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Kuri's Search for Knowledge

One Robot's Desire to Learn

By J.C. MariePublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Kuri rolled along the rough rocks of his home planet, zipping towards his cave. The only sound that he heard was that of his wheels zooming, with the occasional pebble clattering through. He was returning home following a day of travel, the same as the day before that and the day before that and the day before that.

Kuri didn't do much, but it wasn't his fault. There wasn't much to do on his home planet. After all, he was the only one there, and it, quite literally, was made entirely of rocks and sand. He had explored nearly every inch of the planet in the past five years, and he could track his way home without problems (although there had been a few incidents at the start). Overall, Kuri lead a rather monotonous and predictable life.

Occasionally, something big would soar through the stars and dust before crashing to his home. When this happened, he rushed to the scene of the crime, examining the material and taking a few samples. Kuri loved to learn. That is why he traveled, to learn as much as possible about his home planet. When these big rocks fell out of the sky, Kuri could learn about the world around his home.

Kuri often wondered about this world from his place on his planet. The world seemed so vast and endless. There were millions of stars all around and lots of dust floating by. He was near a large belt of big rocks that floated along, sometimes falling to his planet and sometimes flying in other directions. Kuri wondered what there was beyond what he could see. Were there other planets? Other Kuri's? Was it dangerous? Or was it as exciting and full of knowledge as he thought it was?

By now, Kuri has returned to his cave. He settled in for the night, rolling himself into his charging port and settling down for the night. Tomorrow Kuri had big plans to travel to the site of the first big rock that had hit his planet in order to track the changes over the past five years. Thinking of all the knowledge he was soon to obtain, he powered down for the night.

A short time later, Kuri turned back on to a loud noise. The noise was different than any Kuri had heard before. The rocks made loud crashes, yet this sounded like... like Kuri. Yes, like Kuri as he zoomed around, but much much louder. Kuri unplugged and moved to the entrance of his cave, hiding along the wall.

Beyond the entrance of his cave, there was a large craft of some sort. It shot fire out of its bottom and shook the entire planet as it landed, kicking up dust and rocks in its wake. After a few moments, a door opened and Kuri observed a creature exiting.

He looked at the strange, tall creature, so similar to Kuri. His round, bulbous head reminded Kuri of his own. However, where Kuri had a rounded body, this creature had many different parts sticking out.

Maybe he is a larger model, Kuri thought to himself.

Feeling brave, and more than anything curious, Kuri left his cave and approached the Kuri 2.0 as he had dubbed the creature in his head. He zipped to his base and tapped against him to gain his attention. Kuri 2.0 turned and looked down before jumping back in shock.

Kuri again closed the distance, wanting to stay close to this creature. Kuri 2.0 crouched down, examining Kuri from a distance, before suddenly reaching out one of his upper parts.

Suddenly terrified, Kuri backed away. However, his small stature was no match for Kuri 2.0, and he soon found himself lifted off the ground and being carried back to the large craft. Kuri twisted and turned, but to no avail. It seemed Kuri 2.0 had some special parts that enabled it to hold onto other objects.

Kuri 2.0 pressed some buttons on the side of the craft before entering, lots of air blowing on the pair as the door closed. Then, Kuri 2.0 did the unthinkable: he took his head off. Except, under his head was another head, a head Kuri had never seen before.

Horrified yet curious, Kuri took in the soft, flabby material surrounded by individual strands of something that made up the creature's head. Using his sensors, Kuri determined the material to be organic in nature, although he wouldn't know for sure until he was able to obtain a sample.

Unfortunately, that would probably be a long time coming, as Kuri 2.0 (Kuri decided to keep calling him that for simplicity) kept Kuri far away from his body as they entered further into the craft.

Entering a room with lots of buttons, levers, and flashing lights, as well as a window that looked upon Kuri's home planet, Kuri 2.0 sat down with Kuri in his upper part. Reaching forward, then back, Kuri 2.0 grabbed a number of pieces, holding it up to Kuri's charing port for comparison.

He is looking to charge me, Kuri realized.

Realizing he was quite drained as his rest had been interrupted abruptly, Kuri resigned himself to being plugged in. Once he was plugged in and charged, he could begin to develop a plan to obtain the appropriate samples and then escape.

Seeming satisfied with his makeshift charger, Kuri 2.0 plugged it into the panel with the buttons, levers, and flashing lights before plugging Kuri in a moment later.

When plugged into the Kuri 2.0's console, Kuri froze. When he was plugged in, Kuri was suddenly overwhelmed with a vast amount of... knowledge. Music, facts, dates, times, all of it was at his fingertips. Knowledge and concepts Kuri had never even imagined, had never had the capacity to even comprehend, were flooding his system. Kuri had never been happier. He was finally surrounded by what he most admired and desired: knowledge. And he had his new... friend, his new knowledge supplied, to thank for it.

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J.C. Marie

J.C. is a graduate student who enjoys music, love, and cats.

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