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Love and Marriage

by Fesazaer Hfcstfsdgs 7 days ago in conventions

Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage
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A friend's mother said, "Love is a luxury that cannot be afforded. But a person must get married." What a contradictory statement. If there is no love between two people, then why should they go towards marriage? I always thought that marriage is the product of love, that is, there must be love before marriage is possible. I didn't refute her mother at the time, after all, her mother is a past, perhaps, her mother wanted to express the importance of marriage.

Marriage, indeed, is important. Otherwise, how else would it be said that marriage is a big deal. I think, since it is a big thing, must be carefully chosen. First of all, marriage must need love to support, if there is no love, where is the marriage? Just to accomplish something, to get married for the sake of getting married, only to end up regretting it.

Her mother also said, "Now marriage and divorce are normal, if it is not suitable, can not live anymore, divorce is good." From the point of view of not being able to live anymore, divorce, perhaps this statement is right. However, since the marriage, it certainly has an important premise, that is, the two people love each other, and eventually choose to get married. In the beginning of the marriage, there is no careful choice, and only later feel inappropriate, right? I don't think marriage is for divorce! Since, two people do not love each other, why to get married, and then married, and finally divorced, is not the tragedy of life! Although, now divorce is normal, but, if the divorce is caused by the wrong choice, ultimately is regret.

Think about the marriage of Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi, they belonged to the marriage of the door to door, at that time, the marriage, are the parents' orders. Look at the surface of this marriage, or good, two children of a family of the right family towards marriage, but their marriage happy? The actual situation is that Xu Zhimo does not love Zhang Youyi at all, he has always said that she is a country bumpkin, he from the beginning, did not accept her from the inside, marriage is only to fulfill the parents' order, including the birth of children is also for the family needs to pass on ......

A man from the beginning of the heart did not accept a woman, is because of external factors to make a major decision in life, then, later, everything that happens is also bound to be sad. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. From Xu Zhimo's point of view, he did not like her, he also hated her very much, he was not happy; then Zhang Youyi, she did not get his minimum respect, married a husband who did not love her, marriage is not their own because of love, she was also not happy. That two people in such a marriage are not happy, how to feel happy.

Always felt that marriage is a natural thing, it is the inevitable result of love. The prerequisite for two people to love each other is respect and trust, a man has never respected his wife, how to talk about love? A happy and happy marriage must need love to support, if, without love, what is the point of marriage? The conditions of marriage need to be right for the family, but if there is no love, the condition of right for the family also has no meaning.

My friend's mother also said, "A person always has to get married, have a child, to rely on in old age." I think this statement is not entirely right, first of all, a person to marry the premise is to love him (her) to consider marriage. If you do not love him (her), marriage is also futile. Secondly, two people must consider clearly before getting married in the end for what and get married? Whether it is really because of love, if the answer is no, do not go into marriage. There is a saying that high quality singles are better than low quality marriages! Deeply believe that a person should first live their own life, take good care of themselves, love themselves, before they can love others well.

I think that a person to live a good single life, is also responsible for their own, careful choice of life events, but also responsible for themselves and their families. Never get married for the sake of marriage, in order to rush to choose the other half hastily, if so, the final or suffer themselves. The friend's mother said very one-sided, a person always want to get married, here is a most important premise, that is love. If a person simply does not love another person rashly choose to get married and also have a child ...... that is the beginning of a troublesome story. Her mother said that having a child to the old can rely on. Is that so? If this child is not filial to his parents, where to rely on? In this world, in the end, who can rely on who? In fact, relying on yourself is the way to go, putting your hopes on others will always be disappointing.

A good love should meet an equation, that is, 1 + 1 > 2, when two people live their own single life, he (she) feel very happy, then he (she) is 1, we look for the other half is to be happier, right, if, two people together to live a very happy, very happy, then, 1 + 1 must be greater than 2, this, is what we are looking for. If 1 + 1 < 2, then, at this point in life must not feel happy, rather than together unhappy, why not let go and choose a new life.

Think clearly about this equation, you will understand, we really need to choose what kind of life. Whether you are now single or have entered into a marriage, single and married are just different stages of life experience, no one dares to say that single is happier than married, or that married is happier than single. These two stages are not comparable, which contains too many factors, in either period of your life, you should meditate and ask yourself, the current life is what you like? If the answer is yes, then we should be making a right choice for ourselves. We all have the right to choose our own lives, and we should be happy to spend our lives in the way we like!

Writer Zhang Xiaoxian said, when love is absent, go learn to live your own life. To live your own life is to learn to fall in love with yourself, treat yourself as your own lover and spoil yourself.

Never take love as the whole of your life, love a person when you only need to love seven points can, the remaining three points to love themselves. That's true! In fact, love is not all of life, in addition to love we have a lot of things to do, meet love, cherish; no, it does not matter, love yourself well, you can still live a very happy, very happy.

Happiness is never decided because of the presence or absence of love, when you feel happy, you will be happy. I hope that today you try to do well for yourself, live your life carefully, with a sunny heart, full of hope, in the way you like, live your life peacefully and happily.


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