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Lucasfilm Holiday Gift Shows New Star Wars Series We Didn't Know About

by Culture Slate 5 months ago in star wars · updated 3 months ago
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What a surprise

The Tales of the Jedi are many, with a widely known history of great feets to them. Many fans have wondered from inception what the great stories and adventures Jedi masters of old have gone into over their long and perilous history. Many a fan have made stories and so has the actually people who tell Star Wars stories as well.

In the 1990’s a comic series Tales of the Jedi comic came out and told the stories of the ancient Jedi and their wars against the Sith. Telling stories of Exar Kun and Uliq Cal Druma. An ancient story taking place in the past. Something that all Star Wars fans have wanted for quite a while as the Galaxy Far Far Away continues to expand and explore it’s lore and history.

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So with all this being said could it be possible to get a canon version of Tales of the Jedi in some form. According to a Lucasfilm employee, instagram posted their yearly Christmas Gift showing various productions titles and one of them happens to say Tales of the Jedi. Now what does this mean? Well, it isn’t really clear at the moment. Considering that it’s right next to The Bad Batch and Visions it might be a new or up and coming animated series in the works. Considering the title it obviously is about the Jedi, though just because something shares the same name does it mean the same thing.

Tales of the Jedi was once about the ancient Jedi in the time of the Old Republic when the Jedi and Sith were plenty and they were going across the universe having adventures. So will that be a reimagining of the same idea. Or is this just the title of the comics but with a whole new story in mind. Honestly it is hard to say for there is really next to nothing outside of the logo and that’s all there is to work on at the moment. Perhaps even the era is different as well, for instead of the Old Republic maybe it’s the High Republic.

With the High Republic being the most Jedi centric series out there, it might be a good place to set up a series or multiple about the Tales of the Jedi. Talking about what the Jedi are up to in this time of peace and prosperity in the Old Republic or as it’s called Galactic Republic. So maybe an animated series about that could be interesting. Again it is really hard to say when going off of one picture on someone's instagram and nothing really else at the time. However it would be nice to expand the High Republic a bit outside of publishing as well.

High Republic right now outside of the Mandalorian is Lucasfilms are two of their biggest story plots since the sequel trilogy ended. It seems to be the overall direction of where they want to go with the franchise as they expand there universe beyond the original trilogy era. Will Tales of the Jedi be another of those series that manages to expand the galaxy further again it’s really hard to say. There are probably so many projects in the works at Lucasfilm right now that the sky might be the limit and we just don’t know at the moment what exactly is going on. Animated series, live action series, books, comics, all of it is on the table it’s only there for the taking.

One hopes Tales of the Jedi is a thing for a tales of various Jedi is a fascinating idea and who would not want to here about ancient force users traveling the galaxy far far away.

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Written By Joel Davis

Source(s): Imgur

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