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Is It the Supernatural or Just Mere Coincidence?

by Courtney Chai 4 years ago in evolution
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Is there really meaning to everything that happens in life?

Life as we know it.

Have you ever wondered is there more to life than just living? Is there something or someone watching over us? Is there something out there? Do things happen coincidently or purposely? Is there a purpose for our lives? Is there meaning to life? What are we existing for?

I have wondered the same thing. Is there something supernatural watching over us, or are we alone in this great big universe. And no, I don't mean aliens or anything of that sort. I mean something or someone who cares and watches over our beings.

This thought has baffled many scientists and people worldwide and some think or know they found an answer while some are still a bit skeptical. Is it possible for something to have created us? Or did the big bang cause everything to intricately come together to cause the different species of life and their beings? Is it really possible that a bang in the universe caused all the different kinds of species and their designs and what they are made to do come together? Did the big bang really positioned the Earth to be exactly in the correct coordinates for living life? I personally find that harder to believe than a supernatural being creating us.

If you carefully look at all the different creatures and their design, look at all the plants and how they come together to help us breathe, look at all the different species in the sea, it is almost impossible for an explosion to just make all this come together. The same thing with evolution. If we all came from apes or whatever it is, why are we missing the one cell that would connect us all together? How would we be physically able to carry a human baby inside of our wombs instead of a primitive ape? Nothing can exist out of pure luck or just nothing. This concept is a touchy subject and hard to grasp, but if you think about it how would evolution or the big bang possibly create all these different kinds of life and their jobs?

The thought of a supernatural being is very unusual and a hard concept to grasp. But then again so is the big bang and evolution. There are holes in each theory. Who created the supernatural being? How did He already exist without having to be created? Well how can a big bang have created something so beautiful as Earth? How can evolution create all the different kinds of cultures and species of life? Something had to be here first for this whole thought of existence to come about.

Something had to be here first to think of all the different designs of a butterfly and of a gecko. Something had to be here to think of how the plants would filter out carbon dioxide so we may be able to breathe in fresh air. Something had to be here to think of life and the trees and the atmosphere. Something had to be here to create the world in the exact position we need to be in for life and not an inch off.

Did you know, that Earth is the only planet not named after a God? Coincidence? I don't think so. And no, I'm not trying to recruit anyone, just trying to make you open your mind and think for a second to yourself what or who actually created the universe. Your favorite flower sprouting on the day where you need to see something beautiful the most is that coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Your friend hitting you up in your last moments telling you that they love you, coincidence? Bumping into a random person and them telling you much needed and timely advice, coincidence? That voice in your head and gut telling you not to do something, coincidence?

I know that this world has a lot of bad in it but it's us humans that make it that way. We are not controlled by anything to do anything. If there is a supernatural being why is there so much cruelty in the world? Let me ask you something, do you feel like there is something controlling your every thought and movement? Do you feel like a puppet and someone is pulling the strings? No? Well neither are the people causing all this destruction and evil. We all have a mind of our own and are capable of making our own decisions. Whether you choose to do right or wrong with it is your decision. No one is forced to do anything. We can only give advice and what people do with it is their decision.

A lot of "coincidences" in our lives are not coincidences. It had to happen to benefit you in some way or another. Sometimes it's all part of an elaborate scheme to help you later in life. Whether good or bad. Lessons are learned from mistakes and mistakes are a part of life. No one got a book of how-to's to live this life so we just have to live it to the fullest. Treat others how you would want to be treated because if there is a supernatural being in this world, wouldn't you wanna be on the good end of things later in life? Do good and I won't promise bad things won't happen in your life, but you would have a better outlook in life. Love one another because love is stronger than hate and anything in this world.

I know this article isn't too convincing and all over the place, but put it to the test. Test the theory of if there is a supernatural being watching over our lives and wanting the best for us.


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