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Joe The Love Android

by Andrew Grey 2 years ago in science fiction

An android must escape the city before he is destroyed.

The year is 2120. A mysterious man walks down a wet and sleek alleyway. The man is George Herman. A retired middle-aged taxi driver. He peaks around the corner and spots a man and woman holding each other in a deep embrace. They laugh, kiss, and hold hands. George follows them down the strip of Rogue City. The streets are loud, filled with the bristles of rain and traffic of tourists. The voices of the drunk ring out in the city of temptation and crime. The man and woman walk inside a rustic motel 7. George patiently waits outside in the rain.

The couple gets a room for the night. Joe, the love android has completely seduced Mariah, an unhappy married woman. They walk into the red leathered room and Joe takes off Mariah's coat. Mariah says "God I love this room, it is so red." Joe rustles into her ear and replies "You know Mariah, they say red is the color of sex and desire. Really? She replies. They embrace in a kiss and take each other's clothes off. Joe throws Mariah onto the bed. He then turns his head a tad right and early 50's romantic music begins to play.

Mariah is turned on and completely having an out of body experience being with Joe. An android... a robot. She thinks to herself. What is it about him that makes him so intriguing. Is it his charm, humor, is it his looks? Mariah suddenly puts her hand on Joe's chest to halt him from kissing her neck. Stop, I can't do this.

"Mariah I thought we were having fun?

"Yes I love this but... I love my husband". "Well, there's nothing else to say of course". Joe stands up immediately and puts his shirt on.

"I am sorry Joe". Suddenly, a figure bursts through the room door. George Herman sees his wife and angrily charges towards Joe. Joe in haste and fear jumps through the motel window and shatters millions of glass. He falls and lands on his feet as if he has done this before. Joe looks back up to the window and sees George looking through. "You will burn you, robot bitch!" Joe then runs as fast as his feet will take him.

The hour is dawn. The city is foggy and alludes. Joe is charging his battery inside a portable station where many love droids come to recharge and repair themselves. As he wakes from his charge. He has a feeling, he does not recognize within himself. Fear. Fear is a human emotion. For all the years since his creation, making love and dining beautiful married women who are missing the spark in there current marriages. He has never come across any feeling but his duty as a machine. The other night, he finally understands the human concept of fear. Walking in the city, he sees billboard signs in big bold letters... "LOVE DROID NEEDS CAPTURE, all flesh fair raiders welcome". George Herman has put a bounty on his head by flesh fair raiders. He must escape Rogue City at all costs. Joe needs the help of his best friend and counterpart Jane the Love Droid.

To Be Continued.

science fiction

Andrew Grey

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