In Defense of Psychic Vampires

by Aaron Dick about a year ago in fantasy

I'm a psychic vampire.

In Defense of Psychic Vampires
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I’m a psychic vampire.

That’s not easy to say, much less admit to myself.

Especially in today’s day, when vampires are either scoffed at for thinking such outlandish things.

Or for those who believe vampires exist, there is such a stigma—a negative connotation that psychic vampires are lecherous fiends who manipulate others and prey on the weak.

Certainly, there are some of us who are, in fact, like that.

Most psychic vampires simply are unaware that they are vampires, and their body will demand that they feed on some form of energy, and the person gets down right pissy, or worse, and they start fights, get into arguments, or become drama queens unknowingly bent on receiving pity from others.

Before I continue, I must explain;

What IS a psychic vampire?

Before I answer this, I must note that I am not a part of any vampire communities, and I represent nobody other than my own self, and how I see this being based on my own first hand experience.

To me, psychic vampirism is best understood as a spiritual illness.

One that doesn’t appear to have a cure.

My definition is that a psychic vampire is anybody who is unable to maintain their own levels of spiritual energy—so they must receive it from other sources to sustain their own well being.

“Well, okay. What is spiritual energy?”

Spiritual energy, or psychic energy, is any unseen force that is emitted from any thing, living or inanimate.

Many people in the community of vampires, as well as other various spiritual circles, refer to this energy as chi, prana, or aether.

To me, chi, prana, and aether are all different kinds of energy that are naturally emitted from a living thing.

Chi would be a body’s bio-magnetic energy that is generated by the constant electrical impulses zinging through your body.

Prana would be source energy, or the universal energy that we are all connected to, but for some reason psychic vampires seem to be either less connected to it, or are disconnected entirely.

Aether, or chaos energy is the same stuff that one’s astral body is made of. This seems to be a substance that is used in many magical rituals, but is a raw type of energy that happens when a disruption or aberration of some sort occurs within the source field. In other words, when chi and prana rub together, the friction creates aether/chaos energy.

Are you seeing now why people have a hard time accepting the theory of vampirism?

That last little stretch there sounds more like a definition book from a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. But this is the nature of reality one must accept in order to understand how to take care of themselves if they are a psychic vampire.

To make matters worse, many vampires oftentimes feel like outcasts, because the average person doesn’t know much about this stuff, and may reject it.

Then there’s that part where many other magical and psychic circles may see vampirism as psychosomatic, and utterly unnecessary–

or simply don’t understand how a person isn’t able to naturally take in spiritual energy.

To that notion I say; just like spiritual energy, oxygen is all around. But we don’t shun the asthmatic person for needing an inhaler.

Then the next logical retort sounds something like;

“But the asthmatic person isn’t taking life force energy!”

My answer to that is: “Don’t take more than what is freely given.”

Simple as that, don’t prey on people, and feed off of them if they haven’t offered, or if you haven’t asked.

Lo, many people find it difficult to stay themselves when around others, and insist on invading people’s personal space, and stealing their energy.

Many people, like myself, have lucked out, and can often sustain themselves by feeding off of crystals as well as ambient energy; the energy coming off of people and things that is sort of just hanging out in empty space.

Yet, if I use too much of my own energy when using magick, or if I’m simply downright exhausted, I will have to feed then as well.

I often feed off of my crystals two or three times a day to sustain, yet it is what I must do, since I don’t have a donor, or somebody who has consented to let me regularly feed off of them.

When I ask, my fiance will let me feed a little bit off of her negative energy to help balance out her emotions, or she has even outright asked me to. Which I am happy to oblige, but I don’t feel right about feeding off of people unless absolutely necessary. It’s just not part of how I want to conduct my behavior.

However, countless people have donors who willingly let them feed from them, and there are general guidelines many adhere to in order to help keep donors safe.

At the end of the day, a vampire’s donor should be treated with the utmost respect, as they are selflessly giving their vital life force so the vampire can sustain themselves, because they cannot on their own.

My biggest concern with this whole situation regarding vampires is that so many people don’t think we exist because of the Hollywood representation of vampires.

Simply put; Hollywood isn’t reality.

Even worse is that so many people who do believe we exist refuse to accept us as part of any legitimate standings in magickal communities.

That being said, many vampires feel ostracized and cast out, because we are seen as vile creatures who are choosing to be predators in society.

Many of us vampires are the exact thing many fear, and hold that reputation to the utmost degree.

Yet, people like myself are not.

I see psychic vampirism as a gift and a curse.

The curse part is fairly apparent in this article, yet the gift part isn’t often spoken of.

I am also an energetic healer.

Instead of clearing one’s energy blockages, I can connect to a person’s energetic systems, and feed off of the blockages, thus removing them.

Better yet, I can turn that negative energy into food instead of being rattled by the negative energy.

Even further, I believed I was an empath for many years before I realizing I was a vampire.

Turns out, I am both.

It may be because I am a vampire that I learned how to read people’s emotions, and feel them on a deeper intuitive level, or simply to say, I am both a vampire and an empath.

Which many people would say is impossible.

I stand before you to tell you that I am a vampire, I am a healer, and I am also an empath.

Something you would never see online unless you got it straight from the vampire’s mouth.

Many people don’t see vampires as any kind of good.

When you go online and begin to look into psychic vampires, most of what you get is going to be top 10 lists on how to identify and protect yourself from psychic vampires.

So when a person thinks they may be a “psy-vamp,” and they try to do research, they see all of these posts and articles portraying psychic vampires as villainous scum, and it turns them off from looking any further, when what an unawakened vampire needs is compassion, and some proper knowledge on vampire self-care.

Do you really think an uninitiated vampire genuinely wants to feel miserable 24/7, and continue to live their life fighting with the people they love the most, and pushing everybody away because they are “malnourished,” so their body tricks their mind into fighting to feed off of that energy?

I sure as fuck don’t.

I have been that person. I have been that acolyte, wading through life, wondering why I fight with all my friends—and I had to self diagnose and learn what I was on my own, and learn coping mechanisms, as well as proper self-care, on my own.

Had I somebody to help me out and give me some pointers, I may have been able to spare myself much needless heartaches.

If anything, I hope this article helps any readers to reconsider the vampire stigma and take a closer look, so that they, or even you, may understand that we are here, and we are not inherently a threat.

We are people, and just like other people, we are good, bad, and ugly.

We have an illness that has no medical standing or recognition, because it is of a spiritual nature.

It is an illness. And it can be both a gift and a curse.

As more and more people come forward, like myself, people are starting to understand and look into the phenomena known as psychic vampirism.

And we may never “have a place.”

But to me, that’s okay.

I’ve been an outcast my whole life. I would feel awkward suddenly fitting in.

But if we can start to see more articles about how to cope with being a vampire, as opposed to how to protect yourself from one, I’d be much happier.

So that is what I offer here!

Everybody’s vampirism manifests differently, so if you think you might be a vampire, maybe offering the suggestions of what I do will help you as well.

“What does it feel like when I haven’t fed?”

When I haven’t fed, or charged myself, I usually start to feel tired and lethargic.

I feel like I could sleep for days and not feel rested.

That is my first sign.

If I go farther, I may get a second wind, but I have associated this with being some kind of instinct. Sort of like my body is telling me it’s time to go “hunt” so to say.

If I still haven’t listened to the signs my body is giving me, I will start to get irritable and pissy.

I get confrontational about everything.

I am ready to fight anybody who looks at me wrong, and my mind can’t keep up with conversation.

I get very mentally fatigued, and get easily over stimulated by sound and light.

If I have managed to trudge on even farther without feeding, it starts to feel like every book and movie made about vampires.

My appetite for food has completely left me. I will even get hungry, but I won’t want anything.

Then my muscles will ache. It’s as if I ran a mile without having previous running experience.

My arms feel like they are 100 pounds each, and I become very sluggish because of it.

The sign that tells me, “GRAB YOUR AMETHYST, YOU DENSE GOON!”

Is when my nerves feel like they are on fire, and my blood feels like lead is moving through my veins.

I am completely lethargic, I can barely move, and I can hardly walk.

My want to fight is gone and I just want life to float on by.

It’s oddly peaceful, to be frank.

So long as I don’t have to get up from my couch.

This will last as long as necessary until either I feed or fall asleep.

This process usually takes a couple of hours, so to avoid this, I just grab my amethyst any time I get the slightest bit pissy.

“How do you feed?”

This is the part where the psychic part comes in.

First, try to feel your body. Really feel it.

It usually helps me to feel the sensations in my arms first.

I’ll notice a tingling around my arms.

It will feel like a subtle tingling and you will know you got it.

If you did this,


You just felt your aura, or your unique energy signature.

Or you’re feeling your blood flow. Not gonna guarantee which.

Either way, this will be your first step.

Next, you want to try to feel this throughout your body.

Just on the surface level, no need to try to feel underneath the skin.

Just really feel your body, and listen to it.

That is when I will breathe in and out deeply, as if I’m meditating–

Or as if a doctor has a stethoscope to my back, listening to my lungs.

When you inhale, imagine you are breathing in through your whole body.

Feel the wind and air pull into your skin as you inhale, and visualize that you're breathing through your skin.

If you really feel it, you may literally feel as if you are breathing through your skin.

Just a gentle tug, hardly noticeable.

But you’re doing it.

If you feel the breathing this way, you have successfully learned how to breathe in source energy.

You are also feeding from the ambient energy.

This is also how you may feed on ambient energy.

What you are doing is you are pulling source and aetheric energy into your body and feeding off it.

The next way to feed is to do the same thing, but with crystals.

Keep in mind the steps from the last tip, and apply that to this.

Take a crystal into one or both hands, and breathe in.

Hold the crystal and give it a gentle squeeze.

Now breathe in the same way as before, as if you are breathing through your skin.

As you do this, you may notice that there is a tingling sensation coming from the crystal.

Good job!

You are feeling the energy or aura of the crystal.

If you are able to feel this crystal energy, imagine it radiating off of the crystal itself.

Then as you breathe in, imagine that you are pulling that radiance into your body.

Do this for a few breaths, and you may start to feel brighter and lighter.

You may even feel a subtle shift in your body as the crystal’s metaphysical properties have given you a positive boost.

Not to mention, you just fed.

If this is your first time and you are a vampire, it will feel beautiful, and wonderful, and like nothing else before.

Peace. Serenity. Joy. Elation.

All things that you may or may not feel having feed for the first time.

This all being IF you are a vampire.

If not, you still learned how to draw in energy, and you can do vampire tricks without needing to feed, you just can now, and can get a good boost from crystals here and there as a pick-me-up.

There are a dozen different ways I could teach you how to feed, but I feel this is enough for now to help you decide if you are a vampire.

Or, if you are not, maybe you have new insights as to how a vampire may feed, and that there is actually nothing nefarious about it at all.

This is how I feed. This is how many people who identify as a vampire will feed.

Again, the sky is the limit as to different feeding methods and techniques, but this is just how I, myself do it. One of the many ways.

I hope this was helpful in any way at all, if for nothing else, a little bit entertaining.

That’s if for now, though.

Until next time; much love, peace out, namaste, and goodbye.

Aaron Dick
Aaron Dick
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