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How wind energy can be deemed as a perfect prospect for a green energy source?

A lot has been discussed and talking about wind energy nowadays.

By ShubhangiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Renewable and non-renewable energy sources are in hot topics nowadays. Still, the transition from non-renewable to the renewable energy sources is still in process and we still have to wait for a few more years in the same regards.

On the other side, researchers and energy experts are looking for better prospects of cleaner energy that can be managed and channelized without putting any hefty cost. Speaking of cleaner and renewable energy sources, wind energy can be looked forward to as one such prospect for the future.

NJ ayuk, who has proved his prowess as one of the most talked-about energy experts around, further speaks on the advantages and disadvantages of using wind energy.

Benefits if using wind energy

Cleaner energy source

Unlike all the other non-renewable energy sources like coal petroleum and gas, you dont need to worry about the emission of carbon dioxide or any other harmful gas into the ecosystem. So, you need not worry about any kind of acid rain or environmental pollution while using this renewable energy source.

Sustainable energy source

You cannot say that wind energy is going to be depleted out of this planet. It is generated due to the heating of the earth’s atmosphere by the sun and various other natural phenomena. So, as long as we have earth, sun, and other natural phenomenon in place, wind energy can be used for power generation.

Low-cost option

There is no doubt regarding the fact that wind energy is free and vastly available. Also, there is nothing like a demand and supply curve during its utilization. Hence, it can be used or produced by anyone on this planet.

Even when the installation cost of a windmill may prove to be a cost-effective factor, the maintenance cost to the same is quite minimal.

Low space requirement

You dont need a big plot of land to install a windmill and turbines can be fixed to a small piece of land with the minimal installation cost. Besides the lwo space requirement, it can also prove to be an extra income source for all the small farmers and peasants around.

Employment creation

Production of wind turbines and mills can help in creating more employment opportunities for millions of people around. As per a recent report shared by the wind vision, this sector is all set to generate more than 6 million jobs by the year 2050.

Disadvantages of wind energy


Even though it's a free source of energy, the wind speed isn’t constant across every part of the globe be. So, if you are thinking of installing a windmill at an area with no or minimal wind speed, it won't prove to be much beneficial for you.

According to NJ ayuk guardian the researchers and experts need to spend some good time thinking about sites that come along with better wind energy availability in the area. On the other side, the wind turbines won't work if the speed of the wind is not sufficient.

Noise pollution

Even after coming with all the good effects to the environment, the wind turbines have seen to be creating some big noise pollution in the free environment around. Most of the people living in areas with wind turbines have complained of unwanted and frustrating noises that can be heard from hundreds of meters.

NJ ayuk centurion law group says that research is on to find a potential solution in some regards and experts are looking to find wind turbines that don't create much noise pollution during their functioning.

Killing of birds

It has been noticed that several birds have got killed while coming in contact with these wind turbines. So, installing these turbines in open fields always comes as a big threat to wildlife within the region.

As per NJ ayuk wife, the turbines have found to be less dangerous than the cell phone towers and radio towers that generate excess radiation in the open environment. Hence, with some decent research and technological innovation, the situation can still be controlled.


There is no doubt about the fact that wind energy can be looked forward to as the future prospect in terms of green energy. Still, adequate research and planning shall be done before ensuring its installation at particular sites.


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