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Is the Matrix Real?

by Sarah Lee 5 years ago in fact or fiction
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My opinions on the Matrix.

The movie that came out in 1999 written by The Wachowski Brothers (now The Wachowskis), starring Keanu Reeves blew our mind with their plot about how the world is computer generated—and how the group of people who are awakened from the world try and fight it.

The theory of the matrix is that our world is computer generated and any changes in our world is a variable that has been eradicated, or improvised.

There are pages on various social media that are devoted to the Matrix, the corruption of our government, the betrayal of the human and the whole truth that is being kept from us.

But this article isn't based on any of the groups individually—this is what I would call an "opinionated fiction:" basically a mixture of my opinions and my imagination.

Matrix has been theorized by Philip K. Dick in 1977 when during an interview in France, he said:

"I may be talking about something that doesn't exist, therefore I'm free to say nothing and everything, I in my novels and stories often write about counterfeit worlds--
A semi-real world as well as deranged private world..inhabited by one person. At no time did I have a theoretical and conscious explanation with my preoccupation with these pluriform-pseudo worlds."

Then he goes on to discuss how some of his novels are, in some way, true. He talks about some of his novels, such as The Man In High Castle and Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.

Finally, he makes his Matrix point:

"We are living in a computer-programmed reality, the only clue we have to is when some variables and some alteration in our reality—
These alterations feel just like deja vu, a sensation that one of the variables has been changed."

Deja vu feels like you have already lived through a situation you are living through, this could be a reset button your specific Reality Computer Generator has pressed.

This could also be used to explain the truth about sleep. When we sleep, this is the time when our brain is entirely susceptible to the generator, they can 'log-in' to our mind-palace and starting editing, they 'read' through your memory and start creating the setting for tomorrow.

In the movies, there are those that know the truth of their reality and they try their best to fight those that are preventing society from the truth, and there are those who were once exposed to the truth, but it must've been too much information so they continued to live our their delusional life.

I personally believe in the theory of the Matrix. It could be because I'm a sucker for believing in the extraordinary—'things' that don't have a chance of existing.

Matrix just happens to be one of the extraordinary things that I believe has a chance of existing, I've never experienced 'deja vu,' unfortunately. Maybe it is because my reality generator and editor are just so 'world-class' and professional.

But those that have experienced deja vu explained that they felt extremely bizarre, heart-leaping-out-of-their-chest confusion, but not all of them pointed to the matrix as a conclusion and said 'got you now'.

Some of them went out and theorized that they had experienced something 'they' had gone through in another life.

Matrix isn't all about believing in a computer-programmed reality. It is also about accepting the fact that there could be a higher order that knows all about this. The people of the higher order are those that chose not to fight the matrix, but to live and control it.

They could be named the 'modern-day enlighted ones,' or the higher order. They control our leaders, they give them orders. Our leaders are meant to carry them out, and those that rebel against these orders are faced with consequences.

Could the consequences be what got Kennedy killed?

No matter what the truth is, we might already know it—but chose to ignore on behalf of something else.

fact or fiction

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