I'm a What?

by Azlyn Fugate 2 years ago in religion

When Your Religion Is the Conversation Starter

I'm a What?

I'm a third generation Wiccan and I make it very known. I'm the only one out of the three kids that my mom had. I don't try to hide it like my mom or my grandmother, and especially not like my siblings. It's posted on all of my social media accounts, and it's caused a lot of weird conversations.

I get asked all of the time: "You're a what?" and I have to explain that I'm basically an over-glorified hippie that casts "spells." We don't dance around a fire, naked and in the woods. Quite the opposite, actually. I do my spells in my room during a full moon, completely clothed.

For some people I'll actually take the time and explain what it is. The easiest way to explain it is: Wicca is one big umbrella with groups of people underneath of it. We all share one common interest, but we live in different "worlds" or we branch off into other groups.

In all actuality, there are four or five groups of people and they all have their own section of Wicca. The one that my mom and I are in, the herbal group—we still cast "spells" but we don't use crystals like one of the other groups. We don't perform dark magic, which is voodoo or causing harm to other people. The number one rule of Wicca is: whatever you do to someone else will come back to you three fold. If you are afraid of karma, I suggest you only breed good energy.

For most people, their knowledge of Wicca is what happened in the Salem Witch Trials. When I was learning about the trials, my classmates thought I was weird because my grandmother had passed her views down onto us, but it was my normal. I also get asked a lot if I've ever sacrificed animals, half joking and half serious. In what we do, we cause absolutely no harm, to humans or animals.

Usually I don't mind when people ask me what I am, except for when a stranger asks me if I have "daddy issues" and that's what caused me to become a Wiccan, or when they already have a preconceived notion of what we are. Movies like Hocus Pocus, which is one of my favorites, are 100% false. If you want to know the truth about Wicca and the things that we do, I suggest watching Practical Magic (a review for that will be coming soon).

I do understand that stating my religion in all of my bios will cause strangers to judge me. I don't mind. I get it all of the time, and I was raised around being a Wiccan, so it's normal to me. But I just wish I would get the same respect I have for other religions. I don't ever state that what they believe in is false or that they were raised incorrectly and that that was how they got into their religion.

No matter the downward looks that I get, or the weird questions, I love who I have become. I love the religion that I was raised around, and I think that everyone should love theirs. Just don't be rude when you are talking to someone about their religion. If you want to judge, do it in silence. Hate only brings harm and acceptance brings happiness. So for the greater good, do your research before you try to approach someone and accuse them of things you probably don't know anything about.

Azlyn Fugate
Azlyn Fugate
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