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How Much Can We Expect to See Boba Fett in 'The Mandalorian' Season 2?

by Tyler S. Callaway 2 years ago in star wars
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With the reveal that Boba Fett is in fact not dead, how does he play into the overall story of season 2? Is he the main antagonist or just a mini-arc?

I wonder if every season opener for The Mandalorian will end with a shocking call back to the movies. The first season promised us a further explanation the Yoda speicies. This season we are promised a further explanation on Boba Fett's fate beyond Return of the Jedi.

Before the credits rolled on the season opener, Temuera Morrison - the actor who portrayed Jango Fett and his clones - in the prequels can be seen observing Mando and the Child after their exploits. A large number of people believe that Morrison could be portraying a clone that just happens to be on Tatooine. To that, I say it would be a horrible tease to an already grieving community.

After constant bait and switches in the recent films, I think that a tease on this level would be in poor taste. It would simply be too coincidental for a clone to be in the one place that Boba Fett died but in the same area that his legendary armor has finally been seen.

My biggest question is this; if Boba Fett knew that Cobb Vanth had his armor and had obviously been monitoring him, why did he never seek him out to take it back? Perhaps he was seeking it out and just discovered it? Maybe Mando indirectly saved Vanth from a horrible fate in more than one way in episode one.

Either way, I think that it's clear the Mandolorian will be having a tussel with the old bounty hunter in the near future. If I had to guess, in the next episode titled 'The Confrontation.'

What will this confrontation be about? More than likely the exact same thing his previous confrontation was about. Boba Fett will want his armor back, and the issue Mando will have with this is the fact that the Fett's are not actual Mandalorians.

With this more than likely being the Boba Fett arc of the show, how long can we expect this to go on?

The Mandalorian season one was an episodic show with an over-arching story that converges at the end of the season. I expect this to remain the same in season 2, and I do not think Boba Fett was introduced to be the main antagonist of season 2.

We still have the empire and Moff Gideon after the Child and I don't think Boba has anything to do with the actual Empires plan.

Perhaps Boba is being introduced as a nice nod to the fans and will have a one or two-episode arc. Possibly, this could even be Disney testing the waters on a possible Boba Fett TV show.

There was once a scrapped idea for a Boba Fett series that was cancelled, but maybe with the popularity of The Mandalorian, Disney is rethinking the idea.

If that's not the case, is Boba Fett here for the long run? What if Boba Fett is still bounty hunting? That's the only way I see Boba Fett being involved through the entirety of season 2 and possibly beyond is if he's still bounty hunting and has happened across the child's wanted poster.

If Mando and the Child's large bounty has popped onto his radar, then perhaps he has been brought into Gideon's corner.

If that's the case then we still may only see Boba for a short period. It truly does depend on if they reintroduced Boba for a greater purpose. If he's getting his own show, we could still see him for all of season 2, but that's still a stretch to me.

With how sporadic The Mandalorian's story is, I just don't see them having a primary antagonist show up in every episode. We know that Boba isn't the companion type. There is 0% chance he joins Mando on his journey.

So how much Boba will we see in season 2?

I really believe only 2 more episodes worth. If he is a consistent antagonist this season, I just don't see him showing up much more than that. With the next two episodes titled 'The Confrontation' and 'The Bounty.' It seems that these next two episodes are the more than likely mini-arc of Boba Fett vs. The Mandalorian.

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