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Imagined Places

by Helen Olivier 3 months ago in star trek

Where you want to make yourself at home

Imagined Places
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Now that you all have told me why your favorite show is the best, it's my turn to tell you that all of your choices are highly illogical. Star Trek TOS is clearly the superior option. Why? One word: Spock. Oh, you want more? Okay. This is the universe where every story ends well (of course, if you are not wearing a red shirt). You can watch it and feel comforted. You can watch it when you want to lift your mood. It's the universe where everyone would want to live - where the Earth is united, poverty solved, ecological problems gone. Watching TOS is like drinking a cup of hot chocolate while sitting in a comfortable armchair in the evening after a long, tiring day.

This world is comforting, but it doesn't mean that it lacks adventure. All you have to do is enlist in the Starfleet academy. And if you are lucky enough and find yourself on a starship Enterprise, you will explore the wonders at the very edges of the known universe. You will meet an old, semi-sentient machine that can send you to any time in history, a giant space amoeba, demigods of immense power, witness an infestation of terribly cute (but very hungry) furry creatures, and you will even be transported to a universe that is the mirror image of ours - if ours had gone very wrong.

And we don’t want to forget the crew of that starship - because they are the best. The bold and sometimes reckless captain Kirk, always logical (but secretly very compassionate) Mr. Spock, the grouchy doctor McCoy with a heart of gold, and the rest of this intrepid crew teach us how not to give up even in the face of overwhelming odds. And also that friendship is magic. Oh, sorry, that was a wrong show. Ahem, anyways. The friendship between the characters is what won me over. I want to believe in the strong, devoted friendship that you can witness here. I want to experience it myself. And while I’m searching for it in the real life, I can live vicariously through the lives of the crew that show us the meaning of found family.

Star Trek TOS is a show that has many faults, and still, it’s awesome. Never mind the old and sometimes laughable visual effects. Never mind the overexaggerated acting skills of William Shatner. Never mind the few episodes that are just plain crazy. The world and especially the characters and relationships between them are so amazing that despite all these things you will fall in love with it. It's the world where geeks and misfits of many generations found a place to escape reality. It's the world of daydreams of many people, young and old.

I believe that this is precisely what makes an imagined world unforgettable - when you want to live in it. When you want to meet the characters and spend time with them. Shake hands with captain Kirk, exchange a Vulcan salute with Mr. Spock, spend some time bickering with doctor McCoy, sing a song with lieutenant Uhura, admire the swordsmanship of Mr. Sulu, discuss technology with Scotty and laugh at Mr. Chekhov when he proudly attributes every major invention ever to Russia. When you want to be part of this tight-knit crew. When you want to enjoy the peace on Earth and adventures in outer space, when you want to boldly go where no one has gone before. When you find that this place is the home your heart yearns for.

Oh, and one last thing. This is the world that gave us the Vulcan philosophy of IDIC - infinite diversity in infinite combinations - that shows us that differences between people are valuable and make us stronger as a whole. It teaches not only to tolerate them but to treasure them. It is the philosophy according to which we should all live, Trekkies or not.

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Helen Olivier

I mostly write to share emotions.

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