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Ian McDiarmid Teases His Involvement In A Future 'Star Wars’ Project As The Emperor

by Culture Slate 2 months ago in star wars
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At Least We'll Have Peace

Emperor Sheev Palpatine of the Galactic Empire was the ruler of the galaxy for more than two decades (not including his term as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic). His evil spread far and wide. He caused the suffering of millions of lives. However, his power and influence were UNLIMITED, so with all that being said, there is always a good chance for him to return to various new Star Wars Disney+ shows that take place in the era of his being alive. Now whether or not he will is another matter altogether. However, Ian McDiarmid did bring up something at a recent convention just not long ago.

While at ICCC (a sci-fi collector's convention), Ian McDiarmid mentioned how we are about to get shows where the Emperor is very active. Even if we do not see him physically, we will feel his presence. This is the first time McDiarmid has brought up the possibility of Palpatine appearing in any future Disney+ shows. It will be interesting to see if we will ever see old Palpatine again after The Rise of Skywalker brought him back for what seemed to be the last and final time. At least for now.

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McDiarmid mentioned that the Emperor is physically active during the up-and-coming Disney+ show. This is very true. Because any show taking place between The Phantom Menace and The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine is very much alive and kicking in some form or another. Obviously, during Kenobi and Andor, he is alive when ruling the Empire as Emperor. Then, of course, in Episode IX, we know Palpatine is “alive” and kicking on Exegol in a clone body, preparing for his return to the known universe to take revenge against those who deposed him during the original trilogy.

So what is the most likely outcome? 

That one is hard to say at the moment because, again, we have various options. On the one hand, Palpatine could be in the Kenobi series. On the other hand, the knowledge that Vader will be in it means that there is a character who has direct links to the Emperor. It’s always possible to see Palpatine communicate with him in some form or another. Plus, he might want to know just what Vader is planning in confronting his old master once again.

Andor might be an exciting choice, showing the darker side of the rebellion. Perhaps it will be a more politically motivated show that deals with the Emperor somehow. Then again, we always have the Ahsoka series or even The Mandalorian Season 3. There have been hints already of cloning being on the table. Snoke-looking creatures. We all know that this will somehow lead to the development of the First Order in some form. That obviously means Palpatine is the final end goal here. Although perhaps we may not see him, we will feel his presence in some capacity. The evil hand of the Emperor is always something one is thinking about when. 

The influence of Palpatine on the Star Wars Saga is always felt regardless if he appears or not. Be it in spirit, part of his plans, or the remnants of the Empire, one can always know that Palpatine has something to do with it. After all, he is the Emperor, so he is still the ultimate evil in the galaxy in one way or another. Therefore, his presence is always felt in the galaxy far, far away in one way or another. Plus, any chance to see the Emperor again, the better. At least in this author’s opinion. 

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Written by Joel Davis

Source(s): Reddit

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