Lorelie's Wish

by Natalya Bosley about a year ago in fantasy

Short story by: Natalya Bosley

Lorelie's Wish

I am destined to be alone for all of eternity. Not as a punishment; I was here long before man, and I will be here long after. Modern mortals call me the grim reaper or death, but those who know me, which are a select few, call me Lorelei. Yes, I’m a girl; most of humanity’s modern artists depict me as some stalky, bony dude. Though it’s not like I have the authority to change them. Although, it is always hilarious seeing the look on spirits face when they take a peek at my modest chest area.

While everything is said and done I’m not a bad person; I am simply here to guide spirits to the afterlife. I also do not judge spirits; whichever god or goddess you believe in does. Can not stress that enough.

"I hear chimes."

Time to get to work. I arrive at an old, red bricked, multistory building; looks like a big job tonight. I start at the top floor, and it’s the usual run around questions that the pale, blue, transparent spirits usually ask: “Who are you?”, “Where am I?”, “What happened?” Which is completely understandable; that is my purpose in the grand scheme of things. As the night progresses each spirit moves on; I finally reach the last floor. When I got to the last resident, “THEY” are taking a while to pass judgment on him. The resident has many questions like the others before.

“Why did this happen?” questioned the resident

“Unfortunately, it’s just your time.” I replied

“Oh.” uttered the resident

“That and there’s a major gas leak.” I added

“I pay... well I guess now paid thirteen hundred a month for this hell hole!” the resident snarled

“Look, I’m just here to comfort you; not settle your rent.” I replied

The time came for the last resident to move on, but my night is not over.

After three thousand car crashes, one hundred robberies gone wrong, and fourteen animal poachers getting what they deserve; it was time to get the rest that I rightly deserve. Whenever I get just a second to myself, my escape is ‘The Quiet Zone,' a realm created just for me. The realm is filled with the world's softest sand, along with the tallest Red Woods, and a grand mountain embedded with streams. Personally ‘The Quiet Zone’ only makes me even more upset than I started the year, so I never really spend all that much time here.

As I walk along the sand with my head hanging low, all I can wonder about is how much different my immortal life would be if I just had one... companion. I gave one big heaving exhale and lifted my gaze to the heavens closed my eyes and entrusted the skies above my wish. My only wish.

“I just wish for a meaningful friendship that will last for the rest of my lonesome eternity.” I whispered .

I stood on the sand for but a second when the chimes start singing again. Another exhale that this time broke my spirit set me off to the next soul that need soothing. They summoned me to twenty-first century Perris, California. It’s been a while since I was called to this side of the desert. Looks like the mortals decided to modernize, even in a place that many before them would not dare travel.

I spot a two story house at the end of a cul-du-sac, painted bright peach with pearl white trim, along with three car garage, and a tropical backyard. I entered through the second story window closest to the street where the chimes were the loudest. I decided to take a look around; the room resembled that of an adolescent boy, the walls had this era's female musicians, photos of loved ones clutters the tops of dressers. At least many will remember him; I came full circle to the distraught spirit in the corner of the room. He seems young, but tall; half shaved hairstyle the hair side are in long, red ombre dreads; whimsical brown eyes, full nose, lush lips, and broad athletic shoulders. For some odd reason his spirit still has mortal colors to him.

“Who are you?” he asked

“Why can I see my body?” added the youngster

“I’m Lorelei; I am here to help you pass on.” I stated

“Pass on ? What do you mean pass on?!” he rambled


“Lorelei!” interrupted a thunderous voice

“Now what!!?” screeched the youngster

“Universe?” I propose

“Call me whatever you like my child. As you may noticed, this spirit before you is very different than the others you have helped,” the voice exacted

“Yes, he is," I ponder.

“This is Raza Goodman, he is now able to travel in between life and death. We picked him especially to complete your wish. Treat each other well.” the voice announced

Our eyes met and each gave a smile to the other. A special person of my own to converse with, and someone to relate. Raza took me to his favorite spot in the desert where he does his best thinking. We told each other our hopes, dreams, and funny stories of when we were young; all night.

Natalya Bosley
Natalya Bosley
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