Journeying Through the Shadows

by Aurora Skye 3 years ago in fantasy / future

Chasing Chione's heart

Journeying Through the Shadows

The clouds parted as Chione looked out the window and into the yard, trying to see if she could see if Breka was finally home yet. The winter weak sunlight slipped over her shoulder and into the room as Chione leaned away from it almost instinctively. The light didn't hurt her — exactly — but it wasn't comfortable to be out in it for more than a couple hours.

And even in the winter it still prickled against her skin like a wool sweater that had been in the dryer too long. With a sigh, she turned away, knowing that she was still alone in the house. And she thought that it was likely that Breka wouldn't be back until after sunset. This sucks, she thought sourly, knowing that she had more than enough to keep herself occupied while she was waiting, but none of it appealed to her right now.

That damned dream had come back, and Chione knew that Breka would want to try to figure out why. Chione didn't really want her to know about it, but she knew too that she couldn't really not tell her about it either. The details were still sharp, so she knew that she wasn't about to forget what she had seen, but she knew too that she didn't want to have to see it again in the telling of the dream. It was inevitable that she would see every detail, and then she would spend the next hour or more calming Breka down again.

But at the same time, Chione knew that if the dream was accurate, then her Mother needed help. The problem was that she wasn't sure how to get to where her Mother was, or her Father, for that matter. Come to that, she wasn't even sure where her twin brother Michael was right now. And Chione reached for his thoughts, hoping to find out where he, Mom and Dad had gone without telling her that they were going on a trip.

Reaching to his thoughts showed her that not only weren't her parents home, her twin had vanished too.

Normally, she would have expected her Mother to be wrapped around one of her lovers, but something must have happened that had dragged her Mother's attention away from the pleasure she had been sharing. Then Chione remembered that her Mother and most of the rest of the family had been at the ceremonies that day, and she wondered what had happened that had brought such an abrupt shift in her Mother's attentions.

Wait a minute, she thought, I thought Mom and Aunt Amelia were gonna be spending today in the playroom with Uncle Vlad and Uncle Raven... something is wrong here, but I have no idea what it could be. And more, I have no idea how to fix it, yet.


Meanwhile, in another era, Joanna looked across the bed at her sister and said, "Amelia... what are we gonna do about this situation? I mean, I know we are here for a reason, but if Grace and Mercy aren't supposed to know that we are here, how are we supposed to help them get off the ship before it sinks?"

And Amelia shook her head, saying, "I don't know, sis. All I know is that we need to think of something if only to help the ones who do make it out."

"Carissimi, I feel that I must remind you that Grace didn't survive this situation, even though her twin sister did." Vlad said, reaching to brush a curl back from Joanna's shoulder.

"My Queen, do not try to save those whose time has come." He added sadly, as he leaned over and claimed her lips in a gentle, almost chaste, kiss.

And as their lips parted, Joanna sighed, “I know, my love, but I can’t seem to help myself, sometimes.”

"I know, my love, I know." He said as he caressed her hair tenderly with one hand while his other arm wrapped around her shoulders and Amelia leaned into Joanna's embrace on the other side.

"But being as there is nothing we can do about it for at least another hour, we should be able to find some way to amuse ourselves..." he added, his tone rising suggestively, and she smiled as she released her sister, then rolled to her feet and lifted her skirts to reveal the provocative lack of the undergarments a proper young lady in the 16th Century of the Union on Tellous should have been wearing.

Vlad nodded approvingly, and the three of them spent the next hour joyfully entwined in passion, the slight roll and pitch of the ship almost unnoticed as they brought each other to orgasm many times. But the whole time, Joanna was wondering exactly where Raven had gone, and why he hadn't been able to get back to the stateroom they were sharing on board the ship.

It was only after they had arrived that Joanna had realized that the name of the ship was Dreams of Grandeur, and it was destined to sink in less than three days from the day they arrived on deck. But as soon as she did, she had almost died from the shock that her nightmares that she had always called 'the Ship dreams' were from a real time in one of her previous lives.

After Amelia had broken the seizure that had resulted from the panic attack that figuring out where they were had caused, Joanna had finally calmed down, and been able to breathe again. But she knew that she wasn't going to be able to stay here very long, even with the knowledge that the ship was going to sink. And she knew that if they weren't able to find the person they were there to save, they might not be able to make it home again.

That thought almost provoked another panic attack, but Amelia saw Joanna literally throttle the thought back with the knowledge that she wasn't on the ship all alone. But since Joanna wasn't shaking as hard now, Amelia decided to let this one go, as she leaned over and slid into the open embrace formed by Vlad's arms where he held Joanna and held out an arm to Amelia as well.

Maybe the seizure won't be that bad this time...

Aurora Skye
Aurora Skye
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