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I Am A Muralist

by David Zinke 7 months ago in evolution

The Great Shift

Future generations of humans will run across descriptions of the “shift” in their history books, in the logs and blogs of their ancestors and wonder what it must have been like before it happened. I can assure you that it wasn’t very nice BA (before ascension).

If those same future humans look deep enough, they will find countless stories of doom and gloom as conjecture of what the future might be. Post-apocalyptic narratives flooded the pages of most sci-fi novels and spurred the creation of numerous disaster movies. All those narratives were couched in fear. Those who trudged through their lives under a veil of fear and trepidation promulgated such negativity in all their affairs that drudgery was the essence of their existence. They were incapable of dreaming of a heaven on earth and so, reduced themselves to cruel inhumanities both real and imagined. What goes around comes around was the crux of their Karma. This tale, happily, is nothing similar; for the truth is always stranger than fiction and in truth one can find solace and light and love. Joyfully, one can manifest the same, given promise, and hope and faith.

I was fully mature for my species when the planet shifted frequencies to a larger number Some would claim a higher frequency, but to be accurate, in space there is not up or down, only larger and smaller. As above, so below, if you get my drift, is not a numerical assessment. I was in captivity prior to the shift and had been anticipating and preparing for the change long before Pearl got my message. Pearl Rosewater was one of my biggest fans then. She made the trek from her home three times a week to sit with me and contemplate the possibilities. I am convinced she had an inkling of what was about to happen though she says she doesn’t think so. At least she doesn’t remember being “in the loop” about it. But she obviously received my first transmission, telepathically, of course.

For centuries, prior to my meeting Pearl, humankind was operating under a massive disadvantage. They, collectively, did not realize nor could acknowledge their oneness, their own collectiveness. They lived lives of delusion, having convinced themselves of their ultimate superiority among sentient beings in the universe. They had lost the capacity to understand that other kingdoms of creatures co-inhabited their space and time. They had forgotten how to decipher the universal language. Somehow, humans had lost the ability to communicate with the other creature kingdoms when they falsely set themselves at the “top of the food chain.”

Humankind, in the spirit of monkey see, monkey do, observed the instinctual behaviors of certain predatory species and emulated that activity. Humans, finding themselves victims of some predators, developed a taste for animals though their teeth were not suited for the ripping of flesh and their digestive tracts were not designed to process muscle meat or organs. When that happened, the collective consciousness of all the creature kingdoms agreed to let it be, assured by the cosmos that eventually, humankind would come around and see the light. Any other path was inconceivable.

Various kingdoms did what they could to help humankind along their long journey back to the garden. Few kingdoms survived without sacrificing many of their kind. Canines and Felines faired best in this regard. They allowed themselves a level of domestication. The Canine kingdom stepped up first by offering unconditional love and loyalty. The canines gave humans companionship and protection from rogue members of other animal kingdoms that refused to cooperate. Somehow, the Feline kingdom convinced humans they were gods incarnate and secured a place in many cultures as symbols of wisdom. Still, some humans ate them for dinner.

Truth be known, the humans needed all the friends they could get. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my, did not join any sacred covenants of peaceful co-habitation with humans. Other “man-eaters” include alligators, crocodiles, sharks, whales; some of which might find their heads on a great hunters’ trophy wall. Unfortunately, many such “trophies” represent species which posed no threat to humans. Deer, Elk, Moose, Giraffe, Rhino. None of these could ever be mistaken for man-eaters.

Most kingdoms gave humans all the room they needed and established a policy of basically ignoring humans unless they got too close. If they felt threatened by humans their unwritten laws allowed retaliation. The survival instinct is prevalent in all species of creature. Many species developed signals to alert the humans of their presence, hoping to avoid any physical contact. Snakes hissed and rattled, skunks smelled bad, insects stung or bit, lions growled, bears roared. You get the picture.

Certain compacts or covenants were established. Since humankind set off wandering the surface of the planet, the creator called for all creature kingdoms to offer food sources. Some kingdoms entered covenants to provide nourishment until the great shift came. Few species of mammal escaped offering at least some of their number for food. Most birds and nearly all fish species succumbed to human tables. Bovine and Poultry kingdoms both agreed to covenants with finality clauses. Thankfully the massive carnage of slaughterhouses and egg farms dwindled slightly as vegetarianism and veganism gripped parts of the human psyche. Post ascension, any nourishment previously provided by the consumption of animal flesh ceased abruptly. The taste and texture of the flesh of mammals, crustaceans, reptiles, fowl, cephalopods, and fish suddenly became repulsive to ascended human sensitivities. Lord knows they tried to hold on but imbibing such previous delicacies caused gastrointestinal distress beyond any gluttonous constipation hitherto experienced. Unlike drinking alcohol to excess, there is no point past which a human can go to overcome the revulsion.

After ascension, humankind became capable of providing themselves with all needed nutrients without ever killing and ingesting another sentient being. The plant kingdom was allowed its full glory as the sole provider of everything humankind would require. As the human kingdom evolved and continued its ascension, even their need of material sustenance diminished.

But I digress. The point of this narrative is to relate what actually happened when humankind found its way “back to the garden” and remembered how to talk to the animals. Dr Doolittle would be proud.

The ability to converse telepathically is a gift bestowed on all creatures whether sentient or not. That every living thing has a soul is no longer in question. All sentient beings agree the spark of life indwelling a creature is its essence and essence is another word for soul. All species of creatures knew this pre-ascension but one. You guessed it. Humans.

The level of consciousness is, however, still debated from the Realms of Nebadon to the rings of Saturn.

Anyway, eons of that sort of co-habitation, much to the distress of the edible species, came to an end abruptly when the shift happened. What, you may ask, shifted? Everything changed that day but, in a nutshell, the most important change was the restoration of the collective consciousness of mankind. On that day, not only did the human mind expand, it remembered. On that day, mankind recalled how to talk to the animals. Fortunately, the animals, who had been long waiting for the day, did not hold a grudge.

It was on that day I said to Pearl, “Bring me your brushes.” At first Pearl was confused by my voice in her head. She was startled and jerked her head about, trying to pin down the source of the speech. Seeing her bewilderment, I said, “It’s Oscar, Pearl. I know you can hear me.”

“Oscar?” Her gaze was suddenly riveted to my own through the glass of my containment tank. “Oscar?” She repeated her question.

“Yes Pearl. You are conversing with an Octopus. I’ll concede using the labels and names humans have assigned for now but soon you will know my real name and what my species is truly called.”

She slowly moved toward the tank. Cautious. Hesitant. In disbelief; her eyes as wide open as ever I’ve seen them, “Oscar? What is happening?”

“The shift, Pearl. It is a global phenomenon and as of this day, humans can talk to the animals.”

“Doctor Doolittle wasn’t lying?”

“True. But he was before his time. “

We spent the rest of the afternoon discussing the reality of our new communication possibilities and I related all I’ve revealed to you in the previous narrative. Finally, Pearl said. “Look at the time. I could keep talking for much longer, Oscar, but I must get back to my art.”

“Bring me your brushes Pearl. I need to paint a picture for you.”

“My brushes? You are a painter? “

“I am a muralist.”


David Zinke

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David Zinke
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