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MaRiE & ME

by Holly Howard 15 days ago in artificial intelligence

Hard day at work-Want some cake?

MaRiE & ME
Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

“Honey I’m home!” I took off my shoes and slid off my coat. The furniture was rearranged, I guess Marie was bored of the way the house was. “The living room looks great.”

She stuck her head out the kitchen doorway. “Hi Honey! I hope you are hungry. I have been cooking all day.” She wiped her hands on the apron she had on.

“Wow, cooking all day and rearranging? Can I help you with anything?” I asked

“No, no, go take your shower. Dinner should be ready when you get out.” She said before popping back in the kitchen. I did as she instructed, when I came out I smelled my favorite dinner Roast Beef with Carrots, I hurried and got dressed. I helped her take the plates to the dinner table and she gave me a peck on the cheek. A little stronger than usual, she must be excited about something. We sat down, and she gave me time to take a bite to eat.

“How was work?” Marie was always in a hurry. Sometimes I don't like this, but this is who she was. She started shaking her foot impatient for me to speak. Sometimes I will chew slowly to aggravate her, but I did have some important news to tell her.

“Today, I had to get checked at the door.”

She cut me off, “Don’t you always get checked at the door?”

“Yes, but not like this. They checked me to see if I was A.I.” I took another bite trying to chew fast before her next question. She gasped, and looked at me for a minute. Then she pulled my eye and started looking at it, then lifted up my arm and dropped it. I brushed her off and laughed.

“You seem like you. How do you tell the difference?” She put another small bite in her mouth, chewing slowly. She darted her eyes at me.

“Well you had some of the parts right. There is a microchip in the left corner of the cornea.” I went to pull her eye back and she pulled back laughing. “They are incredible, how fast they learn. You know I helped them-”

She cut me off again. “I know, I know you don’t have to tell me again. Why were they checking to see if anyone was A.I.? Did one of them get out?” She started shaking her foot again.

One of them is missing, but I’m not too worried. We have a lot of security, I don’t think that it could make it out of the building. They caught one the night before, he created himself to be like one of the Robotic Techs. They found out when the actual Tech came into the room. It was incredible how close it was to the actual guy, the only thing it had wrong was that the Tech had lost a toe two years before.” I laughed.

“Well, I think that it's incredible. They have robots for everything else, why can’t they be like normal people?” She asked. Marie always had strange ideas, and could have sympathy for anything.

“Well that is a nice idea, but they would possibly learn to recreate themselves and soon they would be multiplying at a rate that we could not keep up with. This is why we have our safety measures at work. We want to know how far Artificial intelligence can go, but we also know we are not ready for it yet.”

I sat back and rubbed my stomach. “I know I could never replace you with a robot. Who else would make my favorite dinner?”

She jumped up taking our plates to the kitchen. “Oh! I made your favorite dessert too. I hope you saved room.”

I was excited for key lime pie, but my jaw dropped when Marie came out smiling with a Chocolate Cake. I grabbed my phone and pretended to take a call, I held out my finger for one minute and went into the other room. I am allergic to Chocolate.

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