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Is the Moon Landing Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?

Does it matter if we went there if HETLAU are here?

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Have you ever heard someone say we didn't go to the moon? Did you just shake your head and say, "what in the world is that person talking about?" Of course we went to the moon, didn't we?If you search for the top ten conspiracy theories, you are inevitably going to run into the conspiracy theory that claims we never went to the moon. It will probably be listed right after the conspiracy theory claiming the Government knows about the existence of Extraterrestrials.What no one takes the time to do is realize, with the possibility of Hetlau, it doesn't really matter whether we actually went to the moon or not. If you stop to think about it, if Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) are transiting star systems and ferrying people back and forth from other planets to Earth, going to the moon and back is a non-event. So why would Hetlau even has us go to the moon in the first place if it is such a waste of time and energy? That, surprisingly enough, is exactly the reason. The Hetlau have a problem in that the need to build out an ETA on Earth to facilitate their system after disclosure. They need to do it without the EA realizing it's being done. In order to do that, it's going to take some pretty fancy storytelling.By telling the EA they need to "go to the moon," it creates the possibility that a psychological syndrome will exist that most of the EA will succumb to and dedicate whatever time and resources are necessary to accomplish it. This, in turn, creates an enormous financial and resource vacuum that allows the Hetlau to shift massive amounts of money and resources in the direction they want to develop the technology they want to be developed. All the while, they have a complicit EA who thinks he is helping himself, not hurting himself. Then possibility exists once the Hetlau accomplish the purported objective, they start generating false stories saying i'ts a conspiracy theory and that it never happened. This creates the effect of misdirection. You'll notice that no one ever blames the conspiracy on aliens using the EA to complete the moon landing program in order to divert finances and resources into developing the technology they want to be developed. You can see how, more than a half a century later, the possibility exists the public hasn't learned a thing. Now we are embarking on a plan to land people on Mars. Just like all the other nonsense the Hetlau are performing on Earth, going to Mars is just a repeating pattern of the going to the moon exercise. It's learning to recognize these repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration that enable you to see what is really going on.Another way to see what is going on is to learn to recognize the hand gesture. The possibility exists Hetlau have placed this in books, magazines, movies, TV shows, drawings, paintings, pictures, and statues throughout history in order to leave hidden clues. This way they can prove to the EA they have been here the whole time when disclosure occurs. So if you know what to look for, you can see disclosure in advance. Probably the single largest group of people making the hand gesture other than Hollywood Actors & Actresses is Astronauts.

The Hand Gesture, AKA 'Flipping the Sign'

Making the letter E to stand for "ET."

Do you see the hand gesture?

Do you see the hand gesture?

Do you see the hand gesture?

Do you see the hand gesture?

Do you see the hand gesture?

In summary, we have seen how the possibility of Hetlau creates a new possibility that it does not matter if we went to the moon or not. The question now is will society figure it out before they have us try to figure out if we went to Mars or not?

At this point, the only thing that needs to transpire is the public needs to take action and sign the ET & UFO disclosure petition asking for the immediate, full disclosure of Hetlau. That and getting the word out to get others to understand its purpose and get them to sign it. There are two URLs designed for the two levels of awareness to make it easy to find.

For those that are still learning the concept of Hetlau, they can be advised that the petition resides at discloseETUFO.com, which will make it easy to remember. For those that are more versed on the concept of Hetlau, the petition resides at discloseHETLAU.com They both lead to the same petition.

Make sure to take the time to sign the petition and get the word out about it. If people just read the article but won't take action and ask for disclosure, society will just sit here stagnant, and the Hetlau will be able to act on their timeframe with their agenda as to how much information to release.

Become a voice for change and sign the petition to reveal the presence of HETLAU at DiscloseHETLAU.com.

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