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Infinity & The Philosopher's Stone

by Facundo Raganato 2 months ago in fantasy


Excuse the arrangement of words in this article. In regards to the concept of "The Philosopher's Stone," one must understand that what words say is as important as how they communicate.


The Philosopher's Stone transforms any metal into Gold.

The stone is also referred as: Enlightenment, or The Elixir of Life.

It is understood as: Perfection.

The Philosopher's Stone also symbolizes reaching Immortality.

The words "Know thyself" are most crucial in regards to this path.

There is a significance in the 'physical' procedures of creating this stone, as many alchemists have written for centuries, and there's also a spiritual, philosophical and alchemical significance. Both are required to understand its insight and meaning.

Here, we are going to barely touch the surface of this path.

The uniqueness of an individual is what makes this path unique.

The application of the knowledge of this stone is linked only to the wisdom of the querent to find oneself. The knowledge and wisdom from the texts can only mark similar parameters, just like we, as humans, can only identify what we understand.

First, let me introduce the words: "As Above, So Below."

These words can be found in the book The Kybalion by Hermes Trismegisus, where the 7 hermetic principles are explained. If you'll like to get ahead on understanding this path, go ahead and read that book.

I introduce the words As Above, So Below because the spiritual, philosophical and alchemical essence of the stone cannot be explained through words, nor it can be taught directly: it can only be unveiled by the wisdom of the knowledge provided. This means that, for instance: even if one can teach you the knowledge of how to add or subtract, the wisdom comes in when you integrate the insight and meaning of understanding what that means.

The words "As Above, So Below" is a good analogy of reference to understand the spirit of things by understanding its matter, and vice versa. It is also a good reminder to keep in mind that everything is connected.

As we begin to unfold the petals of understanding, we will begin to see how everything connects to everything while our consciousness expands and our being purifies, but first, it is important to clearly understand the similarities and differences between Knowledge and Wisdom.

If Knowledge is the Body, Wisdom is the Spirit.

Knowledge can be understood by the integration of concepts, ideas, facts, systems, or anything that we can assimilate and understand as conscious beings.

Wisdom is the insight of knowledge; it is knowledge integrated and applied with meaning, purpose and intention. It is purely experience.

If knowledge is knowing an apple. Wisdom is experiencing its taste.

If Knowledge is understanding balance, Wisdom is applying it.

Both are required for the path of the Philosopher's Stone.

Now, the meanings of the metals, the stages of alchemy, the archetypes, the signs of astrology, and many other mystical symbols are part of this path as well. As we understand the symbols, we unveil what is behind it; as we understand what is happening below, we see what is above.

The name "The Philosopher's Stone" is directly intertwined with Philosophy, because its unfolding and process is the question which digs through all illusions in order to reach the essence of the substance: "Why."

"Why" is the most important question to ask in this path because it requires the seeker to find the cause of its effect; it drives the seeker to understand the knowledge and the wisdom of anything.

~ A seeker of The Philosopher’s Stone questions “why” to find the cause of an effect. One who already has it knows the effect of every cause. ~

The answers of the stone are eternal, they go beyond one's life. Here the symbolism of “Gold” signifies the metal, which is everlasting, as well as its optimum efficiency of conducting energy.

Hence, the answers to the question of why will be from the shining Light of Golden Truth; the substance of the source; the everlasting cycle of infinity; or “God.”

One who has "The Philosopher’s Stone" doesn't have answers which are made up of words, they are not related to anything that depends on how the questions are asked, nor to anything that is temporary in this reality.

One who has the stone will provide the answers to others in a way that speak in silence; in the echo of the words; they will shine the light perfectly so others will find the answers themselves.

"Know Thyself" is "The Philosopher's Stone."

Every time you ask yourself "Why do I do this?" is an invitation to seek the stone within yourself:

One who has the stone already knows why one does what he/she does, because the system to knowing oneself has reached a level of infinity.

One who has the stone lives in a constant flow of infinity where the mind becomes a vessel of time: beyond past and the future.

Intuition, premonition, dreams, and anything related to the mind becomes understood by the synchronicity of the present with the stone.

One who has the stone already has a mystical system which adds to the connection of everything else.


Imagine: a pyramid upside down.

From the singular point of its source, our consciousness grows upwards and outward with four lines.

Now, the singular point at the bottom connects to the four points that grow consciously. This is a metaphor of how consciousness expands.

If my focal point is at one of these four corners, then I understand that everything I do, say, feel or think (Everything that one is and everything there is) is connected to the other points, and to the singular point at the bottom.

To use Knowledge and Wisdom as we expand our consciousness is to have the insight of how all four points are connected to each other, and how everything inside is connected.

However, this does not mean that one is in control of everything inside, nor to be in power of them, but to experience the awareness of everything in a conscious light, beyond past and future.

Eventually, these four lines would have a turning point, where the lines turn to go inward and end connecting to each other at a singular point at the top.

Once the shape of the stone is marked by lines of Truth, distinctively understanding what is and what is not, the polishing of the stone begins.

The process of polishing the stone is what we classify as Alchemy.

However, it is important to keep this in mind:

The Philosopher's Stone is not something you acquire when you climb the mountain, but rather, it is only given to you at its peak.

To have this stone is to have alchemized one's being to the absolute purity, where there are no obstacles in anything, and the all is aligned with infinity through one's consciousness.

However, this doesn’t mean that you know or are everything, it means you connect to an eternal meaning of being human with God.

And with those words, I conclude this article. Given the fact that I’ve been studying this for quite some time, I felt ready to take the first step to expose what I have learned. I hope this introduction serves you in your path and inspires you to polish your stone and reach your highest potential.

Facundo Raganato


The Vision of Hermes Trismegistrus - Johfra Bosschart

Facundo Raganato
Facundo Raganato
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