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How 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Adds Context To The Sequel Trilogy

How The Series Affect The Story Happening Decades Later

By Culture SlatePublished about a year ago 3 min read

Star Wars is a multimedia interconnected universe. Sometimes certain stories can have an impact on other stories in the franchise in both direct and subtle ways. With every new tale, we add a bit more to the wider tapestry of the galaxy far, far away. The new Obi-Wan Kenobi series is already doing its part in adding depth to the overall Star Wars lore in many ways. Despite being a sequel to Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi is expanding on the entire Skywalker Saga, especially by adding context to the sequel trilogy itself.

Ben Is Not A Jedi Name Or Is it?

When the name was first revealed many asked why Han and Leia would name their son Ben. It was thought at the time that Leia really did not know Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han only had one brief adventure with him. Perhaps it was because of Luke’s influence that the couple named their first child after the old Jedi Master. The Kenobi series would reveal a more profound reason.

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The crux of Obi-Wan Kenobi is “Ben” Kenobi going out on a mission to rescue Leia and bring her back home. We see the two bonding as the series continues, forming a friendship as they try to get back to Alderaan. This is the first real interaction we have ever seen in the entire lore of Star Wars between Obi-Wan and Leia.

In Obi-Wan’s quest to rescue Leia, we also see her helping Obi-Wan in some ways regain some of his lost confidence. When we first meet the old Jedi Master, he is recovering from the trauma resulting from the fateful lightsaber duel during Revenge of the Sith. The cynical Kenobi would begin to see the good in people and the galaxy through the innocent eyes of a child. In many ways, Leia would become one of the inspirations to help get Kenobi out of his sorrow. Seeing his Jedi brother Anakin fall to the dark side, and all the people in his life killed would leave anyone in a dark place.

On the other hand, Leia is learning from Ben Kenobi as well. This is Leia's first time leaving the safety of Alderaan, and the two of them are seeing the wider galaxy for the first time in a long time. Things have changed so much in the decade under the Empire’s oppression. At the same time, the seeds of a budding rebellion are germinating as people rise up against the Imperial forces.

Linking The Past And The Present

At first, Leia scoffed at the name Ben, saying that it is not a Jedi name. By the end of this experience, she would view Ben as someone worthy of great heroic feats with values she wanted to instill in her son. Leia envisioned her son becoming a great Jedi not just like his uncle, but like this mythic warrior who saved her so long ago. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia Organa shared a deeper bond than what we initially thought when he returns to rescue her on the Death Star. Their relationship goes beyond the plea for help that Leia sent via R2-D2.

Little Leia will obviously come out of this traumatic experience okay. She is a resilient strong-minded one, fearlessly facing her captors and refusing to give up her allies despite threats of torture. She will grow to become the Rebellion and Resistance leader we all know.

Obi-Wan Kenobi not only adds depth to the prequel and original trilogies by spanning the space between the two but also expands the story of the sequel trilogy as well. The tapestry of the galaxy far, far away continues to grow more rich and beautiful as each new story adds to it.

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