Looking Glass Part 2: The Night They Became Orphans

by Lizzy Arrow 3 years ago in fantasy

There are two sides of what happened that night; one I'm about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I'm ready to let it out on paper.

Looking Glass Part 2: The Night They Became Orphans
Story and picture created by Lizzy Arrow

His hiding place had been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? As he watched the man who had just killed Mary right before his eyes, the urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming. That's when something happened, something that the observer all knew too much about. He was going back to a place he'd hoped he would never see again; it was just him, the man, Oliver Wishingwell, and one of the boys. He couldn't work out which one it was as his face was changing every minute into another one of the Kennedys; that's when the observer knew who it was: it was Duncan. Duncan had an extra power that had been passed down to him from his ancestors and of course the observer’s ancestors. As he watched Oliver was struggling to get close to Duncan.

Then something like invisible magic exploded everywhere in one powerful moment; Oliver had gone, the only people who were left were the unseen followers preying on the dead to gain what they had left. The triplets were crying. The observer didn't dare change back into a human being. The alarm had finally gone off. Within seconds everyone came rushing; the three detectives from The Kennedy Department had taken the three away before the other world's social services had gotten their hands on them. Fred appeared and noticed the wolf disappearing out of the room. The unseen followers had disappeared out of sight into the rain that had started melting the snow away. Thunder and lightning had started.

The observer continued to run, running towards the woods to inform the chief Indian what he had just witnessed. That was the last time the observer was ever seen; no one could bring him in for questioning. Fred either couldn't or refused to tell the Prime Minister where he was. When both of them were at the house arguing, Fred was trying to remain calm as possible, but when it came to the Prime Minister, well, everyone knows that the Kennedys are actually in charge of the whole ministry itself and their world; they just didn't fancy becoming the Prime Minister. They would rather get on behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, while everything else was happening at the house, the three detectives arrived at the Kennedy Orphanage in the department of the World Apart, two of the children were eager to be put down and run off playing like nothing had happened. One of them wanted to stay in one of the detectives' to be able to feel protected and safe a bit more, ‘it’s alright Duncan…it’s alright Duncan mate. You don't have to go and play we can just sit here’ said the man in a Cornish accent.

While the other two detectives went to join the other two who were playing together, their names were James and Stacie, they were used to having each other's company more because they knew that Duncan had something wrong with him but they didn't know what. However, they could feel it as they can sometimes feel each other's emotions. They left him with the other detective.

Detective Mash could feel whatever the observer had just witnessed dying down now as Duncan slowly felt more relaxed. They were all waiting to know what was going to happen next, but they didn't know how long that was going to take. Was it going to be hours, days, weeks for the three to be separated from each other? All of this wasn't expected to happen; especially so soon after the recent death of Mary’s mother, as she had died to protect them. She had refused to tell Oliver where they lived. Mary’s father was nowhere to be found; they assumed that he was captured or had gone into hiding so that they couldn't ask him to take on the grandchildren. Then again no one knows if the eldest son is alive or dead, many thought Oliver or someone would have gotten to him by now and done something. However, they would have thought the school was the last place Oliver would go if he knew it was run by the Kennedy family. Then again, he wanted all of the Kennedys dead one way or another. This train of thought was disrupted by a security guard with a note in his hand.

One of the freer detectives got up from the floor and walked over to him. As he got nearer he could see the man’s face looking terrified and he was shaking because he couldn't believe what had just come in. The detective took the note from the security guard; the note said:

Urgent News

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Lizzy Arrow
Lizzy Arrow
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