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Horoscope Prediction: Effect of Planets on Your Life

by astrology 6 months ago in astronomy

Planets Effect on your life

Do planets affect our lives? It is the question of the maximum number of people on earth. This query comes to each mind though he/she believes in astrology or not. It is a general belief that planets, Sun, Moon are millions of miles away from us, then how their movement is affecting us on earth? However, all these questions have one affirmative answer. And that is Yes, planets are affecting our lives and our horoscope prediction.

Human bodies are made up of physical elements, which reacts both chemically and physically. The chemistry and atomic make-up of our bodies react to the planetary cycles and their relative gravity. Therefore the theory based on astrology is possible.

As per Vedic astrology, each planet represents its territory in our lives. Planets and stars influencing differently on lives according to their positions in the horoscope. The universe's cosmic forces control our thoughts which in turn direct our actions. Each planet has its function on online horoscope prediction in the natal chart to represent specific energy. Mostly the planet's effect is influenced by the zodiac sign it occupies.

So see each planet's influence on my horoscope prediction:


As the head of the solar system, Sun is the most powerful and authoritative planet. From the astrological point of view, it denotes power, position and authority. It governs one person's ego and inner self and willpower. Sun rules over the Leo zodiac sign. It represents masculine energy. In other words, the significant qualities of Sun are health, wealth, ambition and authority.


As the Lord of emotions, Moon describes the person's feelings and senses. It rules over the Cancer zodiac sign. Above all, Moon is the cold and moist planet that counted as a feminine planet from an astrological point of view. From the astrological point of view, it is considered as the feminine planet. In other words, it describes the qualities of purity, the innocence of the native. The bad effect of the Moon cause sleeplessness, diabetes problem, appendix, lungs and many more.


Mars is the planet of aggression and this red colour planet indicates land, obstacles, strengths, police station, weed, cocaine, battlefield etc. The planet rules over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. This planet is a great source of freedom, bravery and self-empowerment in a horoscope prediction online . However, when this planet retrogrades your direct your energy internally. If the Mars in your Kundli is affected then you have to face problems like Injuries, eye pain, brain disorder, blood clotting, itching, weak bones, female genital diseases.


This prominent powerful planet has the significance of effective communication. In the Air signs, this planet gives logical and rational thinking to the mind. On Earth Sign, it gives sensible, concrete and down to earth qualities. On Fire sign, it gives the mind and body quickness while in Water sign it makes the intuitive mind. In a horoscope prediction by date of birth, this planet indicates the native's knowledge, education, communication, school, college, self-control, devotion, information about maternal uncle, child, fond of north direction etc. A strong or weak Mercury affects the above influential things and activities.


This cold, dry and life depleting planet represent decay. In other words, we can say that this is a teacher planet, when it comes to any birth chart, it makes him/her learn a lot of things. A person who is influenced by Saturn works hard to get the best results. In conclusion, Saturn is a planet of justice. It goes with a simple equation. If you did wrong, then you will get punishment. It works like a teacher, it punishes wrongdoings and rewards for the good deeds. This planet rules over legs, muscles, joint bones, skin, teeth, hair, knees etc. If Saturn is in bad positions then the native may face problems in these elements.


Ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius, Jupiter is also known as Vrhaspati and Guru. This is the planet of good fortunes, cow, physical health, teachers, yellow colour, elder brother, power, position, spirituality, holy water, authority, temples. In the above mention areas, this planet will influence as per its effects. Jupiter rules over the body parts like thighs, brain, liver, kidneys, ear, fat, tongue. An affected planet creates problems to the ears, diabetes, kidney, liver and even on the memory. And above all the favorable Jupiter make the native a good teacher, social worker, priest, treasure, and related the native with spirituality.


Venus rules over the glamorous things, for instance, eyesight, love, beauty, party, sex, romance, music and dance. This planet shows its significance on women, marriage, good clothes, income, flowers, wife, pearls, brahmins, enjoyment, silver etc. Above all the things give good results if the planet is favorable. If it is weak then the native may suffer from a lack of physical appeal, civil behavior and face failure in love and marriage in its horoscope prediction.


This Shadow planet does not show any virtual representation. However, this planet is very much powerful and has been allotted the position of a planet. Its malefic effects indicate laziness, delays and hurdles. This shadow planets' bright side is filled with bravery and self-confidence. Whoever planning for a political career, this favorable planet gives good power and opportunities to grow. It makes a person wealthy and popular. Affected Rahu creates problem like Stammering, depression, annoyance, stress, mental diseases, infection and even cancer in a horoscope prediction by date of birth.


This is another completely invisible shadow planet. It drives people towards spiritualism, enlightenment and makes free people from worldly desires. In other words, it is mention as the tail of the demon. In horoscope prediction, you will find this shadow planet to travel for 18 years through the zodiac. And for a particular sign, it will stay around one and half years. It is most beneficial for the signs like Cancer, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Pisces. Ketu is the ruler of body parts like the abdomen and claws. If the Ketu is affected then it will show problems in the areas like lungs, intestines, cause pain in the stomach, physical weakness, and brain disorder. However, even it sometimes shows some mysterious diseases.

These are the all planetary effects those shows different areas when they are favorable and unfavorable. If you are under influence of any unfavorable position then join myastron.com to find the best solution. The expert astrologers at MyAstron will suggest you accurate astrological remedies, for instance, pujas, havans, gemstones, yantras, rituals and many other things to get rid of the doshas. So what are you waiting for? Analyze your horoscope prediction online at myastorn.com and find accurate and authentic information and remedies.



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