How the Final 30 Minuets of The Rise of Skywalker Tore Apart the Story.

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All of our worst nightmares came true of Disney buying Lucasfilms.

How the Final 30 Minuets of The Rise of Skywalker Tore Apart the Story.

(This article contains spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker, you have been warned)

Love it or hate it, Star Wars is killing the game. Once the original movie came out in the 70's Star Wars has become so iconic, you can't mention the name Skywalker without someone having an opinion.

Star Wars has created a world that most of us fans would do almost anything to live in it for just a day. That is not what this article is about though. This article is solely about how J.J. Abrams blasted the integrity of Star Wars, just how Luke Skywalker blasted the Death Star in A New Hope.

Now, I'm not one of those fans who fights for their trilogy. I respect them all equally. The original three created the world we love, the prequels expanded the story lines, the sequels opened the galaxy for a whole new generation. Believe me when I say, I'll watch all nine, over and over again, no questions asked. After all, I do believe it's what the Empire would want.

So, we come to this, I have established my stance. I love all the movies pretty equally. Of course some of them have their flaws, some of the character developments are a tad muddy. That's a good chunk of series though, it happens.

Understand me when I say this though. The final 30 minutes of The Rise of Skywalker is the most disastrous ending to a series I have ever scene. This is a popular opinion I have scene across many platforms. From people saying the whole movie was botched to fans claiming its the worst movie of the nine. This article will be purely based on my opinion though. I do appreciate a good light saber battle with words though, so let me know your opinions as well.

Let's break it down.

In TROS Rey is fighting head to head against Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, as she has practically for the whole trilogy. Rey is on the hunt for a device that leads her to Exegol, where she finds Emperor Palpatine. (We'll get into why this is a problem later.) She finds it, makes it to Exegol, fights alongside Ben Solo (cause a good redemption story is always great), wins. The story is laid out pretty well, and of course Rey would win, she's the main protagonist.

That all together is the simple premise of TROS. So, let's dig a little deeper now.

In the final 30 minutes of the movie, Rey has made it to Exegol. She has discovered Palpatine is her grandfather. This fact is simply frustrating on its own, based on the fact that Darth Vader threw Palpatine over a bridge! How could he have ever had children? Also, how did he survive?! I know there's a back story, I get that, but it still makes such little sense it's almost painful. It's almost disrespectful towards George Lucas himself. Abrams complete and utter disregard for Lucas' original story is entirely off putting.

During Rey's battle with her said grandfather, it's Ben Solo's time to rise. Second generation Solo has discovered he no longer chooses to be a Sith lord. Just like Anakin Skywalker, Ben decides to save someone he cares for. Solo, fights off his own knights, races to Rey's aid, and helps defeat Palpatine once again. Again, just like Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo dies for someone he cares for. Ben heals Rey with his life-force. Which, what? Yeah, every Star Wars fan was beyond confused when it was learned that Jedi's have the power to heal wounds and basically bring back the dead.

Qui-gon Jin deserved better.

Why after all of these years, after so many movies, would you decided to add such a unique power to Jedi's? It makes no sense almost what so ever. How could there be so much Jedi lore, but no mention of a life force until now? It's almost enraging that this is power is only mentioned now.

According to the law of nature though. Once Ben gives his life force to Rey, he dies. Which not many saw coming, counting that the movie is literally called The Rise of SKYWALKER, and Ben Solo is actually the last of the Skywalker blood. This is just another plot line that makes no sense at all.

I don't have enough time to even go into the Ben and Rey kiss. Also the fact that the man finally found his purpose in life, then dies. It's a mess. Ben Solo deserved better.

After this whole mess, Rey says nothing, gets up and leaves. She makes her way to Tatooine, also known as the Skywalker's home planet. She decides to live where Luke grew up. A woman approaches her, and asks for her name. She gives the name Rey Skywalker. This plot line is disastrous in my opinion. Why would you kill off the last of the Skywalker blood, just to give the name to someone else? Sure there may be some symbolism in this. Rey no longer being a Palpatine, Rey finally moving to the light side, Rey becoming a powerful Jedi, who knows. Regardless of any symbolism, it is a messy plot line that should have ended much differently.

One final antic dote on my stressful journey about how tragic the ending of TROS is. The pure copy-cat energy in the final 30 minutes of the movie is insane. I swear, if you watch TROS and Rise of the Jedi side by side, it'll be like watching the same exact movie.

Palpatine explaining his plan to the main Jedi of the movie. The main Sith making a redemption. Palpatine opening a window to show the Resistance fighting the Empire/First Order. It is practically almost the same 30 minutes. At least in the end of the prequels it was different. There is absolutely no reason Abrams's could not have done something different. Something the distinctly put the sequels on a similar plane as the first six.

When Disney bought out Lucasfilms, most fans feared that they would destroy the franchise. Disney has added messy plot lines, questionable developments, and just pure chaotic energy.

Truthfully, the most enraging thing. The fact that The Last Jedi was a freaking awesome movie. TROS ruined everything I loved about it. Or the fact that TROS was a pretty okay movie until the final 30 minutes. It's amazing how a movie can be wrecked by its final moments.

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