Life with Superpowers

Lifestyle Upgrade Or Downgrade?

Life with Superpowers

Most, if not all super powers give the individual an advantage over the rest of humanity. If someone woke up with superpowers, perhaps after a classic lab experiment or awakened mutant D.N.A, how would their day go and what would they do with their new found power? Whatever they choose to do with it depends on their abilities. X-ray vision could help a doctor find an injury or assist the police in a crime scene. But, having an ability like techopathy instantly makes that individual the most powerful being on the planet. Such beings with extraordinary abilities may have a tremendous influence on our world. That may range from becoming a beacon of hope to being the physical embodiment of the apocalypse.

Individuals with abilities have new opportunities to explore depending on their powers. They can join the Olympics, become a celebrity and etc. But, if they go public with their talents what would happen to their life? How would the public react to a meta human? Below is a list of scenarios, conjured from a large assortment of entertainment. They hold possible events that may unfold as a result of revealing powers to the public.

Scenario #1

Religious people may begin to celebrate the superhuman as a symbol or try to eliminate them because of their abilities. There are several instances of this around the world and throughout history. Albinos and educated women are still seen as "supernatural" in some parts of the world. Miracles are attributed to divine saviors and disasters are seen as holy wrath quite frequently. It is very possible for almost anything to be attributed towards religion. So, what can a superhuman do in such a scenario?

Option (A): Become a prophet of the new world based on beliefs. The Pope and other religious figures would be discarded in the process.

Option (B): Become a divine sacrifice, maybe even nailed to a cross. If the being isn't liked very much death, torture or sacrifice may follow.

Option (C): Renounce all religious affiliation(s) to prevent the apocalypse. The only way this couldn't work is if the powers are truly divine.

Scenario #2

Scientists may run tests on to see why they're so special. It is possible they would be granted permission if the public views the power as dangerous or the government could just cover up their existence completely. We don't really know how the government would respond.

Option (A): Become an experiment after failing to conceal ability or becoming a public threat.

Option (B): Become a powerful government ally. Imagine a country with their own superman. It's like having a nuke that could think!

Option (C): If the individual wants to be left alone they could go off the grid and into hiding.

Scenario #3

The abilities could be useless in daily life and/or life style doesn't urge a good use of them. For instance, what is an Uber driver going to do with heat vision? Nothing changes their normal life unless they change their lifestyle. This is especially the case for an ability like accelerated healing, there is no good reason to trigger the ability! Unless you're a person that loves pain or is in constant danger. Powers could help someone rule the world or add zero value to their life.

Option (A): Become a hero, if the person is brave enough to risk their life being a vigilante. Police arrest thugs and get paid but no one pays superheroes because they rescue civilians out of... kindness.

Option (B): Become a villain, if a superhuman has no soul this is a perfect way to be remembered. Steal, kill or commit despicable sins until the collective minds of planet of discover a weakness to exterminate the villain.

Option (C): Move somewhere else to use abilities "productively" or monetize the power. People get rich off of the dumbest things so, a being with Superpowers won't be any different.

Similar to money, the more power a person holds the more of their true nature is revealed.

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