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The inner secrets of our planet: PART FOUR

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 9 min read

Documentary series such as Ancient Aliens have kept me going through the “plandemic” of the past year, which has forced me to re-examine many of my perceptions of the world and the truths I was taught at school.

The incredible monuments created by some of the world’s ancient civilisations defy all logic, but if they weren’t created by the methods professed by mainstream archaeology then how were they built and what happened to the technology that went into creating them?

The pyramids, the ancient sites at Gobekli Tepe, Tiwanaku and Nan Madol, would be incredible feats of engineering with the technology we have now, but mainstream archaeology purports they were built utilising rope, logs and primitive masonry tools. It just doesn’t add up.

Many of the ancient sites of Asia and South America seem to have been mysteriously abandoned at different points throughout history, with various cataclysms such as volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors and floods attributed as possible causes.

The ancient alien theory seems to suggest that if extraterrestrials were guiding these civilisations that they just up and left the planet when these cataclysms occurred, but if they possessed such advanced technology why would they not return? Perhaps the answer lies deep within our planet, which may not be made of a thin crust, mantle and a nickel-iron core but instead a vast inhabitable cavern accessible via the poles and a network of subterranean passages that connect it to the surface.

And the reason the architects of these ancient sites never returned to the planet is simply that they never left, but moved into the Earth’s hollow interior from where they have guided developments on the surface ever since.

Until I see a flying disc or a little grey man waving to me I’ll remain a sceptic about the extraterrestrial phenomenon but I will confess to being more open to the possibility of a hollow Earth, either inhabited by the ancestors of ancient surface-dwelling civilisations or perhaps aliens from beyond this world. The Nazis certainly believed that, but did they also establish a colony there after World War II?

What’s happening in the world at the moment bears many similarities to events in Germany that preceded the conflict in the middle part of the last century and I can’t help but feel much is being kept from us.

One interesting aspect of the ancient alien theory is the alleged visit in the 1950s of Valiant Thor, who it is claimed was an emissary from Venus and met with US President Dwight Eisenhower, Vice-President Richard Nixon and the American chiefs of staff.

A tale first published in 1967 in Frank E Stranges’ book Stranger At The Pentagon, Thor and his crew are said to have landed on 16 March 1957, with a three-year mission to convince the world’s powers to sign up to the “interstellar community” following the atomic bomb blasts in World War II.

His “comic book” name, that he came from Venus… it made the story seem quite implausible, but perhaps there’s more to it than one would imagine. The concept of hollow planets makes an undiscovered civilisation on Venus a more believable scenario and a staging post within our world where spacecraft can be docked undetected makes their existence an even greater possibility.

If it does exist, the likelihood that the governments of our world are not aware of this inner sanctum seems impossible. But for how long could they have been aware of it? Stories about an inner Earth and extraterrestrial visitors are not a new phenomenon, but did the march of the Third Reich and the atomic age that followed mark the point in our modern history when intervention was again required?

From 12th century England there is a story of strange green children emerging from a cave near the village of Woolpit in Suffolk. According to folklore the brother and sister were of normal appearance except for their green skin and that they spoke an unknown language.

The children were taken in by the community but the boy died soon after he and his sister were baptised. The girl adjusted to her new life and learned to speak English, explaining that she and her brother had come from Saint Martin's Land, a subterranean world inhabited by people like her.

More modern accounts by writers such as Rodney Cluff, Raymond W Bernard, Danny Weiss, Bruce Walton, Alan Baker and John Leith also recount tales from people who claim to have travelled to this inner realm. In addition to American polar explorer Richard Byrd and German U-boat crewman Karl Unger there are many other accounts of visitations to Arianni.

The Macushi indians of northern Brazil have legends about a cavern and tunnels leading to the inner Earth, which they explored by the light of petrol torches. After days of walking down steps cut into the rock the indians told of a massive cavern with artificially lit compartments and swore the interior was inhabited by a race of giants, who fed them and helped them take provisions back to the surface. But after a British team arrived in 1907 the entrance was blocked off.

But in the 1930s there is evidence of Nazi exploration in the region, with a graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon jungle where many Germans were buried, including Joseph Greiner who died there on 2 January 1936 and whose resting place is marked by a large wooden cross.

Another story tells of a fisherman Olaf Jansen, and his father Jens, who accidentally discovered the North Pole opening in 1829 and lived alongside the giant people for two years.

The pair were said to have returned to the surface via the South Pole opening, with Jansen rescued by a whaling vessel while his father perished in Antarctica after their boat was hit by an iceberg.

After arriving back home in Sweden, Jansen was convinced by his uncle to tell his tale to the authorities and ended up in an insane asylum for 28 years until the death of his uncle. He later emigrated to the United States and died in Los Angeles in 1908, his author friend Willis George Emerson telling the story in his book The Smoky God.

Then there is the story of William Morgan, whose hollow Earth adventure is perhaps told in John Uri Lloyd’s manuscript Etidorpha.

Based on follow-up work by researcher Bruce Walton, Morgan is alleged to have been sent to the inner realm by the Freemasons through a cavern in Kentucky in 1827, called the Cave of Zoroaster.

Morgan "appeared" years later and allegedly gave the manuscript of his journey to Johannes Llewellyn Llongollyn Drury, who in turn passed it on to Lloyd to publish around 1895.

The book describes caverns and how gravity gradually decreases during the descent to a central point about 700 miles beneath the outer surface in an 800-mile thick shell. The first 10 miles is in darkness, but below that depth a phosphorescent glow sheds light on the deeper descent. At a depth of 150 miles there is supposed to be a large underground lake, with the beginnings of a volcano on one shoreline that erupts periodically in southern Italy.

Morgan's guide explains how water spilling over a ledge from the lake causes the volcano to erupt as the water spontaneously combusts with elements such as phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and sulphur, which is what causes lava to form, with steam pushing it up to the Earth's surface.

Further anecdotes come from Los Angeles attorney Hank Krastman who was allegedly escorted by Hopi indian Karl Kopavi Waltz through a cavern entrance in 1961, near to where the Little Colorado River empties into the Grand Canyon, Arizona, when he was about 26 years old and attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

Krastman allegedly later married a woman from the Phillipines and passed away there, his widow refusing permission for the transcript of his story, Kopavi, to be published.

Michael Barton's book, Rainbow City And The Inner Earth People, relates testimony from a Los Angeles doctor, Nephi Livesay Cottam, who tells of one his chiropractic patients of Norwegian descent who allegedly found his way through the North Pole opening with his friend in a sail boat equipped with an engine.

Accounts also focus on a group of lost Soviet airmen on a flight across the Arctic from Moscow to Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1937 which accidentally passed through to the inner world and never returned.

Other accounts tell of people claiming to have been transported to the inner realm in flying saucers, with retired US colonel Billie Woodard being one such case.

Woodard’s claim is that he was taken in a flying saucer to the Earth’s interior through the North Pole opening at the age of 12 in 1964 and returned six months later. Then, years later, while working at Area 51 in Nevada, he was transported there four times on special missions for the military after workers broke into tunnels beneath Area 51.

The are many more accounts from people claiming to have been transported to the inner Earth in flying discs and others from people who have contacted this world through psychic channeling, another phenomenon governments on our planet have researched but kept quiet about.

In Joshua David Stone's account ̶ Aghartha In The Hollow Earth! ̶ he recounts famous Russian channel Nicholas Roerich’s claims that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is connected by a tunnel with the inner Earth, Shamballa, while similar tunnels are believed to connect secret chambers at the base of the great pyramid at Giza to Agartha.

Stone also claims another channel, Djwhal Khul, confirmed to him that Admiral Byrd did travel to Agartha and that there are entrances to the inner Earth in Egypt, Tibet, the Yukatan, the Bermuda Triangle, Soviet Union and in Africa.

According to Khul the realm is occupied by different races, some very tall, and that the US government and other countries are aware of its existence and are covering up the fact as they are also doing with UFO's and extraterrestrials.

But all this testimony is just hearsay with the only scientific evidence to back it up being the work from centuries ago by the likes of Edmond Halley and John Cleves Symmes. However, through relatively recent advances in seismic technology, studies are now discovering there is more to the fabric of our planet than was previously believed. Don’t miss the final part on the “inner secrets of our planet” when I'll examine the latest evidence to support the theory of a hollow Earth.

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