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Is Rey's Parentage Finally Explained in 'The Last Jedi'?

Or was it a ruse?

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - December 2017


The Last Jedi tried to basically solve a lot of things, one way or the other. Some startling truths and some not so gentle breaking away of the standards of the old trilogy. But there was one question that had plagued every fan of the Force Awakens. And that was who is Rey and where does she come from? In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren tells Rey that she has known all along and they were junk traders that sold her off for some drug money and basically ran off and died and were buried in unmarked graves on Jakku. This would be a great thing because it shows anyone from the galaxy could be a hero, not just of a particular family legacy (read: Skywalker). But were they really? Is Rey's origin story really that much of a non issue in the trilogy? Or is there some darker origin we do not know? Here are five reasons why this was not the case...

1) Rey's memories show her parents leaving her to go off planet.


The Force Awakens shows Rey being dragged away while watching her parents go off in a space ship. If Rey was truly abandoned, she would remember their faces or something about them. But this is the only memory she recalls, and this must have significance. If they really died on Jakku, why would they be going off planet? Plus no one on Jakku actually tells her of this.

2) A lot of people are awfully familiar with her.

Han is a smuggler. He went back to that life and helps out Rey and Finn. Han sees something in Rey. His traditional paranoia is down (he shot Greedo for god's sake). While yes, it was shown as if Rey was looking for a father figure in him and Kylo mentions that in The Last Jedi, there is also something else. Rey is very familiar with the Falcon and is able to tinker with it. She is the one that breaks the news of his death to Leia and she and her hug and share a tender moment. She is the one who confronts Kylo about killing him. Also recall if you will, Han offers her a job with him after barely knowing her. Luke in The Last Jedi feels extraordinary power from her and asks who she is. Upon touching the lightsaber, she is shown memories only someone with a special connection with the Skywalker legacy could see. Hell, she even hears Obi-wan's voice. If she truly was a nobody, she wouldn't be able to see all this from a lightsaber, no Jedi has been able to glean that from another's lightsaber. There have been a lot of theories from her being a Skywalker, a Solo, and a Kenobi even, but still there must be something in it.

3) Her Power in The Force

Sure it's nice to presume some random person could have this power and become a hero. But generally the force doesn't work that way. Power is passed on. And I do agree that the last scene where that kid pulls the broom from the shed does show anyone can be a hero. But it's still very suspicious. Luke says he has never seen that power before except for Kylo and asks, who are you really? Kylo has an unhealthy interest in her(which could be just romantic from that abs scene of course but still). She has now twice defeated or matched Kylo despite being untrained except for 3 lessons from hermit Luke. There has to be more. In the novelization of the Force Awakens, Snoke actually tries to replace Kylo with Rey by telling her to kill him once she uses the dark side. There is something more to this young Jedi. Also, remember the scene in the cave where she asks the dark side to show her parents? Why did it show her herself? Could she be a clone perhaps of someone?

4) Star Wars has a tendency for massive family reveals.

Remember the Empire Strikes Back? A lot of stuff can be revealed at the end. We didn't even meet the emperor till the last movie and Luke's origin wasn't even something to expect... and later we had Leia being his sister in Return of the Jedi (awkward kiss scene though even if it was to make Han jealous). Plus if you follow legends, Shmi was gifted by the force child Anakin due to the manipulations of Plagueis of the force. Could Rey be the result of one such machination of Snoke or some miracle of science?

5) Kylo was lying.

This is probably the most obvious. Deception is the way of the Sith (oh sorry we're politically correct now, generic dark sider user that uses a red lightsaber but is definitely not a Sith). Kylo knew the only way to cement Rey's loyalty to him and by extension the dark side, would be to tell her she came from nothing, destroy any hope or chance she would have of a past and make her solely dependent on him. The only evidence we have against Rey having a past is his word which, frankly, doesn't amount to much considering the situation....

So what do you think? Is Rey truly an original character from nothing or is this a red herring from Rian Johnson?

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