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Importance Of Wooden Toys

by AMouseWithAHouse 4 days ago in games

wooden block puzzle

While we want the best for our children, what if there aren't enough toys to choose from? There will be many options and you'll end up overwhelmed in an aisle. You may find your child attracted to the most flashy, expensive item first glance. However, the more basic wooden toys at either end of the aisle are often overlooked. You should consider buying simple wooden toys in basic packaging if you aren't sure what to get. Here are the reasons:

Why Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys are timeless. Wooden toys like wooden block puzzle have been loved for generations. There is rarely much commercial hype about them. Wooden toys, unlike plastic digital fads which are buried under new tech each year, are just as timeless as they are healthy.

Wooden toys like wooden doll house are more durable and better for children as well as the environment. They are more durable than plastic toys, less likely to be thrown away and can even be made from sustainable wood. Wooden toys that are high quality and Eco-friendly don't contain PVC or phosphates. Low-quality, cheap wood is something to be aware of. Many are made of plywood with toxic glues and leach formaldehyde. These cheaper materials are not subject to quality control, so it's possible that paints contaminated with lead may have been used.

Low cost, high quality

Solid wooden toys like wooden play kitchen are affordable and Eco-friendly. You can find a wide range of wooden toys that will not break the bank and they are often more complicated than you might think. A toy study in 2015 found that a simple wooden cash register scored high in creativity and was equally loved by boys and girls from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Play-Food for Thought

Children who play with toys are not only keeping them busy, but also learning. Research points to unstructured playtime--open-ended, simple wooden toys, for example--as both valuable and favored over classroom time. Playing with toys that have multiple uses is a great way to spark children's imaginations. Imagine a toddler building with wooden blocks. They can be stacked to make a house, building or zoo.

Flashy can drain the brain

It's often the most popular toys or those that appeal to children and adults that don't make a good addition for the toy box. These toys are made of plastic and have an electronic component that is not creative. They can even hinder development, despite the manufacturer's claims. Basic is best. Toys don't have to be complicated. Over-stimulation can cause negative neural effects and make it harder for the brain to think critically.

Plastic: The Good, Bad, and Terrible

There are many reasons to avoid plastic, even if you don't buy flashy toys for your child. Plastic toys can cause harm to children and the environment.

Recent reports have linked hormone disruption to the chemical bisephenol A, (BPA), found in plastics. This is only one of many chemicals found in plastic toys. Vinyl (also known as PVC) is another dangerous chemical that you should avoid when shopping for toys. It can also contain known carcinogens such as phosphates.

How can you tell if the plastic in your playroom is safe? Good news is that packaging usually has labels such as "PVC-free" and "Eco-friendly". Also, be sure to check for the recycling number of the plastic you used. Here is a breakdown of the packaging:

Wooden toys are more Eco-friendly than plastic toys because it breaks down much faster than plastic toys. Recent research shows that plastic toys are more likely to end up in landfills 3 months after Christmas than they were three years ago. Plastic will outlive wooden toys after hundreds of years, while wooden toys won't.



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