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Leave the time bottle to an 18-year-old in 2035

by Aaron 13 days ago in fantasy
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By the time you read this letter, you'll be 30. At that time you have experienced a lot of things, perhaps, you still do not understand a lot of things; Maybe you are physically healthy; Maybe you are not in the best physical condition, but I hope you can grasp all the opportunities in your hand.

By the time you read this letter, you'll be 30. At that time you have experienced a lot of things, perhaps, you still do not understand a lot of things; Maybe you are physically healthy; Maybe you are not in the best physical condition, but I hope you can grasp all the opportunities in your hand. Create a better life with your own hands.

I hope you can be kind to others. Only by being kind to others can you integrate yourself into the group and gain the understanding and trust of others. In order to be accepted by others. Wu Qi, the great general of the Warring States Period, loved his soldiers as much as he loved his sons. Once, a soldier who had just joined the army was wounded in the war. Due to the lack of medicine and medicine on the battlefield, when he returned to the rear after the battle, the wound of the soldier had become septic and gangrenous. Wu Qi found it when he was patrolling the camp. Without saying another word, he squatted down immediately and sucked the wound for the soldier with his mouth to relieve inflammation and heal the wound. The little soldier was moved to tears when he saw how the general had treated him. A general and know how to treat others, for a small soldier to treat the wound, you have what reason not to treat others? Learn to cherish and protect. In the pursuit of success, no one can do without cooperation with others. If you want to succeed, you need the help of others, but if you don't treat others well, who will help you? Please be kind to others! Don't lose friends around you for your own benefit. Lying to each other will only destroy each other.

When you are kind to others, please be kind to yourself. Life is like a kaleidoscope. It's always colorful. You get all kinds of things. May be happy, may also be sad. However, no matter what, be sure to smile in the face, look past the injury. Don't give yourself a hard time, because you hurt yourself, and love is those who love you. Don't mind the past too much, face the future well, because, the past has gone, can't come back. And there's more to come.

Don't stop your steps, don't go backwards. Although the University of Cambridge professor Hawking was confined to a wheelchair for 40 years, but he has never stopped the exploration of science, in 1985 Hawking lost the ability to speak, the only tool to express ideas is a computer voice synthesizer. Using only a few moving fingers, he uses a special mouse to select letters and words on a computer screen to make sentences. Then he plays the sound through the computer. It usually takes five or six minutes to make a sentence, and it takes 10 days to prepare for the one-hour recorded speech. In 1988, he wrote A popular science book A Brief History of Time, which had a circulation of more than 25 million copies by October 1995. It is difficult for him to live on his own, but he contributes to scientific research all his life. You can move forward slowly, little by little, because then, no matter how slow your steps are, you are making progress little by little. If you stand still, you will always fall behind others. However, you must not retreat, face the difficulties firmly, and believe that there will always be a solution. Can not retreat not only because it is a cowardly performance, but also because back to the end, there will be no way back.

Over the past 30 years, you've probably done a lot of things that you're either upset about or proud of. If you do something wrong, please don't regret it. Because it has happened, even how much regret will not help. It was a choice you made. You have to let go of the past. You have to understand that the sun will rise every day without you. If you do something right, don't bask in the joy of success. One success doesn't mean anything. Moreover, always immersed in the joy of success will make people become proud. And pride is a kind of human shortcomings, is also the direct cause of failure. "Modesty makes one progress, pride makes one lag behind" is a famous saying, to always remember it, can let you succeed.

To take good care of yourself, you have to face growing up, a person to take good care of yourself, cold weather to add a coat to yourself, hungry to buy a bread for yourself, sick to give yourself a strong, even a person, also want to live happily. A healthy body is the foundation of everything, if the body breaks down, then even how luster is just the surface, so please take good care of yourself no matter what time. Take care of your parents, because without them, you wouldn't exist. They brought you to life. They brought you up. You wouldn't be here without them. Perhaps more than ten years later you than now you also make public, rebellious; Maybe you've become a good, caring girl. Maybe you work close to home, or maybe you work far away from home. But be kind to your parents anyway; Please visit them on holidays or when you are free. After all, when you reach the age of 30, they will be getting older. Huang Xiang can warm seat at nine years old, Kong Rong can let pears at four years old, you must be able to take good care of your parents. Once, they brought you up unconditionally, now, you also have the responsibility and obligation to take care of them, don't you?

Ten years from now, you should learn to take responsibility. Do what you should do, and continue to work hard, you can achieve success. I hope you will be happier in the future.


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