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I Go Forward

by Rashad Florence 9 months ago in astronomy

We go forward, it's all we can do.

I go forward. It’s all I can do.

Every day, that is my only aim. To pursue my goal, to pursue my dreams. All I can ever do is go forward. I arise with no other contemplation on my brain and even when I rest I think only of the terrain that lies ahead. Like a comet streaking across the night sky, I continue on a path with a destination only known to me.

Call me bull-headed and I’ll correct you to the right animal. Call me stubborn while I’ll call myself disciplined. I keep on the march for it is what keeps me sane. My eyes are forever on the goal line as with each passing day I find myself closer and closer. I may stumble and I may fall, but I shall pick myself up and keep moving on. I’ll make my mistakes and I’ll go on. If I cannot find myself a teacher, to teach me their ways then I will have to make due. I have no time to waste, and I must go. I will learn on the battlefield where the mistakes are costly but the knowledge I gain will only make my victories sweeter. Call it insanity, but to me it’s methodical. Every step, pre-calculated.

I need not superfluous distractions for if it is not practical then it is not useful. I have no time to wait and life is a race. So I think of only going forward with or without you. So take my hand if you seek to climb. For I am cutting us a path for which I will deliver us to the end. But hold fast and stick close for I cannot allow myself to stop and rest. Every wasted moment strays me from my path so I must go on, even if I must leave all behind. Forgive me if I am gone quicker than I arrive but please understand that I must see what awaits at the end.

Like a ram with mighty horns, I charge right along, regardless of whatever is in my path. Be it foe, a challenge, or some other roadblock I will throw myself at it. I demand that whatever opposed me bend before I allow myself to break. Even if I’m bloodied or bruised, I must go forward. I cannot stop to smell the roses unless they are in the victor’s bouquet. Even to the point of exhaustion, I push onward. Even when I feel my body burn and on the verge of collapse, I go on because it’s all I know how to do.

I must go forward. It’s all I know. I must see success for it is all that I dream. I think not of failure or falling short, for if I should ever fall what is there to catch me but the bed of broken rubbled that I left in my wake. So I climb and I go forward as it’s all I can do. Someday I’ll stand at the mountain top and hope that what I have left behind is worth the gaze from the summit. But as I go forward, I know my joy at the summit will be short-lived, for once I have climbed that height, I will see in the distance another, and then I must go again. However, now I will know the taste of the summits air and crave it again for where I stand now is stagnant and stale. So, I must go, forever onward to each mountaintop until I have climbed it all. I charge on, for it is all I know.

I go forward because it’s all we Capricorns can do.


Rashad Florence

29 y/o fantasy author hopefull living in Orlando, Florida. I often spend my time writing short fiction or baking various sweets to pass the time.

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Rashad Florence
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