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How you can discover your psychic abilities!

by Anna Klaus 7 months ago in fact or fiction
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Baba Wanga, Irlmaier, Emanuell Charis: Great psychics see shadows cast ahead of events.

How you can discover your psychic abilities!
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Baba Wanga, Irlmaier, Emanuell Charis: Great psychics see shadows cast ahead of events. The great clairvoyants of our time all had talent - but, there is also effort behind this ability. But how does it work? Can anyone learn clairvoyance? What is clairvoyance anyway? We clear up the myths and get into the action because: Yes, it works. And here's how you can discover your psychic abilities.

One of the best psychics of the 21st century: Emanuell Charis

A man who "lightens" what he promises. He solves curses, is a luminary in partner regression and conjures up success as well as money. How does it work? He also sees chances, future trends and tendencies - he has learned, supported by his gift, over many years that nobody is at the mercy of chance. There are no coincidences. Fear can be transformed into courage. Emanuell Charis has mastered all this and much more. And that - can be learned.

Clairvoyance can be learned

Having a gift for clairvoyance is helpful. But even the best clairvoyants of this planet could not avoid learning their craft. If this ability remains unused, it can dry up. So at the beginning there is always the intention to develop this ability or even to deepen it. And even there there are differences, special talents that can be classified into three parts:

  • The reading of souls
  • The seeing of visions
  • The seeing of auras

The reading of souls

The reading of souls is quickly confused with a "simple" intuition. The feeling of having correctly assessed the other person or the thought, "There is something wrong with him!" Soul reading is a skill that can protect against a bad experience or: hitting just the right mark.

Vision seeing

Is this already a vision or just daydreaming? There is one unconditional sign for visions: The heart KNOWS that it is true. So people can "know" even over very great distances that someone has died or is not well. Other visions of an approaching misfortune or also happiness, just everything that is not connected via the soul, must often be learned.

Seeing auras

Empaths know it: you feel directly how the person is doing when you think about him or when he is facing you. Here the danger lies in projecting one's own present feeling onto the other person - so here, too, one must learn to distinguish between the impressions.

Learning clairvoyance - four steps

Clairvoyance can be learned, but: no possible future is set in stone. Those who want to learn clairvoyance must be aware that what they see is merely a snapshot of possibility - one example is card reading.

Step 1: Calmness.

If you want to learn clairvoyance, you must learn to stop your thoughts and leave your own person, the ego, outside. Only in the inner center can the silent premonitions and visions reach the "I". This requires a lot of practice.

Step 2: Concentration.

Concentration is also something that must first be practiced. Concentration does not mean holding on, it means letting the attention rest on the event. Too much "pressure," and the concentration shatters.

Step 3: Note.

Any fleeting emotion, any image, no matter how foggy, can become important. Not only is note-taking an important memory aid, it also serves to track your progress. How much of what you saw actually occurred?

Step 4: Internalize.

Allowing the vision to sink in and acutely arising questions to settle, that too takes practice. The answers will come - mindfulness is required and this also in everyday life. The more "willpower" spent on the solution, the less it will appear.


Masters do not fall from the sky. People who were born with the gift of clairvoyant ability, like Emanuell Charis, even they have to stay on the ball. They must not give up. They must want to learn clairvoyance. Anyone who studies and practices this ability intensively, who does not lose heart, will make progress. Human beings are intuitive beings. We know much more than we think.

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