draw either. Orquidea was beginning to worry.

E&P: EZorrilla.


fact or fiction

Eugenio Zorrilla

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