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How to Read Your Astrology Chart?

by Aisha 3 days ago in astronomy

Explore Your Astrology Kundli

Astrology Chart

Astrology chart means your birth chart. It is the definitive representation of your karma to portray your life perfection. To clarify, it is the blueprint of your wisdom of life that relates to the past, present and future. Your chart holds all of your secrets that you may not aware of. It reveals your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body level. In addition to it, shares your intimate secrets of the healing and transformation process. Only experienced astrologers can provide accurate insights into your life. As a result it takes hours, months and a sometimes lifetime to fully understand your chart.

Explore Your Astrology Kundli

Your birth chart is your Kundli. It is an astrological diagram utilize for estimating your future through accurate upcoming future insights. Firstly, know how your Kundli is prepared? Secondly, a Kundli takes into account one's birth details. For example your date, time and place of birth. Astrologers will see the planetary angles and astrological positions and the time of your birth. It will help to find out several aspects of life. Above all, Kundli reading is not a tough thing to do, however, you only need to understand the vital aspects to go through several houses and planetary positions.

Importance of an Astrology Kundli

•A birth chart is utilizing for a compatibility test for marriage. In Hinduism matching Kundli of both bride and groom is very much necessary to know the gunas. Therefore the compatibility test will help to know about life partner, after marriage life, the understanding level of both partners and the possible troubles.

•Both's birth chart describes the upcoming challenges, opportunities and obstacles.

•How to deal with the obstacles through astrological remedies.

•The chart will reveal your true self. Know your personality, traits, characteristics, upcoming opportunities and unfortunate situations.

•Get a report on both favourable and unfavourable circumstances for professional life, personal life, business ventures, finances, inherited wealth to take decisions.

•Your name astrology will help to decode your career choices to lead towards a prosperous life.

•With the help of parrot astrology, you can also come to know about your academic life, creativity, enemies, diseases, and children.

Read your astrology chart

Your astrology chart describes planetary placements, based on your birth timing, the day, and geographic location. The planets and their placement are more emphasizing their representation of different aspects of your personality.

Understand your Planets and their Vedic significance:

• Sun (Su): Vital source of energy and life, king of all planets, ruler, masculine

• Moon (Mo): Mind, inner self, feminine in nature, intellect, fertility, good memory

• Mercury (Me): Speech, communication, calculative, witty, intellectual,

• Mars (Ma): Courage, passion, physical strength, short-tempered, argumentative, daring, signifies younger siblings

• Venus (Ve): Love, romance, material world of pleasure, beauty, music, marriage, friendship, art

• Jupiter (Ju): Spirituality, higher education, research

• Saturn (Sa): Property, misfortune, hard work, secret, sorrow, Land, prestige, name and fame

• Rahu (Ra): International travel, gambling, grandparents, theft, foreign, drinking, loss of

• reputation, loss of reputation, over-ambitious, undiagnosed health problems, loss of finance

• Ketu (Ke): Grandparents, spiritual inclination, superstitions, electronics

Understanding the houses and Significance:

1. First House: Ruled by Mars, Aries, the fire sign comes here. This house and the rising sign describes bout how you show up and present yourself to the world. For instance, it focuses on personality, characteristics, physical features and traits, self.

2. Second House: Venus is the ruler and the astrology sign is from the earth that is Taurus. Understanding the energy of this house will motivate you to find out what you deserve. For instance wealth, finances, family or primary knowledge.

3. Third house: Mercury is the ruler and Gemini rules this house. It is the house of communication. It explains how you are relating and communicating with others. More over the other things it considers are your skills, hobbies, efforts, and relationship with younger siblings.

4. Fourth House: Moon and Cancer are the ruler of this emotional foundation based house. Firstly, this is the best place to know about the type of environment you thrive in. For instance, happiness, mother, secondary education, land, vehicle, property.

5. Fifth House: Firstly Venus is indulgent in this house however; secondly, Sun and Leo are its rulers. However, here you will get an indication about your love emotions. Whether you want to flirt, want romance or just want to have fun. In other words, it also describes other things like higher education, creativity, wittiness, love and affair, progeny, past life experience.

6. Sixth House: Virgo is the astrology sign and Mercury are the rulers of this house. This is the house of your daily grind, work and health routine. It also focuses on the areas for instance debt, profession, diseases, advocacy, and enemies.

7. Seventh House: Venues and Libra are the rulers of this house. This house mainly focuses on relationships, both love and business. As a result it considers the things like marriage, spouse, long-term partnerships and relationships, import-export, public image.

8. Eighth House: Scorpio and Pluto are the ruler of eighth house. On the other hand,it rules mystical practices, for example, tarot, astrology and magic along with sex. The areas where it concerns more are longevity, unexpected incidents, research.

9. Ninth House: Firstly, it is the home of Sagittarius and Jupiter. This house describes Philosophy, Wisdom and travel. More over, it includes experiences in beliefs, higher learning, luck, mentor, father, religion, long-distance travel.

10. Tenth House: Firstly Saturn and Capricorn are the rulers of this house. Secondly, this is the house for major decisions and to choose the best career for you. Mainly focuses on career, karma or actions, job, profession.

11. Eleventh House: This house rules by Uranus and Aquarius. This house explains what type of connections you bring and how you co-exist within society. It focuses on matters, for instance, ambitions, income, gains, elder siblings.

12. Twelfth House: Neptune and Pisces are the ruler of this unseen house. You hardly find any planets here. Certainly,if you find any then must look into the mystical element for energetic expressions. On the other hand this house also talks about expenditure.

Know your Rising sign or Ascendant:

1. In number one, Aries is denoted

2. Taurus is refer to the number 2.

3. Gemini is refer to the number 3.

4. Number 4 is denoted Cancer

5. Number 5 denoted to Leo

6. Virgo is refer to the number 6.

7. Libra is denoted by the number 7.

8. Scorpio is refer to the number 8

9. Sagittarius is denoted by the number 9.

10. Capricorn is refer to the number 10.

11. Number 11 denote the Aquarius is denoted by the number 11.

12. Pisces is denoted by the number 12.

Key things in the astrology chart that astrologers look into:

• In the chart, which zodiac sign and which of the 12 houses, transitions on each planet

• Check the Venus, Mars and the Moon's zodiac sign and house for love

• Look for Saturn to work harder or Jupiter to find how lucky you are

• Whether two planets in your chart are forming aspects or angles

• If there is stellium form is present in your chart or not and what energy it is giving

• Look for the balance of elements in the chart

• The balance of qualities in the chart

• What patterns your planets are forming

If you are unable to read your astrological chart then after that take the help of experienced astrologers at myastron.com. In other hand, to understand your personality starts observing your rising, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars placements. All the energies will start uncovering your emotional needs, life path, your fortunate and unfortunate things. In short, here you need to understand yourself.

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