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Is Hexnasa Extra Terrestrial for NASA hAS ANswer

National Aeronautics and Astronautics Administration

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Working from an understanding that the possibility exists Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU), why is it that NASA (Hexnasa) is unable to explain the ET & UFO phenomenon?

The first thing about the organization that is odd is the name NASA (Hexnasa) which purportedly stands for Nation Aeronautics and Space Administration. The reason this is bizarre is that NASA (Hexnasa) deals with two realms. The aeronautical realm which includes everything within the Earth's atmosphere and the astronautical realm which deals with everything outside of the Earth's atmosphere or better known as outer space.Normally this wouldn't raise any suspicion calling your organization the National Aeronautics and Space Administration instead of the National Aeronautics and Astronautics Administration. It wouldn't raise any suspicion that is if you were on a planet that was comprised entirely of EA and there was no possibility of Extra Terrestrial coordination in the naming and direction of the organization. In other words, your organization should really be called the Humanoid Extra Terrestrial National Aeronautics and Space Administration aka Hexnasa, though that might make it a bit difficult to wage an Extraterrestrial war and enslave Earthlings (EMSR) without them becoming aware of it. Rather than waste a bunch of time trying to sort out the "independent agency of the executive branch of the government (NASA aka Hexnasa)" and hope that means the possibility doesn't exist they are keeping information from the public the way the possibility exists the Government and Military are in the forms of a Hextocracy and Hextary, another analysis approach is much more effective.Knowing the possibility exists that Hetlau are involved in basically every phase of EA existence, it would be logical to conclude they would involve themselves in NASA (Hexnasa) as well. Add that to the fact that short of military pilots being the first line of defense against Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) of which they offer none, NASA would certainly be the next closest organization in terms of operational commonality. So it would follow logically that they would be worth evaluating as to why they have no answer to the ET & UFO phenomenon as well. The secret to the whole problem lies in the possibility that Hetlau are leaving clues on Earth as to their presence here the whole time mankind has been here. They are leaving these clues in order to make it easier to reveal this to the EA when disclosure occurs.Once you know this you can look for these repeating patterns which reveal a preponderance of evidence since corroboration is unattainable.Reading the names of organizations using wormation is quite effective at seeing the hidden messages left on the planet EA that are unaware this is happening cannot read.So our hypothesis is the Hetlau created NASA (Hexnasa) and gave it the name NASA (Hexnasa) intentionally because they know what is really going on and are not revealing it to the EA. Furthermore, the name NASA (Hexnasa) should have a hidden clue in it that will serve as a sort of verification of the hypothesis. NASA is quite simple first you reverse the ecronym to ASAN. Then break the porpheme apart into AS AN. AS is a porpheme for hAS and AN is a porpheme for ANswer.So you can see the ecronymNASA can be converted into HAS ANSWER, as in they have an answer to the ET & UFO phenomenon which is Hetlau. This is fairly obvious that it is a verification of the hypothesis and reveals a repeating pattern that we have been seeing when analyzing content on Earth with this Hetlau conspiracy theory involving the ET & UFO phenomenon and disclosure.

In Summary, we have seen how creating a hypothesis that Hetlau are conspiring to create and control the direction of NASA (Hexnasa) all the while withholding information from the EA can be evaluated using wormation. Then expecting to find hidden clues in the name of the organization can serve as a form of verification of the repeating patterns that reveal the presence of Hetlau in the absence of corroboration.

It appears fairly obvious that converting NASA into hAS ANswer is an example of this having taken place. At this point, the only thing that needs to transpire is the public need to take action and sign the ET & UFO disclosure petition asking for the immediate full disclosure of Hetlau. That and getting the word out to get others to understand its purpose and get them to sign it. There are 2 URLs designed for the two levels of awareness to make it easy to find.

For those that are still learning the concept of Hetlau, they can be advised the petition resides at discloseETUFO.com which will make it easy to remember. For those that are more versed on the concept of Hetlau, the petition resides at discloseHETLAU.com They both lead to the same petition.

Make sure to take the time to sign the petition and get the word out about it. If people just read the article but won't take action and ask for disclosure, society will just sit here stagnant and the Hetlau will be able to act on their timeframe with their agenda as to how much information to release.

Become a voice for change and sign the petition to reveal the presence of HETLAU at DiscloseHETLAU.com.

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