Interplanetary Sunsets (Chapter 1?)

Another Sci-Fi short story idea (I can't get enough Sci-Fi, so I started to write more of my own). Might even become a novel...

Interplanetary Sunsets (Chapter 1?)

Leaning on the synthetic carbon guardrail, Voltrex seemed to be lost in thought as he peered over the majestic metropolis he called home. Not far in the distance stood an “under maintenance” digiboard, that was currently installing a firmware update. He recalled stories from his grandparents telling him of the pre-deceasing “billboard”; how bizarre it sounded, that a giant... well, board... was considered so valuable yet could project such outdated information. “You had to go to the store or visit their website to see relevant information!” They would say.

Jolting vibrations from his wrist quickly snapped him out of memory lane, as he glanced down at the interruption source. His LifeTimed smartwatch holo-projection erupted out of the display, as he casually rose his wrist. The projection quickly adjusted its brightness to the ambient darkness of the evening as it showed the following:

Cyborg Injection Consult


Starts in three hours

Tap here for options or say your instructions .

The consultant with whom he discussed in their last ProjeVChat (Projection Video Chat) session reminded him that he’s one of the last “Puries” left in the city.

What a term, "Puries"...

For those misinformed or uninformed, "Puries" is a slang label placed upon us human beings who haven't crossed the ever-closing gap between mankind and machine. Mind you, you're not becoming a mindless task-handler, doing the bidding of whoever is "in control"... Rather, you're given synthetic enhancements to improve your organic self. Things like enhanced audio receivers to replace eardrums, nano cameras that infuse with the cornea of your eye to drastically improve sight, plus many others.

No way am I letting them near my head, Voltrex thought to himself, shaking his head in disagreement as if asked to oblige. If they obliterate me... rubbing his right thigh as the sedative began to disappear in the voids of his bloodstream, ... at least I'll still have one good leg. There was a cure for his worsening muscular condition but, of course, it was much cheaper to get "the best of the best" bionic leg. "It can even sync with your LifeTimed! You can rest easy, knowing you have the latest features, firmware, and security updates, so you'll never be stuck with a dead leg!" The holo-ad would always follow with cackling laughter, uplifting music, and links to ensure no customers are missed.

As the pain slowly increased, Voltrex once again lifted his wrist to break the darkness with the familiar blue light. With a few seconds of spoken commands and processing lights, Ahlwin, the trusty autonomous skycar, was summoned from its parking spot at Voltrex's home, tens of kilometers away. Within a matter of seconds, Ahlwin could be spotted in the sky, as it intelligently tore through the sea of darkened atmosphere at speeds over 600 mph. Voltrex looked as the smartwatch alerted him of the car's presence in the sky, as it slowed down to a hover. As it gracefully lowered itself onto the barren street, he was still mesmerized at the progress of mankind. "However," he thought aloud, "mankind... becoming technology..." He shuddered as his mind continued down the haunting timeline, while approaching the engineering marvel on four impenetrable wheels.

Nearing the driver's side, Ahlwin greeted him with an opening door, as if it were an outstretched hand. Climbing inside, his LifeTimed automatically synchronized with the skycar, and its center screen came to life with driving information and directions to the foreseen appointment. Releasing itself from the earth like detaching shackles, the flying mobile soon was picking up supersonic movements. Because, why wait? he thought as the car burst through countless clouds. Why would you want to put off the inevitable enrollment into the cyborg family?

Moments have passed until he realized that the destination wasn't the local Man and Machine Office... or any of their office locations on the earth. He was being redirected to the main office facilities on the moon...

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James Crawford
James Crawford
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