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Ice and Fire

by Ahmed Sherief 2 years ago in astronomy
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How it feels to be a Cancer-Leo cusp

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I have always been a man of science, and I am currently a student of psychology. Therefore, it's not easy for me to admit that my zodiac signs (yes, plural, we will see why in a minute) describe my personality traits almost perfectly.

Of course I know that personality traits are affected by many factors including genes, the environment, and how I was brought up by my parents. But, for some unknown reason, in the end, I turned out to have the same personality traits that are described under my zodic signs. Interesting, isn't it?

I was born under a Cancer-Leo cusp. It's an interesting combination to say the least. In the article below, I will share with you what that means, and how it affected me throughout my life.

So, what's a cusp?

Those born on a day when two zodiac signs converge are said to be born under a star cusp. They are supposed to have traits associated with both star signs. And just similar to people born under a specific zodiac sign, no two people born under the same cusp are exactly the same. You will find people having more traits from one sign or the other, but they will always share some core values.

Cancer's Traits

Cancer is a water sign. People born under the Cancer sign are usually contemplative, nurturing, quiet, and deep thinkers. But they can also be moody and may brood over past negative events. A few famous people born under the Cancer sign are Ariana Grande, Elon Musk, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, and Vin Diesel.

Leo's Traits

Leo is a fire sign. People born under the Leo sign are usually energetic, assertive, outgoing, and natural leaders. They can be aggressive and may fail to acknowledge the needs of others. A few famous people who were born under the Leo sign are Dua Lipa, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Kendrick, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Lawrence, and Barack Obama.

Two opposing signs combined

As you can see from the previous descriptions, the Leo and Cancer signs cannot be more different from each other. Fire vs Water, outgoing vs quiet, and natural leadership vs caring nurture. If you think about it, no one person should be able to possess traits from both signs. But here I am, a living example. I also have a friend born under the same Cancer-Leo cusp.

By nature, I lean more towards the Cancer traits, while the Leo traits come out at certain occasions, when and where they are needed. I am both caring and authoritative. People close to me know how much I love to help others by nurturing their strengths, but they also know I can be blunt and straightforward when I need to.

How it affected my life

During childhood and adolescence

It wasn't always easy or pleasant to have opposing traits. In my childhood and teen years, I used to get confused by my own alternating tendencies. I wasn't able to control myself the way I do now, so the change in personality came abruptly and without warning.

When I look back now, I can identify triggers that caused certain traits to dominate the scene in a specific situation, like that time in eighth grade when I fought off a twelfth grader to defend a younger child from bullying.

As an adult

Being able to tap into the abilities of both signs is something I learned to appreciate, especially during those times when I was responsible for other people in the workplace. My team members openly shared that they felt safe and at ease when they approached me with problems they had, but at the same time, they mentioned that sometimes I became bossy and only cared about getting the work done.

Getting bossy or rude is something that rarely happens, and I actively try to avoid, but apparently when it happens, it's memorable enough to those around me. That's something I am not proud of. Just let me say that being able to use these alternating, contradicting abilites allowed me to be both a good leader that developed his team members, and an avid achiever who managed to keep deadlines and business targets.

Fun fact

I have two kids. My son was born under the Cancer sign, while my daughter was born four years later under the Leo sign. A coincidence?


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