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If you've been rejected, you'll just give up, it's not their style to repeat the same mistakes.

by cly mumford 2 months ago in astronomy
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The zodiac signs that will simply give up when a confession is rejected

If you've been rejected, you'll just give up, it's not their style to repeat the same mistakes.
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To be able to take the initiative to confess to someone you like when you're not sure of the other person's feelings is a very courageous thing to do, some people may be able to get more frustrated and brave after confessing, but others are rejected once and will just give up, which are the zodiac signs that won't repeat the same mistakes?

Leo: arrogance

As we all know, Leo is a proud person, ah, for them, no matter what kind of person they face, a kind of thing, will not let them put down their pride.

So about the initiative to confess this thing, are not like they will do things, because they are in the relationship, always to occupy the initiative, always to occupy the dominant position of the person, if they take the initiative they will give up the right to the same.

You can imagine how rare it is if they are willing to take the initiative and confess their feelings for a person. Either they like each other too much, or they are so impatient that they don't want to go through that window.

And before the confession, they must be confident, even though two people are together after the first date where to go, but when the results are not what they want, this is a huge shock to Leo, not to mention the confession again, even with you will die.


Cancer: Don't want to hurt yourself

Cancer is usually considered a very brave, very bold person, in doing something, even if they know they will not get the results they want, they will go to try something, failure is a big deal, then try again.

They are a person who can get up after being knocked down. But their courage is not something they can put into their relationships. They are always too uncertain about their feelings, and when they like someone they will mostly keep it to themselves.

This is also a side note, letting them take the initiative to confess to a person, is a thing they have to how hard, and once rejected, the results are most likely they can not bear.

Although they won't have any emotional turmoil on the surface, they won't be able to digest this fact very quickly on the inside. They will also take the initiative to distance themselves from each other afterward. They won't do things like repeating the same mistakes, so why hurt themselves again?


Virgo: Rational

Virgo is a rational sign, but they are also emotional people, so sometimes their reason will also be overcome by emotion.

For example, when they like someone, they can't help but let them live in their head and they can't help but take the initiative to get closer to them.

But they don't make their feelings too obvious at first, instead taking a roundabout route and being prepared for a protracted battle.

When they feel ready, they will only take the step of confessing their feelings when the time comes. In the initiative to express their feelings, the virgins are mostly confident, but when they are rejected, they will have uncertainty will have a loss, and even self-doubt.

The fact is that they are still a feathered person, so they will only make this mistake once, not to mention they will not confess to this person a second time, even if there is a next person they like, they will not take the initiative again, eat a lesson and also grow wisdom.

Aquarius: not stalking

Aquarius is also a rational person, in fact, from the surface, many people will feel that feelings for Aquarius are not a necessity.

Rather, it's a spice, to their ordinary life to inject a touch of sugar. So taking the initiative to confess to them is a chance to take the initiative to fight, and confession rejected results can also be a big deal to accept, a big deal to do again.

But if you have such a thought, it shows that you do not know the bottle's degree of profound enough, they like someone but have no initiative to express their feelings when even if they give one-sided is okay, they are not obsessed with whether the other party to give their response.

But if they express their feelings and are rejected, they have little interest in pursuing it, and it's not their style to stalk and stalk.

If they try, that's enough, at least they won't regret not saying what they wanted to say, and they can accept the outcome, but there's no chance of repeating the same mistake.


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