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lost love

love lost in time

By Jose Luis ToledoPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Lost Love

The year is 2050. The world has changed a lot since the last time an alien visited Earth. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds,and society is much more globalized.

In a small town in Spain,a young woman named Lio is preparing to go for a walk in the countryside. It is a sunny and beautiful day,and Lio is eager to enjoy the outdoors.As she walks along a path,Lio sees something strange on the ground. She approaches to investigate, and she comes across an alien spaceship.Lio is amazed. She has never seen anything like it. She approaches the ship and touches the surface. Suddenly, the ship opens and a man appears.The man is tall and green-skinned. He has large black eyes and a kind smile. Lio is a little scared at first, but the man reassures her.

The man introduces himself as Zork, and he tells Lio that he is from a faraway planet called Trenon. Zork explains that his ship malfunctioned during a space journey, and that he has been lost in time for months. Lio takes pity on Zork, and she invites him to stay at her house. Zork accepts, and the two begin to get to know each other.

Lio and Zork spend a lot of time together. Zork tells Lio about his planet and his people, and Lio tells Zork about Earth. As time goes on, Lio and Zork fall in love. Zork is kind, loving, and understanding. Lio feels safe and loved when she is with him.

One day, Zork tells Lio that his wife died in an accident on Trenon. Lio is devastated by the news. She knows how much Zork loved his wife,and she feels sorry for his pain.Zork and Lio continue their relationship, but Zork's grief over the loss of his wife is palpable. Lio knows that Zork will never be able to forget his wife, and that makes her feel insecure.

One day, Zork tells Lio that his ship is repaired. He has to go back to Trenon, but he doesn't want to leave her. Lio is heartbroken. She doesn't want Zork to go, but she knows he has to.

Zork and Lio say goodbye with tears in their eyes. Zork promises Lio that he will see her again someday. Zork leaves, and Lio is left alone. She is sad and depressed. She knows she will never forget Zork, but she also knows she has to move on with her life.

Lio focuses on her work and her studies. She tries to forget Zork, but it is hard.One day, Lio receives a letter from Zork. He tells her that he is well, and that he is still thinking about her.

Lio is happy to know that Zork is well, but she is also sad. She knows she will never be able to be with him. Lio keeps Zork's letter, and she puts it in a special place. She knows she will always love him, but she also knows she has to move on with her life. End

This story explores the themes of love, loss, and grief. Lio and Zork fall in love, but their relationship is doomed by the loss of Zork's wife.The story is also a reflection on the nature of love. Lio loves Zork,but she also knows that he will never be able to replace his wife.

The ending of the story is ambiguous. Lio still loves Zork,but she knows she has to move on with her life.The story is a moving exploration of the challenges and rewards of love.

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Jose Luis Toledo

A passionate and experienced writer. I will convert your ideas into amazing E-Books, I loved getting lost in the world of books. Taken aback by how the worlds created within our minds can be so contrasting yet pleasant from our reality.

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  • Next Koding2 months ago

    Impressive, it's a touching narrative that evokes empathy and reflection

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