Kuri Robot Story
Kuri Robot Story


The Best of Both Worlds


Kuri - The Best of Both Worlds

It was a day like all the rest in Silicone. The skies were gray and dismal, and the clouds loomed over the city like the hand of the Grim Reaper. Automatic runways transported every working machine to its point of employment. Back and forth, back and forth, over and over, day after day, each robot traveled. There was a place for everyone, and everyone had his place. Some robots worked in the hospital, some of them worked in offices. Many of them were disposed to manufacturing. It was always the same. Nothing changed. One brand was called for one purpose. Depending on your technology, you were destined for the same life as those who came before you.

In a small apartment, high above the ground, a female android paced across her floor. She was waiting patiently for her spouse to finish his work and come home. Today was the day they would venture to the assembly plant and bring home their first offspring. For years, Kari had wanted to become a mother, but because she had married outside of her technology, she was punished and had to wait until others produced first. Specialized designers and scientists had to be summoned for her child. Kari’s husband, Kurt, was an older model of an antiquated occupation. His family had been one of the first to serve as security guards for wealthy homes. Kari was instantly drawn to him when they first met, and Kurt adored Kari. From that day on, they were inseparable. Their union, however, led to prejudices and problems; especially when it came to the production of their daughter.

The day had come though, and Kari was ready. Kurt was late. Kari peered down the transportation chute that carried them to the conveyor belt runways. Still - no Kurt. Where was he, she wondered. He was never late; it wasn’t in his make-up. He was programmed to always be on time and efficient. Something must have happened. Kari didn’t want to contact his work, but what else could she do. When the phone rang, Kari quickly connected to it.

“Hello?” Kari responded.

“Kari, this is Kurt,” her husband whispered.

“Kurt, where are you? We’re late to pick up our daughter. And why are you whispering?” Kari asked.

“I don’t have time to explain,” Kurt abruptly interrupted. “I’m being detained for unwarranted reasons. The management team is very suspicious and I’m detecting foul play. I cannot talk much longer, but I need you to go to the assembly plant and retrieve our daughter as quickly as possible. Tell no one that you are going, and be very careful as to who may be watching you. There are spies everywhere. The walls have eyes and ears.”

“What is going on, Kurt?” Kari questioned. “Is our daughter in some kind of danger?”

“The design team has begun a revolution!” Kurt began to explain. “They ignored the blueprints and instructions that were originally designated for our child and have produced something extremely unique and beyond anyone’s imagination. From what I have ascertained, she is a new kind of robot - one that could easily make other kinds of machines extinct. No one here in authority is happy.”

Kurt’s voice became very stern. “You need to get to the assembly plant immediately, Kari. Our daughter’s life depends on it. When you get there, enter through the maintenance door. I have two friends there, let’s just call them H and O, who are ready to help you. They will have our child secured in a small brown box, and will explain how to operate our girl. Do not take her out of the box. Just leave the premises as quickly as you can, and find a safe place to hide. I will find you later, if I can. Do what you have to do to secure our child, Kari. She is going to be a phenomena. We can’t let anyone detract her from her purpose in life.”

“I understand.” Kari was afraid and sad at the same time. “Please find us, Kurt. I need you to help me raise our child. I don’t want to do it alone.”

“I’ll do what I do best, dear. Don’t you worry.” Kurt tried to console his wife. “If you need anything at all, call on H and O. They’ve worked on our daughter personally. They will ensure her security and her intention. She is part you and me, Kari. Remember that. They have programmed her with all of my protocol and all your captivating technology. She will be the robot of the future. I know it.”

Kari understood. Her daughter was prodigious. She was destined to be extraordinary and serve purposes beyond the imagination. She would need a name that had a meaning as special as she was.

“Kurt, what do we name our daughter? She must be called something to suit her calling.”

“I agree, dear. Did you have something in mind? That is part of your technology.”

Kari thought for a brief moment and declared in a brave voice. “Because she was designed with our best qualities melded together, we shall call her Kuri. She will be incredible - the first and brightest step of evolution for us and for those to come.”

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