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How to Backup Rackspace Emails to Hard Drive

Download Emails from Rackspace Webmail to Computer

By Michael GomezPublished 16 days ago 4 min read

Rackspace is a trusted email hosting provider known for its reliability and robust features. While Rackspace offers secure storage for your emails, backups are essential to ensure the safety and accessibility of your important communication data. One effective way to safeguard your Rackspace emails is by backing them up to your hard drive. In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to backup Rackspace emails to hard drive, ensuring peace of mind and data security.

Why Create Rackspace Backup to Computer?

Backing up your Rackspace emails to your hard drive offers several benefits:

      • Data Security: Storing your emails on your hard drive provides an additional layer of security, protecting them from potential server failures or data breaches.
      • Data Accessibility: Having local backups on your computer ensures that you can access your emails even without an internet connection, providing continuity of communication.
    • Control Over Data: By keeping backups on your PC, you have full control over your email data and can easily manage and organize it according to your preferences.

Methods to Backup Rackspace Emails to Your Hard Drive

There are several methods you can use to download Rackspace emails to computer. Here are two commonly used approaches:

    1. Using Email Clients: Email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail offer options to configure your Rackspace email account and download your emails to your hard drive.
    2. Using Third-Party Backup Tools: There are various third-party email backup tools available that specialize in downloading emails from Rackspace and other email providers to your hard drive. One such popular tool is known as Yota Email Backup Wizard for Windows.

Manual Method to Create Rackspace Backup to PC

Follow these steps to backup Rackspace emails to hard drive using an email client:

          1. Configure Email Client: Download and install your preferred email client on your computer if you haven't already. Open the email client and navigate to the account settings.
          2. Add Rackspace Email Account: In the account settings, choose to add a new email account. Enter your Rackspace email address and password, and configure the incoming and outgoing server settings provided by Rackspace.
        1. Choose Mailbox Folders: Once your Rackspace email account is added to the email client, choose the mailbox folders you want to backup. You can select specific folders or backup the entire mailbox.
      1. Download Emails: Start the process to download emails from Rackspace account to your hard drive. Depending on the email client, this process may vary, but typically, it involves synchronizing your account to download emails locally.
    1. Verify Backup: Once the download process is complete, verify that your emails have been successfully backed up to your hard drive. You should be able to access them offline through the email client.

Expert Method to Backup Rackspace Emails to Hard Drive

You can use the Rackspace backup tool that is the most reliable solution to download emails from Rackspace Webmail. It allows you to backup multiple Rackspace emails in one go without any data loss. Also, you have the freedom to download emails from selected or all folders in an accurate way.

The software provides support to export Rackspace emails to PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, CSV, HTML, and Text file formats. This way, you can access your emails in multiple desktop-based clients and devices. It also lets you migrate Rackspace emails to Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Amazon Workmail, Roundcube Webmail, Yahoo Mail, and many other email services.

It has a friendly interface by which any novice can backup Rackspace emails to hard drive without technical expertise. Moreover, the tool does not need the installation of any external programs on the computer to begin creating Rackspace backup to your PC.

Steps to Download Emails from Rackspace Webmail are as follows:

          1. Launch the Rackspace Backup Tool and click on the Open tab.
          2. Then go to Email Accounts and click on the Add Account option.
        1. Now, enter Rackspace Webmail Email Address and Password.
      1. Click on the Export option and choose the preferred file format.
    1. Finally, click Save to backup Rackspace emails to hard drive.

That’s it!


Backing up Rackspace emails to your computer is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and accessibility of your important communication data. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily backup Rackspace emails to hard drive using an email client.

Regularly update your backups to include new emails and changes to your mailbox data, and consider implementing a backup schedule to automate the process. With a reliable backup strategy in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Rackspace emails are safe and accessible whenever you need them.

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