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Large number of UFOs appear to be fighting over Germany?

by Sue Torres 2 months ago in astronomy
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A large number of "unidentified flying objects" appeared over Nuremberg, Germany at the same time

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Did you know? Once in the 16th century, there were a large number of "UFOs" over Nuremberg, Germany at the same time. They had all kinds of shapes and flew around densely in the sky.

According to the locals who witnessed this phenomenon, they were having a big fight! This incident is also the only large-scale "UFO air war" incident so far.

So, does this prove the existence of an alien civilization? If not, then how can it be explained?

On April 14, 1561, between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning, many residents of Nuremberg, Germany, reported that a large number of "unidentified flying objects" were seen in the sky.

According to the information at that time, at first, because of the darkness, people only felt that some flying objects seemed to be fighting in the air.

Later, when the sun rose, people found that these flying objects were of different shapes, including spear-shaped cylinders, spheres, cross-shaped, cigar-shaped, and saucer-shaped.

At this time, these flying objects are still in a fierce battle, some even fly directly into each other, in the fight. During this period, there were also many flying objects were destroyed and fell to the ground.

But the strange thing is that they do not fall directly to the ground, but disappear in a puff of smoke. Finally, there were some flying objects left that flew directly toward the direction of the sun, and finally disappeared without knowing where they were.


The incident was described by locals as a "war in the sky".

At the end of the month, the media published a news report detailing the incident. In the story, a hand-drawn woodcut by local publisher Hans Lava was quoted, showing the scene in pictorial form.

In this report, it is recorded that between 4 and 5 a.m. on April 14, the flying machines, in various forms, formed a combat formation before the battle began.

After an hour-long battle, several flying objects were destroyed. Later, a huge black spear-shaped flying object also appeared in the sky. After a little more time, the battle ended.

However, this report also indicates that Glaser himself believes that the incident has nothing to do with the alien civilization that everyone thought of, but maybe a warning from God. Although he was not sure what God was trying to say, he was sure that it was a hint that people needed to take seriously.

This incident ended up being called the "Battle of the UFOs over Nuremberg" by many UFO enthusiasts.

It is worth noting, however, that a similar event occurred just five years later in the Basel region of Switzerland. This incident was documented in a booklet published in 1566.

It is said that on July 27, 28, and August 7 of 1566, several people in the area saw three different celestial phenomena.

On July 27, 1566, at 9:00 p.m., the sun began to take on a special color, it lost its usual luster, and finally seemed to shed tears of blood.

By 6 a.m. on July 28, a blood-colored sun rose, illuminating everything in the city in a red color that looked particularly ominous.

And on August 7, witnesses reported seeing black spherical "UFOs" flying around at great speed in front of the sun, seemingly fighting with something.

So, what is going on with these two incidents?

First of all, the Nuremberg incident, from the known information, many people witnessed the event, but the most bizarre place is that those "UFOs" fall, and not directly to the ground, but disappeared in a puff of smoke. This situation is quite like the "mirage" phenomenon.

Everyone should know that a mirage is a natural phenomenon caused by the refraction and total reflection of light. When it occurs, the same event will occur in other areas to appear.

If this is analyzed, then those flying objects fall and disappear, it makes sense.

But a mirage is not an illusion, it has to have a real event as the basis. Does this mean that those "UFOs" where the battle was fought, are actually in another area?

Unfortunately, because there is so little information about this event, we do not know at this time.

As for the events in the Basel region, many experts have analyzed this, and some believe that this is a rare celestial phenomenon, that is, "sun dogs".

However, the "sun dog" phenomenon, said the sun in the Earth's atmosphere under the influence of ice crystals, fog, etc., refraction of the sun's phantom, it is also often called "phantom sun".

For example, in July 2022, there was a "double sun" phenomenon in Chongqing, which was eventually confirmed to be a "phantom sun" phenomenon. However, the difference between the description of this phenomenon and the one that happened in Basel is still quite obvious, and it should not be as simple as a "phantom sun".

However, I still think that the solar anomaly in Basel should be a rare natural phenomenon. After all, there have been "blood moons" in reality, and "blood suns" should also be possible.

But as for the "UFOs" that the witnesses claimed to have seen, it is not good to speculate, after all, in those days, there could not be satellites, the existence of space junk. If what these witnesses say is true, it may indeed be something that we have never found.


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