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by teva jenkins about a year ago in astronomy
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Magical things happen when you are born under two star-signs. You just have to dig a little deeper.

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The strength of a lion with the poise of a virgin is how one can identify me. My passion for life burns intensely and my need for structure will always be prominent. I was born on the tail-end of August; landing on the cusp of the Leo-Virgo star sign. Amazingly, I have been in tune with the attributes derived from being born under both star signs. I could not embellish on my personality any more than what is already defined by astrology and to that end, I am a firm believer.

Being born under a cusp means that you have personality traits from both star signs. No, that does not mean you have Dissociative Personality Disorder, however, you may possess some strong traits from both your dominant and submissive sign. Take me for example, I possess Leo and Virgo traits that are evident through my everyday interactions with the world around me. I go through mood cycles—Some days, you can find me yearning to bask in the ambience of attention by those who have acknowledged my greatest accomplishments. Other days, I have strong desires to be completely introverted. I enjoy being in bed for most of the day; in the comfort of my own home—alone. To understand the gravity of what I’m saying, envision Shrek in the first movie, where he roars— “GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!” That’s literally me, except I roar— “GET OUT OF MY STUDIO!”

Now, I do have my days where I am generous when it comes to the people dearest to me; frivolously spoiling them with gifts to show my admiration. I also have days where I show self-gratitude— by tidying up my environment and making sure that everything is perfect! My self-diagnosed O.C.D is probably kicking in as we speak; I want this story to be perfect!

In the same breath, I can be extremely attentive towards my life goals. Whenever I get a sudden urge to be successful, I organize my game plan and put in the effort to bring that plan into fruition.

Now on the flip-side, there are some not-so-good traits that I possess as well. Like a true lion, I tend to get lazy at times. Procrastination is definitely my best friend at this point when it comes to long-term projects. I will run and hide from the pressure of hard-work, until I have zero seconds to complete the darn task. Trust me when I say that I am working hard to break that bad habit—I promise!

At this point in my life, how could I not believe in Astrology? I am literally the cookie-cutter version of a Leo-Virgo cusp. Plus, I need something spiritual to put my faith into. I find myself needing a good laugh from time to time and some guidance when I hit a rough patch never hurts!

I’ve learned a lot about myself through Astrology. I’ve learned important life lessons related to self-care, motivation, love, respect etc; all by reading something as simple as a quote in my daily horoscope reading. Oftentimes, there are layers upon layers of rich information that will keep you engaged and wanting to invest more into your star-sign. Now imagine having two star signs—you are in for a world of inspiration and positivity (for the most part)!

I was born under the Cusp of Exposure—so let me expose myself once more. My energy shifts dramatically from wanting tranquility, to wanting to be admired and recognized. It sounds like an emotional rollercoaster—I know! Bear with me though! In order for me to find balance between the many conflicting personality traits between both signs, I need to discover a happy medium. That my friend, is why I continue to invest ample amounts of time and energy into this wonderful subject. I find joy in the little affirmations and gratitudes that I find when delving deep into my star signs. I am born with a personilty of fire and air, which pair perfectly with one another. To intensify the heat, you must fan the flame—which is exactly how I gear my mind towards a specific goal that I want to acheive. My passion for creativity burns immensly as it is fed or “fanned” by my desire for success. The two work in unison and are completely inseperable.

I like to think of myself as one of the lucky ones. Being born under two star signs that fill my personality with so many unique flavors and you know what the best part is?

I can be myself—my crazy, bold, adventurous self!


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